Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Getting ready for the New Year

Today is my day to get the house put back together and get ready for the New Year. That means down comes the tree, away goes the other decorations. House back to normal. I used to always think, if you started the new year with a messy house that's the way it would be all year long. Mine is not by any means spotless, but not filthy either. I like to call it well lived in. You'll find dust cause there's places I forget about and some that are only necessary once a year, like spring. I do have the laundry done and my resolutions made.

New Years Eve we'll be helping do a dinner for the Eagles party, then coming home as we don't dance much anymore. I get up early on New Years Day and watch the Rose Parade. Have done that since I went to my first one in 1961, then again in 1962. If you ever get to go to one, it's one of the most beautiful parades there are. The flowers are so well done on the floats. As a teen back then we sat on the street all night. They say California isn't cold, it is when your waiting for daylight. It was a ball. Anyway, that's how I start the New Year. I also make a Gumbo for the day. I start it before we go to bed on New Years Eve. You know blackeyed peas are good luck, and we need it. We also have food for anyone that stops by and wants a little luck.

I haven't been making any cards or doing any scrapbooking. Been working in my little Sketchbooks for a group I belong to. I feel like I'm a little behind, need to get 14 done and haven't come up with enough ideas for different covers. Have 3 done so they'll go postal tomorrow. They are kinda fun, it's a good way to get others ideas on different subjects. I've seen all kinds of cats, not to many dog things. Each book has to be stamped in, so if you don't have a stamp for the subject you need to get real creative. I'll share one some day, these are not quite ready for public viewing.

I am going to share a recent picture of my husband & I, as we seldom have one taken together. He hates having his picture taken. We want to wish each and everyone of one of you a Glorious New Year. May it be full of good health, happiness and wonderful memories.

Until next year, hugs,


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day after Merry Christmas

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and remembered to thank our service people away from home for doing what they do so we can have our celebrations. We had a wonderful day, very quiet. All but one kid and 2 grandkids were home. Had calls from all. Christmas eve was celebrated with my side of the family. Everybody went to my nieces for snacks. We had a real good time.

My share today is a follow-up from my cyclops posting. Here is a picture of the end product. I think he really liked it. Was a very tickled little boy when he called to tell me that Santa came. Myself, I love the glasses. My daughter said he wouldn't take them off. As long as he's happy that's all that matters. The granddaughter, Tashia, was thrilled she got her skinny jeans. I didn't even know what they were. The girls at school had to explain. I almost got them to small. She's a 5th grader, so I thought a teen 0 would be alittle big, boy am I wrong, they did fit but probably only until the end of school.

I always have one blupper happen on Christmas, this year was no different. It's par I'll get one batch of cookies burnt on the bottom. This one took the cake though. The funny thing was the night before a friend was laughing about making Sticky Buns and how they went over the pan. I asked how many buns she used and she said, "Oh, the whole bag". So thinking I wouldn't do that I only used all but 3. Darn if the same thing didn't happen. They did turn out real good, but I had to do some rearranging so I could cook them. Maybe I learned something, then again maybe not.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and has their resolutions ready for New Years. Here's mine: #1. Be thankful for what you have, you'll never keep up with the Jones. #2. Strive for good health. #3. Do Not say bad things or call names about people you don't care for, (This one is going to be the hardest). That's it to do more is setting myself up for failure. Thanks for coming by stop by again.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Today I'm going to share some family things. We're just about ready for the big day. Will finish up everything tomorrow. Got my packages mailed yesterday, they are going across the mountains for Cody. Not sure where my oldest grandson is, so will save his for when he surfaces again. The other two grandkids will be here Christmas Day, one in the morning the other for dinner.

I digress from the title though. Jake is our new kitten. When he first came he was a skinny little thing. Acted like he had never eaten, but was well trained. Knew about the litter box, which was a very good thing. We've had him a month and he has really grown. Although he's a pain in the you know what, like about 4 in the morning. When I started putting up the tree he was my helper, as you can see in the photo. He has sprung about 6 branches so far, all have screws under them so they look like they should. The next picture is of the tree when it was pretty much done. It now has fewer ornaments around the bottom, because someone enjoys slapping them around. So far only one has broken. The funny thing is, when I was in Walmart one day they had balls in a big box for $5 and they were plastic, I could have really used them, but they aren't near as pretty. When the kids were younger (like small & teens), I always put tinsel on the tree. One year I couldn't find any so I used Angel hair. The kids told me, I needed to get modern and get rid of the tinsel. I told them when I was gone they'd say, "Remember when Mom used to put tinsel on the tree", that would be a good memory. Now I use beads, except this year, can you imagine what Jake would do with them. They are in the box to the left of the tree. The rest of the living room is as decorated as it's going to get. Today, I'm cooking & baking, all the cookies I made the other day got eaten by the sugar guy that lives here. He said we weren't worrying about sugar in take this year. So, I guess I'm making more fat stuff, that we really don't need. Although I need fudge, only do it once a year, then I overdose on it, so I guess I better get started.
Thanks for stopping by, hope I haven't scared you off with my ramblings. Have a great day and come back again.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


It's finished, yea! Now I just hope it fits. I'll be send it out on Tues. with a load of stuff for him. Chuck & I decided I'm not a seamstress but I sew. Man I couldn't do this for a living, I'd starve.Here the picture I promised. The X is a little off but that's ok, it's a belt like thing. The glob at the top is the hood on the hanger. I think its the best part of the costume, fully lined. If you notice the material is silky stuff, what a pain. I hope the body isn't to big, if it is I'll take it in when we go over or they come over. If your not from Washington we're in the eastern part of the state and their in the western part, better known as Coasties. In the winter no one wants to cross the Cascades unless it's a emergency.
Today, we start the cookies. I'm making Russian Tea cakes and Thumbprints. Tomorrow we have some shopping to do, then wrapping. Tues. we are both getting beautiful, I'm getting a perm and Chuck's getting a hair cut, we're both in need of them bad. Then we'll see what we'll do, by then we should be done with all the big stuff.
Have a great day, come back soon and see what I'm up too. could be anything.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Home Stretch

