Monday, December 13, 2010

Back from the Beyond

Hopefully my computer will let me upload some of the cards I've been doing. The card today is one of my Christmas cards. The idea was taken from a card in Cards Magazine. I really hope you enjoy it, as some lucky person is getting it from my Christmas card list.
This card is done on a white card base. The layering is Navy Blue card stock, then white embossed with Christmas tree bulbs. The bows are done in silver ribbon. The bars are Navy cardstock covered in white, I pierced the white, then added Silver snowflake brads and a Silver ball with a silver brad. The Merry Christmas is a clear sticker. I love how this card turned out. The inside says, "Merry Christmas", with a stamped Snowflake.
Christmas is always a Happy time for family and friends. On Friday our afterschool program will have our first awards day for the kids. Each child that has been in class 30 days will receive a gift bag and certificate. I can't believe there are 41 children getting this. Some only missed it by a day. For those not getting the bag, they'll get a bag with a slap band and candy cane. For some reason the kids love these slap bands. I must say they come in very bright colors. I've had a great time doing up the bags. I'll have a party at my house for all the teachers the Wed. after Christmas, as I know how busy they are with family things when we finish getting ready for their own Christmas's. We'll get started on the New Year early. I can't tell you what a wonderful crew I have. These ladies go way beyond what is needed to make sure the kids all enjoy what they are learning. I'm very thankful for that, it makes my job so much easier.
Until next time, thanks for stopping by. I'll try and keep you updated on all the happenings in my life, some good and some not so good.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I've tried to post a few times and it wouldn't let me add pictures. I have alot of cards stacked up to share, but need to wait now for a photo program on my computer. Got a worm and lost everything.

Life has been moving on. Working on my house getting ready for Thanksgiving company. Everyone is coming home as this is probably my brothers last Thanksgiving with us. This is pretty hard on everyone. He's in great spirits and doesn't look as sick as he is. Has started to lose some weight, but not much yet. Everyone will start arriving here on Wed. They are all coming through snow storms and high winds. Everyone on this side of the United States is getting high winds and snow or rain and low temps. It was -14 here this morning, we have 1" of snow scattered somewhere. The wind blows so hard we're lucky to have a house. So far the trees are all still standing.

This is going to be short. Promise I'll have a photo program soon. Till then, have a great day and stay warm.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's been awhile

I seem to say that alot. But it's true, been about 24 days. There is no excuse, I've been busy and think about getting on then don't have things ready to share. So, today I have lots to share.

We are praying very hard for my brother. It started 2 weeks ago, if your family you've read the nieces/cousins blog, if not you get it here. About 12 years ago my brother had a brain tumor. They removed it and said it was not cancerous. That was great, yet every year he has test to make sure it isn't back. This year he went for his tests and while waiting to go in thought he was having a heart attack. My sister-in-law rushed him to the hospital and they did the ekg and said he was fine, but his chest kept hurting. They decided to do an endeoscope and colon thing. Well, they found a tumor on top of his stomach where the esophagus goes in. Appointments were set up in Seattle with specialists and surgeons, for Tue. of the following week. On Friday my sister-in-law called and said he'd broken his arm taking the grandkids car seat out. It slipped and snapped his arm. They couldn't set it so set up surgury on Sat. He went in at 1:30 and at 4:00 they said that they were having problems with the screws to hold the plate in his arm. The bone was soft and didn't look good. They took a biopsy and sent everything with him to Seattle. During the meeting with the specialist the pathologist called saying the biopsy showed Stage 4 bone cancer. His hip had been hurting real bad so now we are keep an eye on it. He goes for radiation on his arm on Friday, they'll then set up radation on his hip and leg then. We know this is not a cure, but to keep the bones from breaking and to lesson the pain. He's been in pain since he came home but has kept his spirit up. I'd like all of you to please keep him in your prayers as he can use all he can get. Our family is very close and really enjoy each other, so this has been very hard for us. We know we will work through this together and help each other to over come our pain and grief.

Now, I'll try and take you to a happier place. I decided I needed some stress relief, so here's what happened. I joined a postcard swap. What's that you say, well I'm not really sure myself. I decided I'd make them like a card front. The first one I did was a technique called "Out of the Box", I used a white background and used tape to put the top layer on, hoping it would hold it on going through the mail. I then Embossed the stamp image is silver, not thinking that it was 2 layers and may not come out even. Here's the result, you can let me know what you think. The stamp set is from Our Daily Bread. It's a beautiful set that I won from Technique Junkies.

The second one is pretty simple, as I had done one kind of like it before. I random stamped snowflakes in 2 shades of blue, Dutch Blue and Star Spangle Blue (CTMH). I put a scratch paper circle in the center to stamp and sponge around and to leave a white spot to stamp in. I used the snowman from Snow Friend from CTMH. I love this set, you can do all kinds of thing with it. I colored the snowman with markers, then added glitter to the snow drops and the bottom. I'm hoping the glitter doesn't fall off in the mail. Yes, I made extras for my Christmas sending. This will cut down on postage by about $.20 a card.

Now comes the third card. It took alittle more time but I love it. The stamps are from 2 different places, but seem to fit together. The stalks and pumpkins is from CTMH and retire call Autumn Harvest. The saying is from 2000 Umage Rubber Works. It says "Oh, Bountiful Season Of Barley and Wheat Of Pumpkins and Chestnuts And Apples so Sweet Crisp Autumn Days And Frost on the Vine Sprinkled with Colors That make Fall so Devine. These are my favorite Fall stamps. The images were colored with markers. The were embossed in black so they would show up.
I think by taking time to do this gave me back alittle sanity, not much but some. I still get very emotional about everything, but feel I'm maintaining better that usual. All the family will be here for Thanksgiving, when we can all be thankful for the things the Lord has given us. I know for every thing that happens there is a reason, even if we don't see it. This will make us all stronger in the end. Keep the family in your prayers. Until I share again. May you have much happiness in the smallest of things.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Boy, it's been awhile since I've been on here. My title pretty much says it all. What I thought would be nice little part time job, has turned into full time, at least until I get it all figured out. Hopefully that will be soon, cause I'm sure tired. Love the job, but makes me really tired. Been going to sleep in my chair about 7 then to bed about 11. I do get up about 6 though. Taking some tiime off next week though, going to the Dr. Also Cody's birthday and a State Alcohol class. So will face the mess when I get back. Have about 65 kids registered, they are from Kindergarten thru 2nd. So I'm thinking this isn't to bad. Should have about 90, we'll get there.

