Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Getting ready for the New Year

Today is my day to get the house put back together and get ready for the New Year. That means down comes the tree, away goes the other decorations. House back to normal. I used to always think, if you started the new year with a messy house that's the way it would be all year long. Mine is not by any means spotless, but not filthy either. I like to call it well lived in. You'll find dust cause there's places I forget about and some that are only necessary once a year, like spring. I do have the laundry done and my resolutions made.

New Years Eve we'll be helping do a dinner for the Eagles party, then coming home as we don't dance much anymore. I get up early on New Years Day and watch the Rose Parade. Have done that since I went to my first one in 1961, then again in 1962. If you ever get to go to one, it's one of the most beautiful parades there are. The flowers are so well done on the floats. As a teen back then we sat on the street all night. They say California isn't cold, it is when your waiting for daylight. It was a ball. Anyway, that's how I start the New Year. I also make a Gumbo for the day. I start it before we go to bed on New Years Eve. You know blackeyed peas are good luck, and we need it. We also have food for anyone that stops by and wants a little luck.

I haven't been making any cards or doing any scrapbooking. Been working in my little Sketchbooks for a group I belong to. I feel like I'm a little behind, need to get 14 done and haven't come up with enough ideas for different covers. Have 3 done so they'll go postal tomorrow. They are kinda fun, it's a good way to get others ideas on different subjects. I've seen all kinds of cats, not to many dog things. Each book has to be stamped in, so if you don't have a stamp for the subject you need to get real creative. I'll share one some day, these are not quite ready for public viewing.

I am going to share a recent picture of my husband & I, as we seldom have one taken together. He hates having his picture taken. We want to wish each and everyone of one of you a Glorious New Year. May it be full of good health, happiness and wonderful memories.

Until next year, hugs,


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