Saturday, March 27, 2010

Last cards from this swap

Today is the last day of sharing the Background/Embellishment swap. I have 2 cards to share with you.

This card is pretty cool. Love the flower, it's stamped on and the center has a piece of background paper un the glass. The hat has a piece of lime colored ribbon around it and the bow is lime. The paper behind my background piece is lime also. The lady that made this card really pulled the colors out of the background. It was one of my favorites. Thank you to the card maker. I wish sometimes we'd add a slip of paper so we knew who did what.

This next card is real cute. You'll reconize one of the background papers as one I used on a card. These backgrounds are stitched all the way around. The lines are perfect, I can't get mine that way. The flowers and vase are stamped on the background paper then colored with pencil. The middles look to be yellow liquid glass. The edge of the card is distressed with copper ink. The edges of the circle and center are edged with turquoise ink. The little Sweetie word is a sticker and the ribbon is the copper. Just a very nice card. Thank you card maker.
Now for news from the home front. I have my eggs all boiled for a birthday potluck we're going to this afternoon. Just have to peel and make deviled eggs. I even have most of my stuff ready for my class this morning. I always worry about these classes and how many I'll have. Need 5 to break even. Hope I have more, you just never know. Suppose to play cards later tonight. Then up bright and early to head south. I probably won't do much posting unless we decide to play. Will be busy do other things I imagine. Want to go to Reno one day to the fabric outlet. Yes, probably do a little gambling on the side. So my friends have a great week and I'll visit again when I can.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Another card share

The sun is trying to work it's way through the clouds. Should be shining in an hour or 2. One more day till Spring Break. I'm ready, need a break, forgot what it was like to work. Should say have a schedule to live by. I'm still not packed, but do have the laundry done. I'll get it done today.
Today I think I'll share 2 cards as I only have tomorrow left, before I'm on the road. Will try and up load a card I have to make today for a birthday. The first card is pretty simple. The background I made is behind the gold leaves, the were the embellishment this person received. The little maple leaves are yellow, pink and some of the background paper. Simple yet very nice.

The second card is very time consuming. Strips were cut 5 different papers and layed on like a puzzle. I'd have a very hard time with this, so I'm glad someone made one for me. Think the shoes and the word "relax" was meant for the card maker when she was finished. The button and flower were the embellishments. You can look at the strips and see how much work went into this card. I don't know the creators of either card, but think they did a wonderful job. All are so different. Wait till you see the next ones.
Gotta get busy today. Have a great day, thanks for stopping by and come back again.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beautiful Weather

It was the most beautiful day yesterday. The high was 66 and no wind. My kind of weather. Had the doors and windows open, no more housatosis. Not sure if that was spelled right, but you get it. I've been so ready for warmer weather and it's here. Suppose to rain, but as long as it's warm I don't care. Spring and Fall are my most favorite times of the year. Saw some daffodiles ready to bloom. That brings me to my share today.

This card is called a sideways fold. It is fold on the side like an accordian, where it says Summer Princess, very cute. The little girl is done is what is called pieced techique. In other words it was stamped, then stamped again on patterned paper, cut and glued on. The card was done by Diane L. She did a great job with the background. This is one of my favorites. The little girl makes the background look like the ocean. Thanks so much Diane for the great card. Not sure who makes the stamp, but she's a cutie.
Hope you all enjoyed these first to cards. The others are just as good, so come back tomorrow for another. Till then enjoy your day.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Creation with some thoughts

Good morning, as I told you yesterday I was going to the Dr. I did, got some more meds long acting z pac. Sure hope it works, coughing up yuk so it's trying to get out. After the Dr. I had to stop at the Air store. What's that you say, where I get my oxygen. My top on my little tank has been leaking, so we put a new washer in and that didn't help. The guy was delivering yesterday and gave me a replacement. He set it and everything before he left. I used it about an hour later and couldn't get any air on the pulse mode, so put it on continueous. Off to the Dr. the darn thing kept beeping. Some little kid in the office came up and said lady your beeping somewhere, is it you nose? Course I wanted to say sure doesn't your beep every now and then, but I didn't. This is so fun, beats the alternative.