Anyway, I have a share for you today. Did this before things went crazy. It's a card I did for a technique swap. The technique is called Worn Wallpaper. To do this you need to have a crackle type stamp. Mine is from Stampin up from years ago. Most of the time people use white ink to do this. My white ink wasn't showing up so I used brown on a patterned paper. The paper is from my stash of blocked paper. The kind you get at Walmart. This one is multi toned. My base card is white, with a layer of Goldrush (CTMH), then the Worn Wallpaper. The Scarecrow is from a retired set from CTMH. I colored it with markers. The backing is Buttercup (CTMH) and white (Walmart), I flicked the ends with Brown ink. I tied a piece of raffia around the colored cardstock. The inside has a Scare
Crow. This is a real easy technique. You can do it on most patterned papers. Hope you enjoyed the share. I'll try and get back sooner. Until the next time.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Shares

Gees, I have a heck of time getting here to post. Need to get my ducks lined up again. Lately they just wander all over. I do have all my swaps mailed out and just about done with all the little books I had to stamp in. Have 2 to make and their all gone. Started sewing yesterday, need to really get busy on that or I won't be doing any bazaars this year.

I said I had some exciting news, so here it is. I put in for a Site Manager job for the afterschool program at the High School and got the position at North. I'm so excited to be working with 1st and 2nd graders. Have some ideas I want to try and a great staff to work with. Now just wish me luck that these ducks line up.

Guess I better get to sharing. The first card is the Vellum card. I really like this card and got the idea from my friend Lanae. The back ground is Navy blue cardstock, from my stash. With 2 layers of vellum with torn edges. The top on is embossed in gold. The stamp is retired from Close to my Heart and one of my favorites. It's very simple but elegant.

The second card is the one with Flowers. These are the one you get in the jars. I used Goldrush cardstock as my background, they layered a piece of creme bulee that was run through the Cuttle Bug using the writing plate. The flower on the bottom is yellow with Goldrush tips, the next flower is a lighter yellow with Goldrush in the center, the last flower is a creme bulee with a Goldrush brad used to hold them together. The cardstockused for the Thanks is Sunflower. All Close to My Heart paper.
This was a great swap for using things that don't always get used or you forget you have. My challenge to you is to find something in your stash and make a card around it. Until next time.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

2 Shares today

Yesterday was a pretty laid back day. Got another Homer from my little books in the mail. Now I have 3 to share.

Todays share is still on the Stuff Swap. I do have to say when you start using up stuff you have in your stash, it's challenging. I had the hardest time with the Button one, so hope you like what I came up with. The base paper is Goldrush, it's brighter in person. I stamped the fish bowl in Black and the inside water in Heavenly Blue. The fish was stamped in Black and colored in Gray Flannel with Goldrush on the scales. Everything was cut out and placed on a light blue mulberry paper. The button are the bubbles in a light blue. Once you get the idea go with it. I start out going to make a candy type bag and fill it with buttons, but it didn't look in real like it looked in my mind. I suppose most of you will know what I'm talking about.

This next card was a little easier on my brain. I started looking at what I had for stickers and ran across these rub-ons. The frog is stamped with Topiary. The cat tails are colored on the stamp then stamped. All inks on both cards are Close to my Heart. The papers are from some tablets I got for Christmas. Back to the card I used the curly-q as the frogs tongue making it look like it was after the dragon fly.
I've really had fun working on these cards. Yesterday, I started a new swap. It's a technique swap using a technique from the Technique Junkies Newsletter. Hoping my cards turn out like I want, so far they look cool, just had to check and see if I could tweek the technique a little as it wasn't working using what they used. Until tomorrow enjoy the day as it's a little warmer. Have a safe weekend.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Card Share

Try as I might I've had a heck of a time finding time to share. I've been busy trying to get my gambling books in order, I'm still working on it and looking for stuff to finish my reports. I gave 2 TIPS classes last week, was wonderful. Made a trip to Wenatchee for one. Was a hot trip, the next day it cooled down 30 degrees. It's still fairly cool now, suppose to warm up to the 80's for a few more days.

I've been busy making cards for my swap and doing pages in little books. Got 2 homers, so will try and get them shared later. For today I'm sharing another card in my 6 card swap of buttons, ribbon, brad/eyelet, flowers, stickers/rub-ons and vellem. This one is my ribbon card. The stamp set is called "Who Love you". It's done with Clover Meadow, Chocolate and Desert Sand inks. The ribbon is from Walmart. The background papers are Clover Meadow and Crystal Blue. The saying says "just because". I think it turn out rather good. Until you start to do a swap like this, you don't realize how hard it is to figure out what to do. Believe it or not I have the whole swap done as of today. It will go in the mail tomorrow. Then I'll be working on a technique swap. Haven't figured out what I'm doing for it.
Next week I have a big secret to share, so be sure to keep up with me. I'm very excited about it. Until tomorrow, have a good evening.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hopefully I'm Back

Life has been busy for this old girl. Summer school is over for this year. Was a great experience. Hoping the fall session is as interesting. I'll miss the kids that came to the program this summer. They were a kick. Our last day together was a blast. We went to the Waterslides, this was a first for many. They had a great time.
Now it's back to life as we know it. Tonight is our yearly BBQ for friends. Have a salad to make and straighten the house and I'm ready, hoping the weather cooperates. Has started to cool down. Was 100 on Wed. and 80 yesterday.