It's a new day and still have tons to do. Delivered my gift to the Eagles. Have a little more sewing, hoping the new pattern for the mask works. Made one and the eyes were funky, good thing I bought a lot of material. Have gifts to wrap and some to buy. Want to start baking some cookies and candy this week-end. Chuck even volunteered to help. He's doing cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning. It'll keep him out of trouble and a big mess for me, oh well. We also volunteered to cook a turkey for the Eagles Annual Christmas Dinner. They have it open to the public for people that have no where to go. Usually serve between 100 to 150. All the food is donated and the cooking also. Tonight is there Christmas party. It's potluck, and I never know what to take. Have to figure out some gifts too. It's a fun party.

Yesterday, my class made a stab at Christmas cards, should have stayed scrapbooking. Half did a good job and the other have was bouncing off the walls. They were all pretty sugared up. Used all the cards I cut, have alot of images left over, so will be using them to finish my cards. Simple, simple cards to say the least. Here is my share for today. It pretty simple too.The background is a technique called Polished Stone, the stamp set is retired from CTMH. It is stamped with embossing ink and done with silver embossing powder. I really like how it came out. When I get brave I'll try tell you how I do some of these techniques.
Thanks for coming by and stop again real soon.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Me Rattling Again

It's Friday already and I feel like I'm treading water. Still working on my project. It's looking more like it's suppose to all the time, except the underware, should be skivies and mine are boxers. Starting the hood and glasses today. It will all be mailed on Tueday overnight UPS. The rest of the kids will be here Christmas morning for breakfast (our style) and games for gifts.
We still have a little snow. Been melting and thawing, not sure if it'll be a white Christmas or not.
My kids at school will be making Christmas cards today, not the ones I'm showing. Mostly decorations, trees, snowmen and Santa. Had all the pictures I took I took of them developed. Some how some of the kids got missed. Printed almost 100 pictures. Do have a list of who I need to take pictures of, will do that today while they are making cards.

Yes, I've been making cards too. Still have a few to go. I'm going to share 3 cards today. All were colored the same only put on different backgrounds. Sure makes them look different. The stamp is from I Brake for Stamps, I call it "Yo Santa". Love their stamps, some are very funny. This one is on a snowflake cuttlebug paper. All papers and inks are Close to My Heart. This one is cut out and glued on a sponged cuttlebug paper, sorry I don't know the names of these flolders and they were borrowed from my sister-in-law, Charlotte. The last one is cut out and placed on the same background as the one above, except I turned it over and colored the sunken spaces, I had to do this cause I tried to water color and made a mess. See how easy it is to hid mistakes. You wouldn't have known had I not told you. Guess I've rattled on enough for today. Have a card ready to share tomorrow. Till then, thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm back

Have been working on Christmas, getting in the mood is and was the first thing. Haven't figured out what's wrong with me. I usually love Christmas, just can't get with it this year. Have most of my shopping done. If it's not bought I know what I'm buying, so that's a good thing. Haven't wrapped anything though. Finally have my tree up. It's done in red, white & silver. I like it and so does the cat. He's disjoined 3 limbs so far, I've had to put screws under them so they stand up right, by the way it's artifical. We quit using real ones when they went to $30 and looked like Charlie Browns. Now they've gone to $4.50 a foot and still look that way and we live where there are lots of trees. Guess you'd have to go cut one if you want a cheaper one an I'm not much of an outdoor person when it's cold. We now have about 4 inches of snow. It's not to bad at least it warmed up, it's in the high 20's, been in the 0's with wind.

My question today is what do these 3 pieces of material have in common? If you've ever watched X-Man, these colors belong to Cyclops. He shoots fire out of his eyes, so he's very careful and wears glasses so no one gets burned. This is my project from Santa: build a costume. I finally found one I could use for the main body, but now I'm making underware to go over it. The red is a belt with a big black X on it. The hardest part is sewing on satin ? material. It's pretty slippery stuff. I'll share the finished product when I'm done. Can you tell I'm really nervous about this.

Next, I'm going to share a card I made for one of the people on my list. On one of the groups I'm on, a lady suggested using animals and putting Santa hats or other Christmas things on them. This is my take on it. Not sure what it'll cost to mail, or if it'll get there in one piece, but thought is was kind of cute. The cuttlebug paper is sponged in a light blue to make the snowflakes standout a little. The deer was hand cut and glued down after the lights were put on. Now that wasn't easy, they had no string, so had to be strung and wrapped around each horn. The deer stamp is from Sutters Enterprises, the inks and saying from CTMH, the bulbs from Crafters Warehouse.
Hope you enjoyed everything today, come back again and see what I've been up to.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lost track of time

It's been a pretty busy week for me. I worked all week and tried to plan for my class. Hope I never get sick as this is a hard class to plan for. They said yesterday was the last day to switch classes, hope she sticks to it. For those of you that don't live in a town that is very low income and many families living on unemployment and welfare, it's hard to teach this kind of class. The only thing the kids need to bring is photo's, some can't do that. Yesterday we did a photo shoot, it was pretty good. We did what I like, with a smile and what I don't like, with a frown. Some turned out really good. Then I did some group pictures. Hope I can get the program to pay for the pictures. Will probably have to do this every once in a while to get pictures for some of them.