Now on to my share. Boy, did I get lucky at the post office. My background/embellishment cards were there. My background was a shave cream technique using, Cranberry, Ocean and Topiery, all CTMH re-inkers. With this technique the more you pull the re-inker the lighter it gets, so the Topiery can turn to lime, Cranberry to pink and so on. This card shows the background the best. The card was made by Grandma Linda. The base is a silk texture of pink, then the background, with the heart cut from pink cardstock. The flowers are blue paper with blue stones. A simple yet elegant card. Thank you so much Linda for being in the swap.

I have 5 more of these to share and they are all very different. I love seeing what people can come up with when given different material with the same base. Until tomorrow, have a great day. Try and stay healthy.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nothing Creative, Just Thoughts

Today I'm just going to roll with some thoughts. This weekend my daughter brought my grandsons over. The oldest is my son's son, he's 20, I hadn't seen him in a year and half. He hadn't changed much. The youngest is my daughter's, he's 4. In some ways they alike. You can see it in some of the their actions. It's really kind of funny, I'll see Cody do something and it reminds me of Josh when he was little. I'm going to share a picture of the 3 of us. If we were standing Josh would tower over me by about a foot, which he loves. Took him a long time to get taller than Grandma. Cody wanted to know when he would. He's still in the cuddle stages though. Which I'm really going to miss in a couple years. Although Josh still likes his head & back rubs. I really enjoyed my visit with them. Friday night we had a spagetti feed and had their Uncle Steve up (my middle child), who they both love.
Then Sat. Bob came up (Josh's dad) and they went to Conconully, while Kim took Cody and went down to her cousins. When everybody came back we hit Walmart. Cody & Josh went to the toy department with Uncle Bob. Kim & I hit the groceries. Then home to watch the Incredibles, (we have left the XMen for them). I'm not to impressed with it. Then we all went to Chinese (this is Kim's favorite). Everybody was stuffed and brought home left overs. Yummy for Grandpa & I. Sunday morning we always have a family breakfast at the Eagles, where we meet my brother, sister & spouses. We pretty much wore out the waitress. My niece and family, my nephew, all of us and my step-daughter were all there (17). Everybody headed home about noon. Chuck & I took naps. Still haven't made up the beds for new company. Could be cause we are headed on vacation on Sunday.
I'm off to the Dr. this morning. Somebody let a bug loose and I caught it. Course it's settled in my lungs. I can't go on a trip if I'm sick so better nip it. Other than someone sitting on my chest I feel pretty good. Think I need a antibiotic to go with my predozine.
Hope I didn't bore you to much. I'll get back to making stuff soon. I have a ten different card swap going so be warned. I've also got my cards coming back from the background I made, can't wait to share them. Till next time. Enjoy your day.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Being Lazy

Don't know what else to call the last few days, but the title. I haven't really been doing anything real productive other than the normal stuff. You know dishes, floors and laundry. I got all my swap stuff in the mail, so what do I do but join another swap. So now I'll be making some new cards.

The share today is from the last swap. In the swap you had to use white, orange, purple and green. I used White Daisy cardstock as a base, Orange, Amethyst and Topiary, all CTMH inks. I learned the technique at a stamp class given by Stampland Chicago. You use painters tape and block of areas, then brush in on. You try not to overlap to much. It gives a pretty cool look I think. The face stamp is from Rubber Stampede and the statue is from Auntie Amy's. The brads are from CTMH. You can barely see the saying in the lower purple, the stamp is from Pixie Affirmations and satys "Find peace within".
Hope you enjoy. Come back again. I'll be missing for the weekend as my grandsons are coming. One is 20 and the other 4. I'm looking forward to it. Hope to get some good pictures to share in a layout. Until next time. Have some happy times.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Yesterday was absolutely beautiful. You can always tell it's spring when I put on a dress, which happened yesterday. Haven't been brave enough to check on all the flowers, but the last time I looked the iris were up. Couldn't find my tulips, so maybe I'll check them out today.