I have had some time to make some cards for one of the Swaps I'm in. It's kind of a cool swap. We make 6 cards, each one different. One needs buttons, one eyelets or brads, one ribbon, one rub-ons, vellum and flowers. The one I'm sharing today is for the eyelets. The stamp set is from CTMH called Little Boys. I colored the train with markers on the stamp so I could have two different colors. Mostly this is showing the ways to use these different items. I'll share another one tomorrow.
CTMH will be dicontinuing all the stamps sets in Feb. and come out with all new papers and stamps. These will be good for the next year. The catalogs will be coming out twice a year instead of 3 times. The fall and winter catalog goes live to customers on Sept. 1. They have a lot of new stamps and papers.
Until tomorrow, have a great day.

Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm Back

Hi All, I'm back, sorry I've been totally busy. Summer school started 2 weeks ago and I'm having a hard time keeping up. I'll share my experiences as we go. I did finally find time the other day to finish a swap from the first of July. I'll not be joining any in Aug. because my time is limited.

Summer school started on July 19. As you know I was Site Manager for the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. I had 27 students registered of which only 23 showed up on the first day. I also had 3 teachers. One teaching Science, one for Readers Theater and one for Drama/Music. The classes were divided into 9 students each. The first day I had more parents call in and want their children to join, which was fine by me, we had a limit of 40 students. Things really started to pop then. Some of the students registered didn't show up and alot did. I finally got it figured out and got the classes set up. Two of the classes did what I was told they were going to do, the other didn't. It was at this point I knew I was in trouble. I can shoot from the hip so here I went, Oh! My God! It was a total disaster. The teacher didn't have a clue. I may have screwed up, but I let her do her thing. The kids weren't happy and I can't say I was. I finally called the head boss and she said to hire a helper. I was very lucky and found someone that had music in their background. She started today. She and I had a very good visit. I think maybe this class maybe saved, for that I'm very thankful. We have our first field trip on Friday which is for Science. We will have Watermelon at the end to see whom can spit the seeds the farthest. Great game if your a kid. Our next project is a Open House with music as the core. The kids will sing, "Under the Sea", and do a couple of rap songs by the new person. Then for the very end we will go to the water slides for all those attending 18 days. I really look forward to this as some of these children have never been this far from home or to anything like this. I maybe selfish about this but I love to catch the expression of these children that have never been to anything like this. These make the greatest memories for these children.

My share today, after a long absence is a card for a yellow swap. The daisies are cut out and put on. They also have liquid glass over the coloring. The stamp is a retired one from CTMH.

Hope I didn't ramble to much, come back again.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Still on Vacation

This has been a busy vacation. All fun and not much work for us. Chuck mowed Kim's yard so we could make a baby blanket for one of her friends. We actually got 2 backs done but only one totally finished. Went to friends one night for dinner and games. It was a lot of good food and a more laughs.

We took off to Fallon the next day. Stopped and had lunch in Lovelock and a great Bar-b-q place, at least it used to be great. They didn't have a cook, we had cabbage salad and Tri-tip sandwiches, they were ok. Back on the road again, we went about 5 miles and Kim & I had a blow out on our tailer. Of course we had no spare. Chuck & I set on the side of the rode while Carl & Kim found a tire. Cost double cause the tire shops are closed here on Sat. Carl's car is Charger, he runs in the super pro class. This class is for cars that do about 180 mph in 1/8 of a mile. He did about 144 mph on his runs. He started to fast and went out in the first round. This is his first year driving this car, so they are still getting used to each other. He's raced the Duster before.

Talk about hot, it's been in the 90's and 100's. It cools down at night. Kim's car is a 1970 Duster, she runs in the Pro class. The picture is of her do a burnout before her run. She went out in the 2nd round. We enjoyed watching everyone race. We all camped at the track for the night. One of the gals, made soft shell tacos for everyone. We took chips and dips. Rose took birthday cake for those having Birthdays in July. The racers are a fun bunch of people and support each other in everything. We made alot of new friends and renewed some friendships with others. It's been a great 2 weeks. Just so everyone know, Nevada isn't only about gambling it's about fun people and trying new things. We've done some gambling but have spent alot of time just doing fun stuff. It's back home on Wednesday for rest and work and saving up to do this again. If your on my facebook check out more of my pictures. Thanks for stopping back, I'll be back to cardmaking and scrapping next week. Have a lot of pictures to do up. Come back again.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vacation fun

We're still on vacation. Had a really nice trip down. The weather was warm but tolerable, going home might be a different story. Spent the end of the week just messing around. Went to a bar-b-q on Sat. night. Was nice to see some old friends and make some new ones. Sunday we went to Reno. Got our motel room and went down to the street fair. It was a chicken wings cook off. They had a lot of boothes and some pretty good wings. Anywhere from not so spicy to very. Rose bought me a new hat for the ballgame as she didn't like the one I had. I'll share a picture when I get to the ballgame. We went to the parking garage for the fireworks. They shot them off over the ball park. Some very pretty ones. Was just like when we were younger sitting on the tailgate drinking beer (except I don't like beer). Then we did some gambling and headed to bed. Monday we ate and headed to the ballpark. Walked about 2 blocks, got there at 11:00 and stood in line until 12:05, each of us got a bar-b-q set that said Acers. Their the AAA team for the Arizona Diamonds. It was a real good game. We almost got hit by a foul ball, the game a row up and behind us caught it. Here's out ballpark picture. The only bad part about my hat is it didn't cover my nose, so it got redder. Our arms burnt, but are turning brown now. We spent Monday shopping, that was fun. Our next adventure will be the car races this weekend. Then we'll be heading for home. Today, we're making aprons and baby blankets. I'll share when we get one made.
Thanks for coming by. Stop by again and see what silliness I'm up to.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Reunion was alot of work & Fun

The reunion is over and all have gone home. All that is left are the fun memories. We're still resting up. Trying to get our watering all done so we can take off on a small vacation. The reunion was alot of fun. Had all but a sister & brother here. Their children came, so all 9 siblings were represented. In total there were about 73, ranging in age from 1 to 70. They started coming in on Thurs. and everyone was gone by 4 on Sunday afternoon. We had 6 meals together and no one went away hungry. The kids played all kinds of games. Did a relay race with water and just had a ton of fun. Most didn't know each other, but by the end of the weekend became best friends. The first night they all had their own tents. Then they set up 2 tents, one for the boys and one for the girls, the girls were a little out numbered. The photo is of some the kids lined up for the games. As you can tell we had porta pottys for the overload. They worked wonderfully. The kids didn't run in and out all the time. We did have alot of sun burns. The weather was beautiful the whole weekend. Had just enough breeze that you didn't melt.