Todays share is a bowl. I've got one of these my husband's niece made years ago. I used old Christmas cards and white cardstock. Then whip stitched it with white yarn. As you can see it's holding my Christmas cards from this year.
Talking about Christmas cards mine are all in the mail except for my kids and a niece & nephew. We started putting up outside lights, need more. Today I'm starting in the house doing some cleaning and decorating. Chuck is working on a Christmas present in the shop. I have a couple to do too, in here not out there. Still need to unpack my car from the last craft fair. See what I can find as gifts for others.
Until next time, have a great day and come back soon.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Let us remember those lost

Today is the Remembrance of those lost at Pearl Harbor. To few of us ever take the time to say a pray for those service men & women that were there, and also to the men and women still protecting us. I'm very proud to say I'm an American and live in a country where we can say prayers and be thankful to those that protect us. So take a minute today and say a prayer.

It's pretty cold out today. High is suppose to be about 15. Think the cold snuck up on us before the snow. The wind is blowing so it's nice that we have no snow to keep everyone shut in. This is a full week of work for me. Hope I make it, haven't worked 5 days in a row in forever. Volunteered to help at the book fair tonight. It's always fun, see people from Okanogan that I don't see any other time.

On to today's share. These are two more of my scrap cards I made the other day. All papers are CTMH and also the ribbon on one. The buckle is off a pop can. Always recycle when you can. The papers and stamp sets are all retired. It's fun to just sit down with your scraps and play, you never know what you'll come up with. Today I'll going to start writing out my Christmas cards, so my next share will probably be one of them as I don't think I have enough made.
Until tomorrow or the next day have a good one and come back soon.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Scraps & Bits

We got a skift of snow last night. Not sure skift is a word, looked it up and couldn't find it. So here's my meaning: just enough snow to lightly cover the ground and make the roads a little slick. It started snowing as I was packing up the last Craft Show. Did better than the last one, but not much. I made the money this time and the girls I had for didn't sell anything. Have not gotten rid of 2 doggy blankets. I'm keeping one for my cat and sending the other to my sister -in-law for Racer. They make good covers for the couch that all animals like to lay on. Other than that I sold a jar of apple butter. I'm done for this year. No one has money to buy homemade stuff no matter how good it is. There was some beautiful glass bowls, jewerly, ceremics, embroidered shirts & towels, wreathes and food. The only thing that really went was some candy and breads. There really weren't that many people out and about. Maybe next year, I'll have to really think about it.

I told you I've been cleaning my scrap table. I decide I might as well use some of the scraps I found. So today I'm sharing my easy cards that take maybe 5 minutes to make. These I'll give to my daughter as she always needs Thank you cards for home or work. All supplies but the embellishements are CTMH. The papers are now retired. The background is about 4 inches by 4 1/4 the green strip is 1/2 inch. The diamond is a 1 inch square. See how easy. You could use any scraps you have to make this. Tomorrow I'll share another one that's super simple. As your finding out I can do lots of layers if I need to or very simple. Depends on my mood and how much time I have.
Have a great day wherever you are and come back soon.

Friday, December 4, 2009

A little about My Animals

Today I'm sharing something a little different. It's about family and animals. During the week before Thanksgiving we lost our Siamese cat. Should explain about Pete. He wondered into our life on Super Bowl Sunday about 9 years ago. By wondered, he jumped in my pickup in front of the Eagles and wouldn't get out. Needless to say we kept him. On the Sunday before Thanksgiving my brother & wife were here with their little dog, Racer. Pete hates dogs and lots of people. He started to come in the house then turned and ran to the shop. That's the last we've seen of him. Two nights later the coyotes were really on a roll howling. My husband says they do that when they make a kill. I'm afriad it may have been him, although he's a wiley bugger. If he's met our Maker, he's in a better place, but I'll miss him alot.

Before Pete left he brought a little black kitty home with him. We named him, Jake. I'm thinking maybe he (Pete) was replacing himself. Anyway on with the story. Jake is not afraid of anything, clumsy as heck, but very playful. He loved Racer, the dog. They became fast & noisy friends. If one wasn't chasing the other he was being chased. They shared food and water. Here is one of the fun pictures I sneeked of them. When Racer went home, poor little Jake was lost. In the last week he's driven us nuts following us everywhere. When I was sewing yesterday he was right under my foot. Funny little cat, gets to see the Dr. next week. We want no babies.

Better get off here and do something creative for school tonight. Come back soon as you never know what I'll be up to. Have a great day.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Catching Up

I've been trying to catch up around the house and get laundry done. I finally managed to get my stamping table so I can find things and got some stuff put away. I have lots of cards to scan and post on different groups I belong to. I've gotten most of my swaps back and have gotten some beautiful cards. I also belong to a group that does small books. Have gotten a couple of homes and 3 to stamp in, so I'm behind on that, not really behind as they just came yesterday.

We started our new quarter at school. I have 19 in one class and 15 in the other. Hope they hire another teacher to take some of the load. It's hard to teach 19 little kids to scrapbook. Especially when new ones come in everyday, so they are all doing something different and can't remember to bring pictures. I started them off doing some random stamping on 2 pages, some turned out wonderful and some got carried away. Hopefully by next week things will get better or I'll be nuts.

