Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Our latest adventure

Our families newest adventure started on October 22nd with my son going to the Dr. thinking he had a cold. They gave him medicine for conjestion. The 23rd he went to ER because he couldn't breathe. They put him on the nibularizer and sent him home. The 24th he was back in ER because he couldn't breathe. This time the Dr. said he had conjustives heart failure. They doctored for this all weekend. On Monday a new Dr. came in, he shipped him to Wenatchee. They sent him home to wait for a call from the University Washington. The call finally came on Nov. 7th. His appointment was set for Monday, November 10th at 1:30. Steve, his daughter, Tashia and I went over on Sunday. We stayed with my daughter in Maltby. Monday we were at the hospital by 1:00 as we knew he'd have to fill out papers. We finally got called back out 3. We saw a nurse, practitioner at 4 we finally saw the Dr. He said it was more than just an arotic valve replacement, he (Steve) would also need a arotic stem replacement and a fibulator. The next possibality would be a mechanical heart pump as his heart is only pumping at 33% and should be at 65%.. If all else failed he'd be put on a heart transplant list.

As a mom, I'm heart broken, this shouldn't be happening to someone his age. I've done alot of praying and have put this in the Lords hands as I can do nothing but be supportive. We want to thank everyone for their support and prayers. Please lift him in pray that all will be fine.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Something a little different

Good Morning,

Today isn't going to be a card post as I've posted just about every card I've scanned. Today is about my talented husband. We had gone to visit my brother in Nevada. They have a big ole cat that loves to climb. So my sister-in-law bought a climber/scratching tree. As always we had our cat with us, he loved it. So when we came home my husband built one for him. We had a tube house with carpet on the outside so he used that and put it on a base. Then used 4x4 posts and wrapped with rope as scratchers and to hold up the other levels. Jake spents alot of time up there looking our the window and sleeping. He covered all the other pieces with carpet we got from Home Depot.

Hope you like it.

P.S. Sorry it's not loading, I'm only getting a red x. I'll try editing.

Monday, April 7, 2014

It's back to work today

Good Morning,

Looks like rain today. Wouldn't you know it, just goes to show the sun isn't happy about Spring Break being over either.

Today's share is a tag. This was a round robin swap. Lots of fun. Everyone started with the same size tag. I made mine Navy blue with light blue to cover it. Then sent it on. The next lady ran it through the cuddle bug with a wave folder. Put it together and sent it on. the next one put stickles on the waves and stamped sea weed. Away to the next one, who then stamped the octopus and added the polka dot ribbon. She shipped it off to the last one she added the fish and shells and added white ribbon with a octopus embellishment. It was then sent back to me. There were 5 of us in this swap. Was alot of fun and hard work. You have to figure out your step in each tag some look pretty finished when you get them and you still need to do your part. I signed up for two more of these only this time we get the image from the hostess and make cards with that. Should be a kick.

Until later, enjoy the day and keep being creative.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Break Coming to an end

Good Morning,

This is my second try at this. I forgot to save the first one so had to start over. It's beautiful out this morning. Hoping I can get some of my things that need done done. Have been playing instead of working on my projects. Did get a book read, that was one goal. Got all the top cupboards cleaned. Spent one day buying groceries and putting away. I bought a case of Spam. Got everything put away and ask Chuck what he did with the Spam, He said that I must of put it away and forgot where. So yesterday we tore the cupboards apart looking for it. It was found behind the front seat of my car. Never made it out of the dang car. That's the laugh for today.

The card today is a bright moonlight card. The background is Grey Wool, with Sunny Yellow cardstock (CTMH). The image is done with marker, around the sun I sponged the yellow. The coyote is the embellishment. Colored with markers then cut out. It's put on with sponge adhesives.  Hope you've enjoyed this set of cards. The next ones will be different; tags, books, cards and scrapbook pages.

Till then enjoy your day,

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day 4 of Spring Break


We have overcast skies this morning, suppose to get some rain. This vacation is going to fast. Went in to clean my craft table yesterday and ended up taking the curtains down. But first I had to untangle my Philodenrum plant. Ended up chopping it up pretty good. Put all the ends in water so I can restart it. I brought it with me when we moved here from Arkansas (1965). I should say I was born here, lived in California and then Arkansas. Anyway, today I'll finish the mess I made. Then maybe get to my table and start clearing it off. Still have the closets to do. Time is marching on.

Today's card is a fun one. The back is called London Fog and was the image I had to work with. So I dug in my stash of stamps and found the cute lady from I Brake for Stamps. I colored her with markers (CTMH). Put her on the fog cause that's how I feel when I'm sick. The back ground papers are from my stash.

Hope you get a kick out of it.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Break Day 3

Good Morning,
Got busy yesterday, bought more food on Monday than I had cupboard space for so had to do some more cleaning. Should have enough to last us a while. It's funny how we shop. I buy by the half case most of the time, cause that last us awhile. Plan on camping some this summer so now have enough for the trailer and the house. Every year I have to clean out the trailer and then restock, so I'm never sure what I have. Leave all the dry stuff in there. Anyhoo, we're ready to get the trailer back and repack it. Guess I should tell the store of why the trailer is gone. We went out camping with friends last summer for a long week end. Hooked up to the water and all of a sudden water was coming out of every where. Had to clean the bottom out to fine the lines to the washer/dryer were broken. Then turned the cold water on in the kitchen and one of the pipes was broken there. Some how things didn't get completely drained for winter. Then we had some other stuff that needed fixed and we just kept putting off. Everything is ship shape now. Wasn't cheap so think we'll be keeping it forever. I love it. It's not new but it's paid for.

Now for todays card. This one is of a seascape. It's done with water crayon by Stampin Up. The base is white, then layered with Sunny Yellow (CTMH), then Desert Sand  (CTMH) this piece has the edges roughed up ( it's called torn edge). I cut around the image after coloring and added small shell buttons as the embellishment.

Hope you've enjoyed the cards so far.


Monday, March 31, 2014

Ooops! Missed a day or two

Good Morning,
Sorry about forgetting to post. It's spring break and I set some goals for myself. I plan on cleaning all my cupboards out, cleaning out some closets and reading a book. These are extra from laundry and regular stuff. Today is a big trip to Costco. You guessed it I cleaned out a big cupboard already.

Todays card is pretty simple. It's base is white cardstock. I layered a lavendar and light blue on top. Then found this funkie pattern paper in my stash that kinda looks like waves. The fish is from Stampin Up. I colored it with colored pencils cut it out and put sponge stickies on it to raise it. I used my 1" circle punch and stamped the get well soon on it. I add 2 different sized pearls for bubbles.

If you notice all my cards are very simple. I love to use different types of background techniques. Most of the swaps call for at least 3 layers. I think most card making is all about how you use the image, not just the background. It does help to have a background match your image.