I'll get back to card making soon. Maybe my sister -in-law and I will do some while I'm there. I try and check in every once in a while. Thanks for stopping.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Just Rambling

Company started coming in yesterday morning for the reunion. 7 trailers and 3 tents. Not sure how many more. Everybody has to have electricity so up goes the light bill. The kids had a great time last night playing. One of the uncles brought a battery operated bug zapper, course the boys thought that was great. The girls played ball, not great volleyball players but they had fun. Not sure what's happening today. Cody and I have some errands to run, so they'll be on their own. The youngest sister is the organizer so I guess she'll get them organized. We just furnished the place to have it. I'm getting a little more relaxed about the whole thing. Need to get a cake baked and something else fixed for Sat. night. Tonight is Italian, I have the salad and some dressing.

More tomorrow, maybe even some pictures. The one today is of the kids playing cards. 2 of the girls are missing, not really you justcan't see them. Until later on in the weekend. Have a great day.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

We have Sunshine

You may think my title is a little silly for this time of year. This year we have had more rain than sunshine. Your grass barely gets dry for mowing before it rains again. The poor farmers are having a heck of a time with their hay. Most have cut and it's down getting moldy. It's been alot cooler for June also. Mostly high 60's, low 70's just right for me.

My share today is a card for a color swap I'm in. The colors to use were White, Black, Gray and Pink. I just got an email about this technique called Plastic wrap (Saran) scrunch. The first time I saw it was in a Technique Junkies magazine. Here's what you do: Take a couple squirts of White acrylic paint and add your reinker color to it. I used 2 different colors, Bubble Gum and Black (as I didn't have gray). Then using a small foam paint brush drop it on your paper, (I used watercolor paper, next time I'll use cardstock). Scrunch your saran wrap up then open it up keeping wrinkles in it. Put it down on you paper, kind of move your paint around on your paper if the colors touch or mix that's ok. Leave the wrap on until almost dry (I left mine over night) then pull it off. (Don't use a heat gun with the wrap on or it will melt.) Then stamp your image on it or on another piece of paper. If you stamp on your paint push hard on your stamp as your paper has the bumps from the paint. I used Close to My Heart reinkers and Treasures Stamp set. The stem on the flowers says "The winds of change bring treasures unknown......embrace change..." The saying at the top says " Trust your heart. This was a fun technique, real different. As you can see some of the black didn't stir up real good but that made it look pretty cool.
Hope you enjoyed todays share. I'll try a couple more techniques and share during the week before everyone starts coming in for the reunion. One sister is here already for South Dakota. Look for them to start showing up about Wed. with trailers. Still have some of the yard to mow, now that the sun is out. I need to get all the beds made up and the fridges cleaned out for more food. Need to start the one in the trailer. Got the water pump for it yesterday. Need to get it put in and fill the tank. Enough for now. Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's been awhile

It's been awhile since I was here. Haven't had any art to share only happenings. We've gone to youngest grandson's graduation from 3 pre-school to 4 pre-school. Was very cute, they did songs and bible verses. Grandpa enjoyed the little kids while they were singing, some were loud and others just looked around. The had a pretty big audience with parents and grandparents. We'll probably do it again next year. He was really glad we were there. Our granddaughter will be flying down (from Alaska) on Sunday. Her dad will pick her up and spend the night with my daughter. Then Monday he'll bring her and Cody home. Cody will spend the week with us. Our family reunion will start on Thur. so he should have plenty to keep him busy, helping Papa.

Today I do have a share. I'm is a one on one swap. It was a bird one. Mine is kind of different. Your suppose to stamp, mine is done with ink but not stamping persay. I destressed the base of the card. I took different colors of ink and drug the pad across the paper in short strokes. The saying was in my scrap box and I liked it, so stuck it on. The birds are from a plastic stencil from Washi, called Flying Birds. I used Metallic Silver Embossing Paste, from Dreamweaver for the birds. This makes them a little thicker than embossing powder.
I hope you like the share today. I promise to come back and share more often. Think I might have my ideas flowing again. Until then take care.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Iris Garden

My iris have decided to bloom. Not to many of them are the same color. I love them and I hope you will too. They are in some very different colors, not many the same. I know they have names but I couldn't tell you what they are. So here goes. The one on the left is blue with a white center. The one on the right is pale yellow to gold with white edges. The next one is purple, but not the purple usually seen in iris. The one on the left looks purple, but is actually a brown and gold. It's funny how the camera distorted the colors. Thes are the most colors I've had in a year. Usually only have the blue and yellow/white. These were actually ready for Memorial Day. Next year I hope to have more as some of the roots are showing so need to be replanting this fall. Not much happening in my world. Rained off and on all day so didn't get to mow the lawn, oh darn. In fact didn't get much done in the house at all. Do need to get on the laundry again.

Hope you like the flowers, come back again. My mojo should be getting ready to kick in soon I hope.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Birthday Card Share

Memorial Day is here and flags are flying everywhere. Are you flying yours? I got my flag pole put up and can't find my flag, so it's off to Walmart I'll be going. Yesterday, we went to the cemetery and put out flowers for my Grandparents and parents, plus we did Chucks parents. Then we came home and planted flowers in my pots on the porch. They look very nice, wish they lasted all year. I have some artifical ones in a couple of pots. They look nice, one is Morning Glorys, but my husband thinks it's a weed, then I have ivy and some other things. They stay there all year.