Today I'm sharing a winter lay out from the Aspen Workshop on the Go (CTHM). Everything used is from Close to my Heart except the snow flakes which are buttons from Walmart. These pictures were taken last Christmas Eve at my nieces'. It was Codys first winter to sleigh ride. The kids, big & little, had a ball. I love this layout, just seems to go with the pictures.
Will try and do a little better with my posting. I made cards yesterday for a swap and didn't get them scanned before I mailed them, so will try with todays batch. Until next time, enjoy your day and check back often.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Wonderful Thanksgiving Week

Sorry, I've been missing for a week. Have had a lot of company and a great Thanksgiving. My brother and sister-in-law were here from Nevada. Monday, we just kinda lazed around. On Tuesday we went to some friends and they got to check out their home and old cars. My brother is into cars. He races on flat tracks. Wed. we baked pies and my daughter came with my little grandson. From then on my house was full and loud. Did I tell you, we're a loud bunch. Thurs. was the big day. I made the dressing, while Kim and Carl worked on the turkey. We then took everything to the Eagles and cooked it. My sister & husband brought the other turkey, so both ovens were full. My husband & brother-in-law got to peel the potatoes, 15#'s, then we grabbed our coffee and waited for everything to cook. While waiting we played a card/dice game called "Fill or Bust". What a blast, mostly cause I came from behind and won the first game. Then my brother won. Our only sadness was my other brothers wife lost her stepdad in Oregon, so they couldn't join us. I'm happy to say we had 30 people, some family and lots of friends. The dinner was great, had way to much food as usual. I think everyone had a great afternoon. The little kids played really hard.

On Friday we did the early morning thing. My daughter picked my sister, sister-in-law & I up at 3:45 for Penneys. My granddaughter hit the jackpot there. I got most all of her Christmas presents and what she wanted. I'm very proud of myself. Youngest grandson did pretty good too. Then it was off to Walmart. Kim (daughter) got a great buy on DVD players for the car, so she bought 2 for less than she paid for the last one she bought. I loaded up on p.j's for the boys. Also got a couple pair of pants for me. I like comfort, so alway buy big. This time I bought to fit and there to big. Think I'm losing weight, yea! Then it was home and napping. In the afternoon the kids all came for leftovers.

Sat. we had the big burn (burned our pile of limbs we've collected for 2 years) and invited friends for a chili feed. Was great, had 20 people. Still have chili and cornbread. We'll be eating chili for months, got a little carried away with it.

Yesterday was sad for me as everybody had to head home. My house is now very quiet and kind of lonesome, just Chuck, I and the cat. The cats lost cause his friend left. I'm sad cause family left and Chuck just shakes his head at both of us.

Today is back to normal living, laundry, cleaning and teaching. I have 2 swaps to get out today, so that means I'll have to share tomorrow, when they are on the way. Till then take care and come back again.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mrs. Santa

Company arrived safe and sound last night. Had a super icky day at the Craft Show. Lots of "Looky Lou's", not many buyers. Our booth made about $80 for 5 of us. Hope the next one goes better, I'd really like to get rid of some of this stuff. Had lots of fun visiting after family got here.

Today, my sister, sister-in-law and I made cards. Sunny made 13, Kim made 25 and I made 9. Most of Kim's were the same and done on the Cuttlebug, with some stamping of sayings. Sunny's were a mix of both. Mine were some that I had already cut and 3 were new.

This card is one of the new 3. The stamp is from I Brake for Stamps. The backgrounds of the 3 are all different. This one is Christmas Balls folder, Cuttle Bugged on Iridescent vellum. It really shines, the image is backed with Cranberry from CTMH and stamped on White Daisy. It was also colored with Cranberry, Topiery, Parchment and Baby Pink all CTMH. The fur on 2 of them is done with Prisma Glitter and the other one with Delta Decorative Snow. I think she's pretty cute. The one with the snow has blond hair. Cranberry brads were used on all three. The inside says " May your Merry be Very", not sure who it's by. Needless to say we had a great time. Will do it all again on Friday. Maybe I'll get more done then.

Tomorrow we are off to Wenatchee, window shopping, while Sunny goes to a class. Hopefully my daughter-in-law, Lorrie, can join us for lunch. Then we'll hit Costco and head home.

Until next time, have a wonderful couple of days before the cooking starts. Come back again.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Little Plain Jane Card

Bet that caught your attention! This is the card I've been talking about, the last of the image swap cards. He's a very cute snowman, not sure what stamp company makes him. The card is done with all CTMH papers, Desert Sand & Cranberry. The background paper is from Everlasting (retired) Level 2 and the stamp from Christmas Scripts (retired). It is done with black embossing, the brads are Cranberry. When I started with this image, I want to make a shaker card, but those are very hard to mail and I'm not to sharp on how there made. Really need to watch some one. Although I did have pictures to go by, it looked funny when I did. So this is what I did instead. The snowman is colored. His hat is in Gray Wool and Gray Flannel. The scarf is Olive and Cranberry markers, all CTMH.
I probably won't be around for a day or two, as today is the Craft Show, I set up last night. Of course I didn't sleep well as I'm always nervous, just praying I make my table money back. There are quite a few crafters, 48 in all. We had to expand into the big part of the Plex to fit everybody. I saw quite a variety of things. Hope I don't spend more than I make. I'll try and take some pictures. After I'm finished with that my brother & sister-in-law will be here. Then tomorrow we girls are stamping all day. My dining room will be a mess, but that's ok. We have a good time, and I'll have more to share.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. If your traveling drive careful.
Thanks for stopping by and come back really soon,

Friday, November 20, 2009

Another Layout Share

It's still dark out so I can't give a weather report this morning. The themometer says it's 43, so that's not bad. I'm hoping the snow hold off for another couple of weeks. As our company will be on their way here early Sat. morning. There are a couple passes they have to come over, so hang on snow and wait till they get over them.

