Thursday, October 22, 2009

Maybe I'm getting it

Here goes todays post. It's been a wild day. I had to put together a poster for the class I'm teaching at school. Took me 3 hours. I ended up painting the sign board caused it looked blah. Then put my posting up of why they should take the class. I thought it looked pretty good. Then took it to school for the sign ups. Did anyone look at it, NO. Had 2 sign up for the class. Come to find out it wasn't advertized, just a after school program. Get to try again tomorrow.

Besides doing that I finished my 2 doggie blankets. Here they are. These are 36" X 36", haven't decided on a price, but I'm thinking about $15. What you think?
Both are backed with denim, with batting, then quilted. Have 2 more to make, not sure when they'll get done.
I do remember I still have 4 more Christmas cards to post. Will try and do some tomorrow. Who know what will happen then. Have a TIPS class, then off to school. Not sure after that. Love this retirement stuff.
See ya tomorrow,

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