So flowers being the thing I'm sharing a Birthday card with flowers. All supplies are CTMH. The paper used is Floral Impression (retired), the stamp sets are Elegant Floral (retired) and For Special Occasions. The inks are Amethyst, Hydrangea and Garden Green. The ribbon is Garden Green. I tore the Anethyst paper and inked the edges with Hydrangea. Sorry about the writing on the inside, I forgot I was going to scan it and wrote my note. This card is for a RAK (Random Act of Kindness). I don't often remember to do them, but the lady this card is for never forgets to send a card. I hope she enjoys it, her card are wonderful.
Hope you enjoy todays share, come back again. I've got a couple swaps I'm working on.

Friday, May 28, 2010

It's Raining in my World

We've been having alot of rain lately. Should not be a dry spot anywhere in the valley. We have swimming pools where potholes used to be. Haven't even got our garden started, it's either to cold or to wet. See what a whine I can be. All the rain should keep the fire danger down.

On to today's share. I receive this little book in the mail yesterday from Rebecca. The theme is Stars. the cover is the Blue on the right with the rinestones. The one with the red stars is done with glitter ribbon, and made by Kathy. The tag is from Karla and says Hugs & Kisses Stars for Wishes. The bottom left is done on a french page from a book. It has blue stars stamped down the side with the lady gone around with colored pencil. The silver stars are brads. It was done by Laura. The right one is Iris Folded, with a moon charm. It was done by Sandy. On the second page, the left is a punched star with purple backing, on the back is the patterned paper. The lady looks like a frog catching stars. This was done by Barbara. The one on the right is stamped with stars around the edge. The top layer is tissue paper embossed with gold glitter with a moon and stars. This was done by Karla. The last page is of a sky with glitter stars and a river. The little canoe is stamped. The phrase says "Alone on a starry night". This page was done by Susan. Everyone did a wonderful job. The covers of the book are done on heavy chipboard and the pages a lighter chipboard. I love it as I do all the little books I get.
With all the rainy weather, I'm hoping to get some cards or scrapbook pages done. It's that kind of weather. Until next time, stay dry and keep checking in. Leave a comment so I know you've been here.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Layout Share

See I'm back and didn't take as long this time. Things are still moving right along. Been planning our next trip. Have decided to go to my brothers for the 4th of July. Have been down there for alot of holidays just not this one and it'll be warm too. We plan on spending the 4th weekend in Reno. Taking in a Triple A baseball game. Carl & Kims anniversary is the 3rd so that's cause enough for celebration, it's also my oldest sons birthday. My children will be camping in Oregon that weekend with their other family. Right now we're in the planning stages of my husband's family reunion. It's here at our house the end of June. We are keeping busy.

Now on to the share. Here's the story that goes with the pictures. My son-in-law took my grandson with him hunting. Cody saunders when he walking and throws sticks and things. So while walking down the road this buck crossed the road in front of them. Luck was not with the buck, but with Steve. That's what the title is all about. The gun Cody is holding is a pellet gun unloaded. Now about the page. The top and bottom is stamped with a pinecone and pine brush in brown and Olive inks. Some is Close to My Heart. The base paper is from my stash and the Cranberry (CTMH). The die cut is frome a Cricut die, not sure which one, but it made the page.
Hope you enjoyed todays share, come back again.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Missing in Action

That would be me. Sorry I haven't updated or shared anything in awhile. Life has gotten in the way. Not really sure how or why, just alot going on. Got my swaps in on time and have finished up 2 groups of little books. Now it's time to get into Scrapbooking in a big way. Since I was here last, we had a going away bar-b-q for my sister and husband. Needless to say I have lots of pictures, my daughter downloaded hers for me too. Course I was very sad to see my sis leave as I'll really miss her, and we did alot together. She's off on another chapter of her life and doing her bucket list. I'm still trying to figure out what mine is. I do want to spend a couple months in Southern California and Arizona this winter. That way I'll get to see Sunny and some other things.

Ok, now on to todays share. These are a couple pages I had a hard time deciding what papers to use. I love this set of papers so they went well with the dresses and suits. The base is Gray Wool, the background is a retire paper. All papers are from CTMH. The photo's are backed with Cranberry. The little boy is my grandson. He and the little girl were ring bear and flower girl for the other couples daughter. The older couple was his day care lady. The page on the right is of Cody and my daughter. He looked so cute in his suit. These layouts will go in Scrapbook. The next time he wears a suit will probably be his wedding.
I'll try and post more often. Now that school is almost out I should have more time. I haven't joined any swaps lately so will be scrapbooking alot and trying to get caught up, like that will ever happen. Until next time, thanks for coming by.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Previous Swap Post

Sorry, I've been gone so long. Have been stamping in little books and getting them in the mail. Finished my Lady in the Chair, which I'll share in a minute. It's just been kind of crazy. We just finished doing the bar for the Okanogan Booster Club. Getting things ready for my nephews yard sale this coming weekend and just everyday stuff. I'm hoping I can get back to doing my things here some day.

Here's the share for today. I did the same thing on 3 different backgrounds for this swap. One was done in red on a red, orange and yellow background, kind of a spritz thing. The lady was in red as was the umbrella. The umbrella is from "Springtime" from CTMH as is the saying (retired). The next one was done on a blue textured paper, with the umbrella and lady in blue. The cat is from a $ stamp. This one is on a fingernail polish background. I had a very hard time figuring out what to do with image. The hostess sent a email of a card she had seen done and said it was a fainting lady. I thought she was just taking a nap. That just shows how people preceive things differently. I enjoyed the swap and can't wait to see what other people came up with.
I'm off to clean house and get ready for company this weekend. I'm getting a Grandma fix from Cody. Had a kid fix from both my sons and one daughter this weekend for Mother's Day. My sister and hubby will be here too. As they are leaving for Arizona on Monday and will be all packed. It'll be a fun weekend and a sad Monday. But I'll make it through it, big cry baby that I am.
Thanks for coming by. Come back again, I'll try and get on top of this stuff soon, I promise. Have lots of scrapbooking to get done.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy May

This is the spring month. Yesterday was a very windy day. Lots of limbs on the ground, also trees, we were lucky only had some limbs. Not as many as before as the last wind storm took most of the dead out of the trees. My sister had good news yesterday, she got her job in Arizona. Will be moving in two weeks. I'm sad for me, cause I really like having her here. We hang out alot and I'll miss that. I'll be going down this winter to bug her.