Today, as you can tell I'm thinking warm. I did these layouts a while back and haven't gotten them in the album yet. They are from our stay in California/Arizona. If you ever get down to the Mohave Valley in Arizona be sure and go to Oatman. It's a great town. The first time I went was when my sister & I took my mom back to her home there. We met up with some cousins and went out. I fell in love. So then I took my husband and some friends, then my daughter and grandson. For those that don't know about Oatman, it's an old mining town on Route 66. The main attraction are the wild donkeys that roam the streets. They not only roam the streets but come into the shops too. They are really something. They also have a shoot out in the middle of the street, cowboy style. They have some great shops, bar and wonderful hamburgers in the resturant. The papers used are all from CTMH.
I hope you like what I've done. I'm not sure if the comment area works, but if it does I love for you to leave a comment.
Until later, come back anytime.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Animal Share

Got busy yesterday, making my mince meat, I got enough for 3 1/2 pies. That's pretty good, I'm not big on eating it, but must say this isn't to bad then again maybe it was the brandy I added, lol. We rented the Eagles for Thanksgiving dinner. No ones house is big enough for 30 people. We have the brothers and sisters, then the children, spouses and children. Then we extended it to our friends and in-laws and out-laws that have no where to go. We should have about 50 when all is said and done. There is plenty of room for the kids to play and the adults to visit, watch the games and play cards. I love having big dinners for people, it's always alot of fun. Everyone brings a dish and beverage. The brothers & sister do the meat. This year we're doing 2 turkeys, one baked & one deep fried alone with a ham. I'm in charge of the dressing, which I need to make a bunch, cause it's my daughters favorite part of dinner. Anyway it'll be great.

My card share today is a birthday card done with SU stamps retired. I don't have alot of SU but of the ones I have I love this one. Its on a shave cream back ground. The theme for the swap was ocean and that's what the background reminded me of.

My next share is my husbands animals. There are buffalo, moose, bear and mules. Here are 2 of them. Now you have to use your imagination a little on these as they are candy dispensers.
They are really cute in person. They'll be for sale at the Craft show.

I hope you've enjoyed my sharing today. Come see me again.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Torn Frame

It's a sun shiny day today. The weatherman predicts snow, but it looks pretty clear to me. When you live in the Northwest things can change in an hour. It's very quiet here this morning. Chuck has gone to friends in the hills and won't be home until this afternoon. So I get to clean house while he's gone and make mincemeat for pies. Cooked my meat yesterday, now have to grind it and get some raisins and an orange for it. I'm not keen on citrus fruits, meaning those kinda jelly ones, so I use a real orange and rind plus apples. It tastes more like a meat pie. We did this as a family a few years ago. This year we want to make cards and not work all the time, while their here. Anyways, that's my plan for today. Put the sewing machine away, so those projects are done for awhile.

On the todays share, this is a card I did for the image swap. Love the snowman image, don't know the company for this, sorry. I colored it with Sunshine Yellow, Dutch Blue, Desert Sand & Cranberry markers. Then layered on a piece of Polished Stone paper. (The polished stone technique is done in blues and silver). I made the Torn Frame from Desert Sand Cardstock and used Moonstruck to distress the edges. The put a Moonstruck ribbon around it. All inks and papers are CTMH. I really liked the card, hope the owner of the image likes it too. I have one card left to share of this swap and it's pretty plain jane. Most of my cards are, but I like them.
Only a couple more days until the Craft Show. I'm still trying to get my ducks in a row as my friend, Mary would say. I'll try and post some pictures of some of the things later today.
Have a great day where ever you are, come back real soon, ya hear.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Grandparents Layout

Had thought I'd posted yesterday, then looked and saw that I hadn't. So today, I might just post twice. Yesterday was pretty busy as I'm still trying to get ready for the craft show. Plus clean the house alittle for company, not really company, family. They'll be here on Sat. evening. I'm getting pretty excited about that. We always have so much fun together.

This mornings share is of my youngest grandson's birth. The layout is from the book "Cherish" by CTMH, it's called Visual Texture. The papers are all CTMH, Buttercup, Chocolate, Dutch Blue card stock and the background paper is from Free Spirit level 2. I'm not sure who the stamps are by as I've had them forever. The sticker is from a book with baby saying in it, threw the cover away so don't know who it's by. The layout on the bottom is of my former husband and his wife, the one on the top is of my son-in-laws mother (the red head), my sister (in white) and me. These layouts are for Cody's album, that's why it's of both sides. As you can tell for me it was very emotional when he was born, I think I'm pretty emotional all the time. Anyway I like how these layouts turned out.

I found a saying this morning that I really like and it's fits my life pretty well. Hope you enjoy it. "Life is a journey not a guided tour. So don't miss the ride and have fun, you don't get a second chance."

Have a great day, come back soon.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My First Layout Share

Last night we went to a Oyster Feed at the Eagles. I ate way to much. It was so good, I bought a jar of left overs so we can have them tonight. Seafood has to be one of my most favorite foods. They had a fairly good crowd and the money raised went to a good cause. Chuck was asked to do the New Years Eve Prime Rib, so that's where we'll probably be for New Years although I perfer to be home, cause I get up early and watch the Rose Parade. Love that parade, have since I was little. Went to it twice while I was in high school. What an experience.

On to todays share. This is a layout I did awhile back of my daughter and grandson. They visited us when we wintered in California/Arizona. These pictures were taken at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. The paper used is CTMH Beach House level 2 with Dutch Blue & Desert Sand card stock. The words were cut on the Cuttlebug. The embellishments are small seashells. We had such a great time that day. Cody loved it. We also did pictures with the tigers, I'll share them later. As you can tell I'm not a frilly layout person. I like to keep thing clean and simple. I have so many photos it's hard to pick which pictures to use.
I hope you enjoyed my first layout. Come back often.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mask Frame

Good morning,

No new snow this morning, I'm so glad. Driving wasn't to bad yesterday, just wet roads, which I can handle. My classes went fine. Each day I gain more children. Have 6 in each class. Love that I have some boys interested. Hoping after Thanksgiving I get a few more and they stay with me as I want to cover their notebooks in cloth to make them look like albums.