Have 2 swaps I'm doing and have them done and it's not even the end of the month. The one I'm sharing today is a spring one. You've seen the background before, it was from the backgound/embellishmen swap. In this swap you had to use a circle. I used my scallop punch and vawla there's a circle. The paper is Sunny Yellow and was stamped with a retired set in Sweet Leaf, these are all CTMH. The ribbon is from my stash. Very simple and springy.
That's all for today, come back tomorrow and see what I'm up to.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Page 4 Scrapbook Workshop

The sun is shining and I'm feeling real good. Have 2 full weeks of school then it's vacation time. I'm so excited about going to my brothers. Next weekend my daughter and grandson are coming for a visit. I need a grandson fix. It's suppose to be nice so we can be outside. There is also a Home Show going on so maybe we'll hit it. He'll like that.

The share todays is the last page of the workshop. The base page is Sunflower with the Swirl from You Rock on top. The next strip is a Outdoor Denium with polka dots from the You Rock paper pack. All are CTMH. The title was cut with the Cuttlebug and says 5th Grade. I added the little tags to each picture. The top one says, Waiting.
The next with her hand under her chin says, Nerves. The bottom left says Thinking, next says Spelling. The top where she's writing says, Filling out the Ribbon. The middle says, Spelling Bee. The last says, Accomplished, with her Certificate and Ribbon. This year she and half the contestants went out in the first round at the County Spelling Bee.
Hope you've enjoyed these and are excited to make them on Sat. It should be a fun Workshop and not a real long one. Thanks for stopping by. Come again.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Page 3 Scrapbook Workshop

What happened to Friday, must have posted so late I thought it was Friday. Sat. just slipped by. Went to a great birthday party for a friend. She has blessed so many lives with her friendship. We had a good time and saw alot of people we hadn't seen in a while.

On today's share. The base page is Indian Corn Blue from CTMH. Down the side is White Daisy Organdy Ribbon hooked on a square silver swirl clip and held down with silver brads, these are also CTMH. The middle is a large piece of the You Rock paper. The pictures of her spelling the words and waiting for to find out how she placed. She ended up 3rd in the County for 4th Grade. I stamped on the chair picture with Black Stazon.
Hope you enjoyed this one, come back again.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Page 2 of Workshop

Wow! Time really got away from me today. All in all it was a good day, managed to get alot done. Course I probably filled my plate to full again. This morning I tried to finish my husbands apron. I broke 5 needles trying to get the straps on. Had to leave it and go to a meeting with the Gambling Commission for the Eagles. Never thinking it would be for 4 hours. Brought home some dailies to reconcile. Got home and finally finished the apron. The school called for a Classroom Management Class at 3:30 so off I went to that. A hour class lasted 2, was very interesting. You always learn something new. Then came home and worked on the reconcilations. Did manage to watch Survivors and CSI Las Vegas.

Now for todays share. It is page #2 of the Workshop. I'm still doing the You Rock papers. Love the wild colors. The swirl is embossed in Sunflower. The Celebrate the occasion stamp is from the STOM set Celebration. The frame around it is from the STOM set Frames, Tags, Borders. All from CTMH. Did I tell you Tashia called last night. It was her first day of school in Homer, Alaska. She said the school had been closed because of blizzards and they had 3 feet of snow. She laughed when she said they had snow days. She said, "for pete sake Grandma, what do they think they live in Alaska, it snows here." I thought that was pretty funny, as we haven't had a snow day in twenty years. We've lots of snow but no snow days, 2 hour last start for the kids has been it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the share. Come back tomorrow, I'll try and get this posted earlier. Thanks for stopping.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Workshop Share

All I can say is I've been busy working on these layouts. I did get all my laundry done, so far that's been it. Today I'm working on an apron for my husband to wear in his shop. He's been ruining his jeans with all the fine sawdust so we decided on an apron. I've had the material quite awhile so since I'm off the next couple of days I might as well get on it.