Todays share is from a different swap. This one is called Split Negitive. Mine isn't done exactly as it's suppose to be, but it turned out fine. I got the technique from Split Coast Stampers and Technique Junkies. Here are the directions: Use a large stamp, 2 inks, 2 embossing powders and papers. Stamp your image with 1 of your ink or embossing ink on a card size paper (5 1/2 X 4 1/4) emboss with colored or clear embossing powder. Do this again with the other color. Now comes the hard part. Match them so you can cut them down the middle to be able to match them later. Put them on contrasting cardstock (this is where I goofed). Then put on a base card. I put them together separately (the images and the cardstock, then put them together). The image is from Northwoods Rubber Stamps called Babbling Brook. The inks, embossing powder and paper is all from Close to My Heart. The saying is also retired CTMH, you can barely read the first part it says Thinking of You. This was my second goof, the blue in should have been on the Of You and the brown on the Thinking. Anyway it matches. If you decide to try this technique, remember to put the opposite color behind each image. I do have enough of the other halves to make 3 more cards. I try and get one made so you can see what it should have looked like. I kind of like these though.
Have a great day and come back soon and see what kind of silliness I'm up to.

Friday, April 30, 2010

A Couple of Cards

I'm back again, a little early but wide eyed and bushy tailed. Not alot of interesting things happening. Yesterday we had our audit at school. That's where they come around and see if we're following our lesson plans. I was on top of it. Told the kids to be real good as we were having visitors and they were, doing what they were suppose to and darn if they walked on past our class and barely peeked in the door. We didn't even know they'd been there. They said we passed with flying colors. The lady doing it was impressed with our program. Good thing she didn't see them at snack time. It's a zoo.

Now back to the swap. Here are two more of the swap cards. I have since redone them by adding to them. The first is done on Hydrangea cardstock (CTMH) and ran through the Cuttlebug. If you notice CTMH cardstock has a white core so it looks a little sanded. This was layered on a White base. I tied White Organdy ribbon around it. The saying is retired CTMH, done in Hydrangea ink and sponged. I have this thing about sponging, it just kind of takes the starkness of the white away. The ladies skin is colored in with a skin tone marker. I jazzed her up a little since making this. On to the second one. The background on this one is called Seran Wrap Scrunch. It's done in yellow, orange and green reinkers. The technique is from the Technique, I wanted it to look a little hazy. I used brown mulberry paper to make the rug. I colored her with markers. the chair is done with Desert Sand and the dress with Barn Red, both CTMH. The crown is from my stash. The acrylic accent is from CTMH and says Dream. I colored the back with yellow permanent marker and tied it with yellow ribbon from my stash. I've done a little more to this one also. Still have 3 to go. Haven't started them but have an idea rolling around. First I have one due on Monday to do. It's a technique swap that I'll share, once I get it down. Ruined the first try, so now it's back to the drawing board.
Until next time, thanks for stopping. If your around tomorrow night there is a Benefit at the Eagles for a family with Cancer. There's dinner and an auction so come by if you get a chance.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Swap

I'm back after being busy and lazy. Sometimes I wonder where the time has gone. I get busy doing something and all of a sudden it's time to head for work. When I'm done there there isn't much energy left. I did get high speed internet the other day. Let me tell you I love it, when I can keep everything going. Had a guy come clean up my computers of which I ran a all day scan on one and cleaned it up myself, this one has a problem so he'll have to come back. The desk top has something wrong too. I've had msn as a home page for forever. Now all of a sudden it comes up in Spanish and freezes. So I now have a new home page on it and it works fine. Getting my address changed on everything has been a learning experience. Thanks to my friend, Debra, for all her help. Think thing are ok, if I could get people to change my email address in their address books.
Ok, it's time for today's share. First I'm going to show the image where have to work with. This is her. Let me tell you it's not as easy as it looks. I've only come up with a couple different ways. To me she looks relaxed and napping. She is stamped back ink and dark purple ink. I scanned 3 cards for this week so far, but I think I'm going to do some more on 2 of them. The one I'll show you today is one I'm totally done with. With that said here you go. The background is a square stamp done in shades of purple. I did it so long ago I don't remember the colors, I think they are CTMH and retired. I used a large piece of lace and wrapped it around the background. The lady is colored with colored pencil, cut out and taped on. I stamped the saying (retired CTMH) in Purple Pansy and sponged around it, then taped it down. I rarely use glue. I hope you like this, it was hard to decide what to do. The other two are close but not quite the same. I have alot of different background laying around so thought this was a good time to use some of them up.
Now I have a funny to leave you with. Our weather has been fairly nice lately so if I go somewhere during the day I leave my window down a little when I come home. Yesterday, never thinking to check the back seat when I went to work, I was a little surprised as I was driving down the singing with the radio to hear a meow in the song. Being kind of dorky sometime I just kept driving. Then I heard it again. So I said Jake are you in here and sure enough I got another meow. By this time I almost to school and don't have time to take him home. Course I have nothing to leash him to. So when I get in the parking lot, I call home and tell Chuck I have a hitchhiker. He thinks it's a person, just then Jake pops up with a meow. So Chuck comes down to get him. As we are sitting in the car the kids start getting out of school, he (Jake) wasn't sure what to think of all the kids and cars. Chuck said when he picked him up, he curled up real tight to him. Crazy cat won't do that again.
Have a great day and come back again.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Last Share for this Swap

The sun is out again and my tulips are blooming. Yes, their late, their on the north side of the house. Next year they'll be on the south end, putting in a flower bed there. Spent yesterday trying to find some pine wood for Chuck to make surveyer stakes with. So far without much luck. More trying today.