Today's share is from the image swap, only a few more cards to share in this swap. This is a real cute snowman, not sure who he's by but there is just a bit of Cranberry and Bamboo ink on him. the Mask Frame is from Technique Junkies. The background is stamped with Cranberry and Bamboo snowflakes from the Winter's Magic set Hostess set that's retired from CTMH, then sponged with both colors and layered on both. The ribbon is from my stash.

I have 2 more cards from this swap then I'm going to have to get busy. Which will happen big time the Friday after Thanksgiving. That day the sisters get together and make our Christmas cards. I should explain, I have a sister and 2 brothers, but have gotten 2 more sisters from them. Anyway, we always inviting our girls to join us and sometimes we get a taker, mostly the daughter-in-laws. But we have a ball, we usually go all day while the guys watch football. It's a fix it yourself food day, because of all the leftovers. We have ended up making as many as 30 cards a piece. We could probably make more but we talk alot and giggle. Course our critics take a break and tell us what we need to do to some of the cards. It's just a wonderful day of family closeness that we all enjoy. Each year it's some place different, next year may be the National Street Drag Finals in Las Vegas.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings and checking out my cards. Until next time, have a wonderful day.

Friday, November 13, 2009

First Snow

Woke up this morning to snow coming down. Wouldn't you know it would be on Friday the 13th. I am not excited at all, hate driving in this stuff and have to work this afternoon. Hoping it'll melt by then.

Yesterday, I completed both my doggie blankets, I'll take pictures later and share. I think there real cute. We don't have dogs, just cats. Now saying that, we have a new one. A little black male wondered in the other day. Our siamese isn't sure if he likes him or not. We did see him bring this little one across the field. So, now we have Pete (Siamese ally cat) and Jake (field cat). We seem to have this thing where animals are concerned. When we don't want any one shows up. They are going to have to learn to travel.

The card I'm sharing today is from the image swap I'm in. I don't know who the stamp is by, but it was tough to come up with something to put on it. I used the masking technique and stamp rolling to stamp the trees, from Beauty of Christmas, retired CTMH. The ink used was Garden green with Ponderosa Pine for the trees and saying. The bottom and top were colored with Cranberry marker. The hanger with Sunflower. I then used a double stick paper and covered it with fine beads from my stash. The background paper is from a Christmas pack from CTMH that's now retired and Cranberry cardstock. The brads are from the Essential from CTMH. The ribbon is from my stash. I've never used beads before so this was pretty cool and a good learning experience. These little beads like to travel when using them. The beads seem to mute everything I think.

Well, it's time to get off here and get busy for the day, so I'll have more to share later on. Have a great day, with or without snow. Come back again.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

Today and everyday we should thank the men and women that have and do fight for our Freedom. So don't forget to say Thank you to the men & woment that serve this great nation of ours. Fly your flag and be proud to be an American.

I've been trying to clean and organize my little crafting space so that I can see what I have and know where things are. As I was cleaning I ran across a bunch of precut cards. Some I wasn't sure what the cards were suppose to look like as of course I didn't leave a sample in the bag. The one I'm sharing today was for a class I did about 3 years ago. I think I saw a card like it in a magazine, but I'm not sure. I had enough pieces cut to make 5 cards. All materials used are retired CTMH, Majestic Mountain cardstock & backgound papers. There is no stamping. I used a fake diamond for the tie tac. It's a 6 X 6 card. These were for Father's day. Very simple and kinda cute. I'll probably use it for a man's Birthday card as both my dad & father-in-law have passed. My dad only wore western shirts so he wouldn't have appreciated it, even though he wore these when he was young.
Have lots to do in the next 2 weeks as we, meaning sister, sister-in-laws & I, are doing a craft show. Everybody is doing something different. Told them our sign would say Menagerie. Except it's not wild animals, just an assortment of stuff. I'm still making little dog blankets. I have 2 completed that I shared a while back. One of which is sold, yea! for me. So I have 2 more in the making. If your out and about stop in at The Agreplex on Sat. Nov. 21st from 9 to 4 and check it out. There will be about 40 vendors, with a variety of items.
Guess I've rattled on enough. Thanks for stopping by, come by often.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We still have hunting season going on around here. My son-in-law and a friend of his are staying here. They're bear hunting this morning. Not sure what they'll do with it if they get one. My hubby just kind of shrugs. He forgets he used to ger real excited about hunting when he was younger. Anyway, I'm having a little problem getting to my stamping stuff because of the hunting gear in there.

Todays card is one from the card workshop that I've been holding off showing, because I might use it in another swap I'm in but haven't decided. If any of you are in the 10 minute card swap don't look. The stamp is from Vintage Christmas. It was stamped with Moonstruck ink, and layered on bulk Stardust background paper, then Moonstruck and Olive cardstock. The ribbon is also Moonsturck. All products are from CTMH.
I've made a couple more cards like this and tied the ribbon differently. It's another of my fast and simple cards. Out of all that we did for this workshop, this one was my favorite.
As you can tell I'm not into traditional colors for Christmas. Red and Green are great, but seem to get old after years of use. I'm a kind of out of the box color person. I like things to match, meaning I won't put plaids and checks together, to me that's a little to out of the box. But I like to use different colors together. Here's an example. The other day I decided I wanted to wear a pair of grey slacks, that meant I need to find a shirt or something with grey in it. I have a grey and brown wool vest that I love, so I put a brown turtleneck under the vest. Normally, brown and grey just don't go together, but this worked.
Enough rambling, thanks for dropping by and come again,

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Snowman Share

It's been a long day already and it's only 2 p.m. Got to play waitress today at the Eagles. Probably should tell you, I've been a member of this organization for the last 35 years and don't know what the word "No" means when I'm ask to volunteer. My husband & I do alot of dinners, because he a good meat cook. One of my friends, Anita, loves to call and say help. She knows I'm a push over and will help her on breakfast in a pinch. Really it's kinda fun. You get to visit with alot of people you don't see on a regular basis. I even invited 2 people to Thanksgiving dinner. You'll hear more about our Thanksgiving as it gets closer. We sometimes do things a little different.