Here is my share for today. It's the first of the 4 pages we're doing at the workshop on the 20th. The first 2 pages are from the You Rock Workshop on the Go. The page design is by Jeanette Lynton of CTMH. I used Sunflower embossing powder on the C & P as they didn't show up. The flourish stamp is from the stamp set Playful Flourishes. I also embossed them and added sparkles to the swirls. I did change the layout by using different embellishments than what's on the original. The pictures are from my granddaughters 4th grade County Spelling Bee. I'll share page 2 tomorrow.

Have a great day. Thanks for stopping.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Finishing Projects

Yesterday was beautiful outside. Did I work out there no, I scrapbooked and looked out the window. I also while looking for something for one of my pages found a project that needed finished. It was a swap I was in about different embellishment we sell/sold and how to use them. Also one about using the Coluzzle templates. I made to little books out of them. The embellishment one is pretty big, thick. Anyway, I decided that today I'd share the one I did for the swap. This is all Close to My Heart products. It's a 6 X 6 White Daisy cardstock base. The stamp sets used are Little Boys and Flyin High. The textured paper is from the Majastic Blue paper pack level 2. Crystal Blue was stamped on. Under the little Robot is the birthday information. I used Bamboo waxy flax to tie the two papers together. For those that can't read what it says, here goes.
Photo clips come in a variety of colors. If you don't hae the color you want, heat one with your heat gun and dip it in embossing powder (be sure to use your tweezers to hold it ). These clips can be used to hold pictures, as closures or for decoration. A fun item to have in your stash and to use to give a little bling. This was computer generated. I hope this share will give you more ways to use these little clips.
This is it for today, come back you just never know what I'll show you next. I'm starting to sort though stuff and organize, hee hee. I'll never be that. Have a great day.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Last Card for this Swap

It's a beautiful morning here. Hope the sun is shining for you all. I'm really loving the sunshine. Need to get out in the yard and do something, but it need to get about 10 degrees warmer. I put out a slip at school to do a parent scrapbooking class in the evenings and have already had some takers. If you know anyone wanting to learn the basics this is the class for them. They get to use all of the stuff the kids use, scissors, glue, circut. I will bring ink and stamps for them to use also. All they have to furnish is pictures. Have them call Vicki at East or leave a message there for her.

On to today's share. This is the last card in the background/embellishment swap. They went in the mail yesterday. The main background is a spider webish dark green on light green. Very pretty, probably should have done the embossing on it and used the green as a background for it. The gold leaves are the embellishment. I used them on one of the other cards. They are very fine to work with and self sticking so you have to be real careful. I love this stamp set. It's called Faith, it's retired from CTMH. The saying says Trust in the Lord with all thy heart. This would make a nice Sympathy card. The hands and saying are all gold embossed.

I got my new paper yesterday and have my layout started for the workshop. It's 4 pages, I'll share when I get one finished. I love this paper. I think when you see it you'll like it too. Hope you enjoyed today, stop back again.


Friday, March 5, 2010

Another Swap Card

Sorry about not posting yesterday, I did some blog hopping. Got a lot of inspiration from the blogs. CTMH has a Stamp of the Month so some of the consultants (60) do a blog hop with the same set. It's amazing, you never see anyone come up with the same idea. They all love one of the new paper packs that came out called "You Rock". Mine is coming today and I can't wait. I'm going to use it for a Scrapbook Workshop the middle of the month. I've found as I get older I really like the bright colors and some of the wilder paper. It's fun to come up with things to do with it and pictures to put on it. I'll share it when I get it done.

Todays share is another card from the background embellishment swap. My background is Sunny Yellow cardstock (CTMH), then the one sent. This backgound is done with a cuttlebug, not sure of the name. It was clear embossed and colored. I used the yellow ricrac that came and the blue flower and button. I tied waxy flax throught the holes in the button. I stamped the Many Thanks from a box of stamps I got at Micheal a long time ago, with Moonstruck (CTMH) and stuck it under the flower. Sometimes it's really hard to decide what to do with what is sent to you. This swap has been kind of hard. You'll see that with tomorrows share.
Thanks for stopping, come back again.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pocket Card

It's a little rainy this morning. Everything is turning green. The trees are budding out, hope we don't get any bad weather to freeze them. It's looking alot like spring.