If your looking for a wedding card, this might be the design for you. All ink, paper, stamps and embellishments are from Close to My Heart. The base of the card is white. I layered it with the pattern paper from Silhouette pack. I used Vanilla Cream cardstock to stamp the rose on, it's from a retired set called, Cherish. This is a two piece stamp. The bottom was stamped with Baby Pink and the top with Cranberry. The stem is stamped with Topiery ink. It is layered on Black and black is used for the two off squares. Love was stamped with Embossing ink and I used Red embossing powder. The brads are Vanilla Cream also. It's plain but looks nice. This was a fun swap. I'm now awaiting the return cards. I can't wait to see what other people came up with. I think I used more ribbon this swap than I've ever used before.
I really hope you've enjoyed this journey with me. Come back again and see what I'm up to. Enjoy your day.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Friendship share

It was beautiful again yesterday. Today is windy and looks like rain. Got all my errands done yesterday, so today I can play. Really, I have another swap to finish, so will work on that and some small books.
Here's the share for today. The patterned paper is from Close to My Heart Silhouette Level 2 paper pack. The bottom layer is Desert Sand cardstock, stamped with the For Every Occasion and Rustic Flowers in Black, all Close to My Heart. The ribbon is Organdy Black with the acrylic accent from a give away set. You can't tell from the picture but it is cut under the flowers and the Friendship Blessing is stamped on the inside. I really like how this card turned out.
Hope you enjoyed the share as this swap has one more card to share. Come back again.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Spring is finally here. It's official, haven't had snow for 2 weeks. I even work a short sleeve shirt yesterday, it was that warm. I'm lovin' this weather. Took a nice drive yesterday. We over Desautel pass to Coulee Dam. It's real dry down low, but green. Up higher there's lots of water and greener. They were burning some slash pile and when we came home last night the smoke was over the road for quite ways. I like wood smoke, but this was a little much. Only saw one deer.

On to the share. This card went on the scanner a little crooked. All products used are Close to my Heart. The bottom layer is Gray Wool, then Gray Flannel. The background paper is from a retired Reflection set, I can't remember the name of it. Then the Gray's again. The stamp Happy Anniversary is from Say it in Style in Gray Wool. The ribbon is Gray Wool organdy wrapped twice and tied. I like it, not sure if it's to plain or not, I think that depends on the person.

Thanks for stopping by, come back real soon.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunshine Weekend

Spring is really here. I even got a little sun yeasterday, got a little red on my face. Will be brown tomorrow. Spent the day at an auction. There were 3 auctioneers and lots of stuff. Chuck bought 2 welding masks. I bought 2 earring hangers. They are really cute, got them for $5. Now maybe I can find my earrings in pairs and not have to search the jewerly box.

Todays share is a time consuming one. The technique is one I learned at a Stamp Convention a few years ago. You use painters tape to tape off areas and use a stipple brush to put on the ink. This one is done with Olive (CTMH) ink. The roses are stamped in Cranberry (CTMH) and Olive ink. I did this by using markers to color the stamp. The stamp is borrowed so I can't give credit to the company. The Thinking of You is from For Every Occasion (CTMH), stamped in Cranberry. The ribbon is from CTMH in Olive. I tried to do something different on each card. Although I did use alot of ribbon with is unusual for me.

Hope you enjoyed todays share. Come back again, I have more. Have a great day.



Saturday, April 17, 2010

Belated Birthday Share

It was a beautiful day yesterday. Ended up being in the mid 70's. Had the doors and windows open. House got some badly needed fresh air. The cat even knows it's spring. He's been spending the nights out. No new kittys in site as he's fixed, just doesn't understand. Think he quite the hunter though. Not sure what our plans are for today. There is a large auction, that sounds very interesting. It has some wood Chuck would like to look at. I'm into the fun stuff, like treasures and cheap.

On my share today, I must tell you this is the first Belated Birthday card I've ever made. I started one and messed it up big time. Then decide to try this design. It's from one of the cards I got in my background and embellishment swap. Let me tell you it isn't easy, well at least not for me. Getting the folds just right is a bugger. Where it says Happy, it folds out to say Belated. The tall spot with the strips and bow says Birthday. The papers I used, are retired CTMH , Heather. The ribbon is from my stash, that was on a gift. The cake stamp and Celebrate are from the stamp set Celebrate (CTMH). I thought it turned out pretty good for the first time try. I'll get better at this fold after I practice some more.

Before I go, I'll give you a update on my school classes. We started a new quarter on Monday. I started with 8 in each class, I'm now up to 14. I have 4 boys in it, 2 in each class. Yesterday, was my Happy day. One of the boys is only suppose to come on Fridays. He said, "I had so much fun today I'm coming on Mon. and Wed. too." This is coming from a boy no one wants in their class. He was so good. Loved what he did with his pictures. I have to say, he did a great job on his 2 pages. Guess that's what make this job worth it. Even ran into some boys I had about 6 years ago, got a hug from each one of them, big old Juniors that they are.

Thanks for stopping, come back again. Have a great weekend.

Friday, April 16, 2010

A Beautiful Day

It's a beautiful day in the valley today. Was 30 when I got up at 6:30 and is 50 now at 9:00. Could be quite warm by this afternoon. Between 70 and 80 would be just great, my kind of weather.

My share today is from the same swap. It's a 10 card swap, so I have a few more cards to share. This is my Get Well card. I love this stamp, it's from I Brake for Stamps - Senior Collection. The main background is Olive cardstock (CTMH), then a piece from my stash. The Mulberry paper is from some I bought at Convention years ago. Wanted it to look like a rug. She was colored with markers. Inside says, Hope you feel better soon. I think I know it looks crooked but in real life it isn't.