Today is my youngest brother's birthday and I forgot to scan his card before I sent it. So for today I'll use one for a swap I'm in. This is the image swap, so if you know who this stamp is by please let me know. The paper is Hydrangea from CTMH, I ran it through the cuddlebug using the snowflake folder, then sanded it. The hat is colored with Hydrangea marker and the stars with Sunflower marker, again CTMH. I took some White Daisy cardstock and ran it through the cuddlebug for the white using the same folder and stamped with a customer Connections Club give away by CTMH from a few years ago. The snow flakes were all stamped with that set and cut out and glued to look like a wreath. A White Daisy Organdy bow completes the card. Coming up with something for this image was a real challenge for me. I went though 2 Card Making magazines before combining two different cards to get this one. I'm still trying to find my niche when it comes to card making.

Come back again soon and leave a comment on my progress in the card making field.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Quiet Time

Our house is very quiet today. After having a 4 year old for two weeks, the quiet is very loud. I'm missing him already, but know he'll be back for Thanksgiving.

Finished week three of my scrapbooking class at the school. Some of the students are doing an awesome job. I have some boys that think more is better, so we will be doing a little cutting back on some of their layouts. So far we've just used stickers as I'm a little nervous about stamping with them. I fear for my inks. Silly me! Think we'll try it next quarter.

The card I'm going to share now is one we did at the Christmas Card Workshop awhile back. I just found it buried on my desk. The images and saying are from the stamp set Snow Friends by CTMH. I love this set and find myself using it alot. The background is from Aspen Level 2 and the ink/markers are also CTMH. I stamped the image on White Daisy and a piece of vellum. Then colored both the same. In order to get it to look like a reflection you have to turn the vellum over, so that they match. I'm really hoping this makes sense. If not email me. The ribbon is from JK Ribbon.
I hope your enjoying my rambling and card shares. I do scrapbook, just haven't taken pictures of the layouts. I have some winter ones to share. They were made using the layouts from the Cherish and Imagine books. I haven't invested in the Reflections, Wishes or Originals books yet, but will sometime soon.
Have a wonderful day and come back soon,

Friday, November 6, 2009

Good Morning

It's been a few days since I've been here. Today is the last day for the grandson until Thanksgiving. He went hunting with his dad the other day and spotted a buck for dad to shoot. They came home with a 5 by 4 point. It was the first time he had ever been hunting. What a thrill.

While they were gone I got to play a little. I'm in a swap where we send images to others and they make cards for us using our images. Not sure who the image belongs to, but it's very cute. The background is the shave creme technique using 2 blue reinkers and a purple. This technique was done with my class at school and this was the test piece. The left side bottem is a piece of vellum with flecks in it. The side piece is from my stash, with some snowflake brads I've had for a while. The saying is from CTMH Christmas Scripts, it's retired I think. The bears and sled were colored with CTMH markers.
Hope you enjoy the card. I've been working on some layouts and others cards that I'll get posted as soon as I can.
Have a wonderful day, come back anytime.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Hope everyone is having a Happy Halloween. Our partying won't start until later this afternoon. As you know we have our grandson, so we're doing a kids party at the Eagles with him. He's going as the Wolverine with a Batman cape.

Today's card share is not a Halloween one but a Fall one. I in a swap to do a card in Brown tones. The paper is all from my stash. The stamp set is Four Seasons from CTMH. On the tree and under it I added Liquid Glass with Prisma Glitters to look like frost.
Hope you have a wonderful day. Come back soon.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fingernail Polish Technique

Good Evening,

Can't believe I missed yesterday. Must have been tired. The card I'm sharing tonight is done with the Fingernail Polish Technique. Not sure how I feel about this technique, had never done it before so wasn't sure what the results were suppose to be. For those that have done it hope I didn't blow it to bad. Anyway here's my take on it. I put 2 inches of water in a pan, then dropped 3 to 4 drops of blue, green, blue metallic and pink polish on top. I had to use a toothpick to get the polish to spread. Then I laid the cardstock on top to pick up the nail polish. Pulled up the paper and set it aside to let it dry. I then stamped White Daisy cardstock with a Treasures stamp, CTMH Stamp of the Month for September, in Sweet Leaf. Mounted it on a blue metallic paper from my stash. Used a Sweet Leaf ribbon from Ophray. I think it turned out pretty good.

Hope you all enjoy it. Come back again when you can.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Opps! Missed yesterday

Had a busy day yesterday. My first day teaching children in 3 years. Had a lot fun. Made shave cream background papers. They had a great time and didn't make a mess. On Wed. we'll do a layout with them. Hope to share one then.

Today's share is very simple and everything is CTMH. The background is ink distressing done with Outdoor Denim, Honey, Twilight and Bamboo inks on White Daisy cardstock. The stamp set used is Frosty Friends. Background paper is from Aspen Paper pack Level 2 and Twilight cardstock. Markers used were, Twilight, Honey, Cranberry and Sunny Yellow. The brads are punched from Twilight and covered with Liquid Glass. I hope you enjoy it.
Thanks for visiting, come back soon,

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Yesterday was a fun day. My husband and cooked Prime Rib at the Eagles for a friend's birthday. It was a wonderful surprise for her. All her children were there. Was sure hard to keep it a surprise.