My card today is another one of the background and embellishments swap. This one I did a little different. The background is the pocket. The main layer is Topiary (CTMH), then Goldrush (CTMH). I outlined the sides with a gold pen to look like stitching. The gold leaves are a sticker. The flowers are 2 little green ones with gold brads and a white one, I colored gold, glued the green button with gold thread on it between the little green ones. The pocket also has the gold stitching. There is a little tag stuck in the pocket that says Love. The pocket background is a marbling technique.
Hope you enjoy this card. Have a great day, I'll try and get busy today and get some more done.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring Card Swap

It's another beautiful day. Tashia called last night from Homer, Alaska, it was cold and they had 2 foot of snow. She was not a happy little girl. I think she forgot they still have winter we start spring. She will be down for summer vacation. Today was Jakes day for the vet. He was pretty cranky cause he couldn't eat or go outside. Yowled when he first got in the car. Think it was the first time for him. It sure won't be the last as he's going to travel with us. He starts is leash training the end of the week.

Today is a card I made using a background and embellishment that was sent for the swap. The scan came out a little dark. The first background is Orange (CTMH) cardstock, with Sunny Yellow (CTMH) on top. The next is the background I got, it's tones of oranges and yellows with a sparkling of gold. I cut it in 3 equal pieces and layed it out.That's a sploch of the gold by the butterflies antenna. The butterfly is stamped in Sunny Yellow and kiss & twisted with Orange on the wings. Inks are CTMH. The antenna is Black marker. The flower is Orange felt with a sparkle, the ribbon is a goldish color. I'll share the other card tomorrow. I still have 2 to figure out. There is no school tomorrow afternoon, so maybe I can work on them then.
Have you noticed I haven't been grouching about the kids forgetting pictures. It's a new quarter and the kids in the class love it. We got a Circut to use for some cute embellishments and letters. These kids work real hard on their layouts and they look great. It's a fun class.
Well, it's off to school I go. Thanks for stopping by, come by again.

Monday, March 1, 2010

March is in like a Lamb

It's a beautiful day in the valley. The sun is shining and we have no wind. Right now it's 41 degrees. My heart goes out to those in Chili, I can't imagine how they must be handling this catastrophe.

We had a busy weekend with the Rocky Mt. Elk Foundation. Thanks to everyone that put in so many hours making it a success. We did real well, people drank because they didn't have food, the caterer didn't show. Kentucky Fried Chicken came through for them. Delivered 250 dinners. Yah! to the staff there. They must have busted their hinnies getting that many done at once. They looked like they were closed when we came home at 10:30.

Today I'm sharing another of my little books. This one was made by Paulette and the Theme was American Indians. The Indian Maiden is done with marker, she's very pretty. The charm is of a Dream Catcher. It was done by Jody. #3 is an Alaskan Crow Man done in multi ink in a tree. The ribbon is multi colored see through. It was done by Karla. #4 Is a Arizona Lighting Man, this was done by Sandra. #5 is on dark marbled paper, the circle is a round raven embossed in bronze on dark red paper. There is a punched tree on the top. It was done by Susan, she said it is Northwest Indian Art. It's very pretty but hard to see in the scan. #6 is a collage of things, the tope is a cut out of the First American, then tiny feathers with a dragonfly brad, then a block of Indian Signs. This was done by Mary. #7 is a back ground of swirls and suns. The bowl is Southwest and embossed in gold, with the spears. It was done by Robin. #8 Is a Southwest scene with the cacti and bowl. It was done by Kathy. Thank you ladies for the wonderful book. I have really enjoyed it. I hope everyone enjoys them too.
Until tomorrow, Hugs,