Hope you enjoyed todays share. Check out the I Brake for Stamps website for these stamps. They are all really cute and have names. Come back again soon.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sympathy Card Share

Good morning, it's going to be a beautiful day. For those that leave comments, I do read them, not sure yet how to respond on item, guess I just leave a comment too. Anyway, one comment was on some cards, Karla & I were in the same swap. There must have been quite a few in it as we didn't swap with each other. She may be in this one I'm doing now as it's with the same group. Did I tell you I love swaps. The next one is a toughy, I'll share it down the road, cause I'm still thinking about it.

Today is another share on this swap. I'm never quite sure about making Sympathy cards. They make me nervous. That may sound silly, but I not sure how to make a real serious card that I feel is appropriate. Anyway this is what I came up with. The main background is Amethyst cardstock, with Floral Impression (retired) paper, Garden Green cardstock and Amethyst cardstock. The stamp is from Faith (retired) and was embossed in gold. All cardstock and outside stamp are from Close to my Heart. The inside saying is from a stamp in my stash, is embossed in gold and says, "gentle thoughts during these difficult days". It's kind of plain but I like it. Couldn't decide if it need an embellishment or not.

I hope you enjoyed my share. If you leave a comment I'll try and answer. Thanks for looking, come back again.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Next Card Share

I was a busy little card maker yesterday. Got 4 cards done and 1 in the making. They need to go postal today. We ended up going to a glass place yesterday to get pricing on glass for a hutch that Chuck is redoing. It's very old & has curved glass doors. We are now waiting on the cost.

Here's todays share. All items are from Close To My Heart. The paper is from "Everyday Celebrations" packet. The colors are Sweet Leaf, Chocolate, Colonial White, Indian Corn Blue. The stamp is from "A piece of Cake" and colored with markers. This was tweeted from a card in the "Everyday Celebrations" kit., quick and simple.

Thanks for stopping, come back again.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Morning Card Share

Boy! Did I get with the program yesterday. Got an email reminding us about a card swap I'm in. I've been thinking this wasn't due until May, ya right, it's due Sat. that's when it needs to be there. So I'll be doing an overnight mailing. Just what I get for being the big S word. At least I now have some cards to share.
The one today is one that I have a real hard time with, as I can never decide on the colors. Usually you'd use yellow and green because you wouldn't know the gender. I used Baby Pink and Indian Corn Blue from CTMH. I random stamped with stamps from my stash. I masked the Welcome Little One and sponged with the Baby Pink ink. I used a Indian Corn Blue eyelet and hung the little block (from the Dollar Store) from pink ribbon from my stash. It is layered on Blush cardstock (CTMH). Very simple, I was afraid the yellow wouldn't show up, so went with the pink and blue. I'll have another card for you tomorrow. Have 6 to make today and they are all different.
Thanks for coming by, have a great day. If it's raining in your area get out some stamps and have some fun.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Small Book Share

Boy, where has the time gone. Got home and things have been crazy. I can't seem to get anything done. Have had a head cold and all I want to do is sleep, blow my nose and cough. Haven't been able to totally complete anything.

Went to the post office and picked up a week and a half of mail. Got one of my little books, so I'm going to share it, as it has an unusal cover. This was made by Barbara, it's a very cool idea and one I wouldn't have thought of. It's a jelly jar lid. The theme for this book was "Faces of Men". The background she did is sponged. The man is stamped on a small tile. It is held closed with ribbon.

The next 3 pictures are by 3 different artists. The first one is by Kathy and is a God of the Sky. The second is by Karla, it is of Santa with a overlay of a snowman. The third by Robin and of the King, Elvis, yes, I was a big fan.

The next 3 are very cool. The first is Abe Lincoln, the background is of pennies. This was done by Rebecca. The next has writing and a post mark. The gentleman is Thomas Edison and is made to look like a stamp, this was made by Mary. The last is an oriental gentleman embossed in white, it was made by Sandy.These are all great and I would like to thank the ladies that did the art work. What a great idea to use a jar lid as a holder.
I hope you all enjoy these and I hope they have given you some ideas. I hope to get a couple cards done today so I can start sharing again. Thanks for stopping and come back again soon.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just Rambling

We're back from our week vacation. Went visiting my brother and wife in Winnamucca, Nevada. We really enjoyed ourselves. Didn't get to leave here until Monday as Chuck had a bad back. Most people take a dog, we took our cat, Jake, with us. This pic is of him resting, which he did most of the time. He is a very good traveler. Anywho, we drove straight through, took 10 hours. We stopped in McDermitt for a potty break and I cashed out $30. Poor Chuck, he didn't do much cashing. Spent the next day resting. Jake spent the day wrestling with Racer, my brothers dog. They both got a work out.
On Thurs. we went to Reno. Did a lot of shopping. Went to a fabric outlet. Oh my goodness was it big, was kind of a warehouse and full of any type of material you can imagine. I found some backing for a quilt I'm going to make and some foam for the rest of Patty's chairs. Hit Ben Franklins and can you believe it I didn't spend a dime. Did do some gambling at the hotel we stayed at. I was ahead pretty good for awhile, but my hubby didn't do so well. After breakfast on Friday, I played a machine a lady had won a million on the week before. I hit it for $75 in 3 spins. We cashed out and left. Friday night we had a barbque for at Carl & Kims for some friends. We had a great time. Good food and a real fun card game. If you get a chance play "Fill or Bust", it's a very fun game.
Sat. we went to Nellies, a friends, and watched the basketball games. Carl was the only one that won. It was fun. She made a great appetizer from chicken breasts. I got a lot of great recipes to try. On Sunday we had Easter dinner with Mac, Rose and family. Rose's mom was there from Montana, so that was great fun, nice lady.
On Monday we woke up to snow. I checked the computer and there was snow all the way home. As I was sick anyway we decided to stay an extra day. I slept most of the day. Have a head cold and it pooped me out. Tuesday morning we hit the road for home and here we are.
Today will be catch up laundry and come up with some cards to share and swap. You all have a wonderful day and come back soon.