Came home to a wonderful gift of my own. My youngest grandson is here to spend two weeks with us. He's 4 and full of energy. He's also totally into the X-Man thing. I now have a toy living room of X-Men.

Now for todays share. This is also from my Christmas Card workshop. I random stamped the base of the card in honey using a 2005 retired Hostess set called Winter Magic, then stamped the saying in twilight. I ran a piece of twilight cardstock through the cuddlebug using the snowflake folder. The snowman is stamped from the Magical Season set. It was then colored with orange, black and honey. I added liquid glass and sprinkled on some prisma glittter. It is layed on outdoor denium and a piece of aspen background paper. All products are CTMH.

Hope you enjoy the card and come back for a visit again.
Till next time,

Friday, October 23, 2009

Is it me or is my life Crazy?

Here's how my day started, at 4:30 a.m. no less with leg cramps. Made coffee and decide to catch up on my Sketchbooks that I've gotten, did four. About 6 decided I might make cards for a swap. Looked at the stamped images and could only decided what to do for one. I have six to do. I'll get it figured out, sooner or later. Decided since I have things happening today, maybe should do some laundry and dishes. You know those things that no one likes to do. Ok, I started both, boy did the drain system make all kinds of noises. Not sure if I need to pour stuff in the septic or what. Maybe I'll do it before I leave tomorrow.

Had a TIPS class at 1, expected 7 and 3 showed up. Oh well! maybe next time they'll show or not be working. Some should have been here monthes ago. This time it's on when I can and will cost them more. Had to be at school at 3 was alittle late as class got over at 3:30. Had to pick up a P.O. for supplies and get some medicine. Got there at four. Did get one more signed up.

Came home to a In-law family reunion planning party. We are the hosts, that's right it in our back yard. Decided the menu, about how many to expect and what we're doing. Was kinda fun, think the youngest sister-in-law and I are doing most of the stuff, which is ok, cause the rest just agree on things. There should be 65 to a 100. Good thing we have 2 acres of grass to park and camp on.

Now to my card for today. It's done on White Daisy cardstock, stamped with Gray Wool and Crystal Blue ink ( CTMH). The stamp set is Frosty Friend, cardstock is Gray wool and Crystal Blue. Ribbon is Crystal Blue. Everything is Close to My Heart. Image is colored with Honey, Cranberry, Crystal Blue, Bamboo, Sunny Yellow, Orange and Topiary markers.

Hope you enjoy the card.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Maybe I'm getting it

Here goes todays post. It's been a wild day. I had to put together a poster for the class I'm teaching at school. Took me 3 hours. I ended up painting the sign board caused it looked blah. Then put my posting up of why they should take the class. I thought it looked pretty good. Then took it to school for the sign ups. Did anyone look at it, NO. Had 2 sign up for the class. Come to find out it wasn't advertized, just a after school program. Get to try again tomorrow.

Besides doing that I finished my 2 doggie blankets. Here they are. These are 36" X 36", haven't decided on a price, but I'm thinking about $15. What you think?
Both are backed with denim, with batting, then quilted. Have 2 more to make, not sure when they'll get done.
I do remember I still have 4 more Christmas cards to post. Will try and do some tomorrow. Who know what will happen then. Have a TIPS class, then off to school. Not sure after that. Love this retirement stuff.
See ya tomorrow,

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2nd Day of Learning to Post

Ok, yesterday I screwed up by not listing the company the stamps, paper and ink were from. Most all of the stamps, papers and inks I use are Close to My Heart. I have a few stamps from other companies and some ink and things. I'll let you know from now on what I'm using unless I have a gray moment, I seem to have alot of these.

Today, I'm showing a card I did in a swap last month. I really like how it turned out. It's called Spotlight Technique and is from the Technique Junkies Newsletter, sorry can't remember which one. The stamp is Autumn Harvest a retired CTMH stamp. You'll find I don't get rid of my stamps sets. I love them all and use them alot.
I'm very excited tonight. I attended my first afterschool program meeting this afternoon. I haven't worked in over 4 years at the school. My friend, Racie asked if I would teach a scrapbooking class to 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students. My first class is Monday afternoon. Not sure what I'm going to do. Maybe start with what tools we'll be using. Tomorrow is sign ups for the classes. I'm alittle nervous, but it'll be fine. Going to do 8 1/2" X 11" pages. This is new to me, but I'll get it figured out. I only do 12" X 12" for my books. Wish me luck.
Hope to be able to post more tomorrow. Till then enjoy your evening.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This is my first try of posting a card, so I hope it works. This is one from my Christmas Card workshop, I'll share 5 in all but not today. This was made on Outdoor Denim card stock run through the cuttlebug with the snowflake folder. I sanded the snowflake on the card stock, then layed it on White Daisy cardstock. I cut the background paper behind the santa from the Aspen level 2 paper. The Santa is from Magical Season ( I love this set) stamped in black and colored with cranberry, sunny yellow and baby pink. I add liquid glass and put fine glitter on. The saying is also from the Magical Season set, stamped in twilight. Very simple card, easy to mail.
Hope you enjoy this.
Welcome to my blog. I will try and post the things I'm making, along with the how to's. Sometimes it might just be my random thoughts on something or a story of the fun happening of my family. I hope you enjoy my sometimes quirky thinking. It comes with the life I've led and the things I've seen and done.
Come back anytime for a visit and leave a comment.