Monday, May 31, 2010

Birthday Card Share

Memorial Day is here and flags are flying everywhere. Are you flying yours? I got my flag pole put up and can't find my flag, so it's off to Walmart I'll be going. Yesterday, we went to the cemetery and put out flowers for my Grandparents and parents, plus we did Chucks parents. Then we came home and planted flowers in my pots on the porch. They look very nice, wish they lasted all year. I have some artifical ones in a couple of pots. They look nice, one is Morning Glorys, but my husband thinks it's a weed, then I have ivy and some other things. They stay there all year.

So flowers being the thing I'm sharing a Birthday card with flowers. All supplies are CTMH. The paper used is Floral Impression (retired), the stamp sets are Elegant Floral (retired) and For Special Occasions. The inks are Amethyst, Hydrangea and Garden Green. The ribbon is Garden Green. I tore the Anethyst paper and inked the edges with Hydrangea. Sorry about the writing on the inside, I forgot I was going to scan it and wrote my note. This card is for a RAK (Random Act of Kindness). I don't often remember to do them, but the lady this card is for never forgets to send a card. I hope she enjoys it, her card are wonderful.
Hope you enjoy todays share, come back again. I've got a couple swaps I'm working on.

Friday, May 28, 2010

It's Raining in my World

We've been having alot of rain lately. Should not be a dry spot anywhere in the valley. We have swimming pools where potholes used to be. Haven't even got our garden started, it's either to cold or to wet. See what a whine I can be. All the rain should keep the fire danger down.

On to today's share. I receive this little book in the mail yesterday from Rebecca. The theme is Stars. the cover is the Blue on the right with the rinestones. The one with the red stars is done with glitter ribbon, and made by Kathy. The tag is from Karla and says Hugs & Kisses Stars for Wishes. The bottom left is done on a french page from a book. It has blue stars stamped down the side with the lady gone around with colored pencil. The silver stars are brads. It was done by Laura. The right one is Iris Folded, with a moon charm. It was done by Sandy. On the second page, the left is a punched star with purple backing, on the back is the patterned paper. The lady looks like a frog catching stars. This was done by Barbara. The one on the right is stamped with stars around the edge. The top layer is tissue paper embossed with gold glitter with a moon and stars. This was done by Karla. The last page is of a sky with glitter stars and a river. The little canoe is stamped. The phrase says "Alone on a starry night". This page was done by Susan. Everyone did a wonderful job. The covers of the book are done on heavy chipboard and the pages a lighter chipboard. I love it as I do all the little books I get.
With all the rainy weather, I'm hoping to get some cards or scrapbook pages done. It's that kind of weather. Until next time, stay dry and keep checking in. Leave a comment so I know you've been here.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Layout Share

See I'm back and didn't take as long this time. Things are still moving right along. Been planning our next trip. Have decided to go to my brothers for the 4th of July. Have been down there for alot of holidays just not this one and it'll be warm too. We plan on spending the 4th weekend in Reno. Taking in a Triple A baseball game. Carl & Kims anniversary is the 3rd so that's cause enough for celebration, it's also my oldest sons birthday. My children will be camping in Oregon that weekend with their other family. Right now we're in the planning stages of my husband's family reunion. It's here at our house the end of June. We are keeping busy.

Now on to the share. Here's the story that goes with the pictures. My son-in-law took my grandson with him hunting. Cody saunders when he walking and throws sticks and things. So while walking down the road this buck crossed the road in front of them. Luck was not with the buck, but with Steve. That's what the title is all about. The gun Cody is holding is a pellet gun unloaded. Now about the page. The top and bottom is stamped with a pinecone and pine brush in brown and Olive inks. Some is Close to My Heart. The base paper is from my stash and the Cranberry (CTMH). The die cut is frome a Cricut die, not sure which one, but it made the page.
Hope you enjoyed todays share, come back again.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Missing in Action

That would be me. Sorry I haven't updated or shared anything in awhile. Life has gotten in the way. Not really sure how or why, just alot going on. Got my swaps in on time and have finished up 2 groups of little books. Now it's time to get into Scrapbooking in a big way. Since I was here last, we had a going away bar-b-q for my sister and husband. Needless to say I have lots of pictures, my daughter downloaded hers for me too. Course I was very sad to see my sis leave as I'll really miss her, and we did alot together. She's off on another chapter of her life and doing her bucket list. I'm still trying to figure out what mine is. I do want to spend a couple months in Southern California and Arizona this winter. That way I'll get to see Sunny and some other things.

Ok, now on to todays share. These are a couple pages I had a hard time deciding what papers to use. I love this set of papers so they went well with the dresses and suits. The base is Gray Wool, the background is a retire paper. All papers are from CTMH. The photo's are backed with Cranberry. The little boy is my grandson. He and the little girl were ring bear and flower girl for the other couples daughter. The older couple was his day care lady. The page on the right is of Cody and my daughter. He looked so cute in his suit. These layouts will go in Scrapbook. The next time he wears a suit will probably be his wedding.
I'll try and post more often. Now that school is almost out I should have more time. I haven't joined any swaps lately so will be scrapbooking alot and trying to get caught up, like that will ever happen. Until next time, thanks for coming by.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Previous Swap Post

Sorry, I've been gone so long. Have been stamping in little books and getting them in the mail. Finished my Lady in the Chair, which I'll share in a minute. It's just been kind of crazy. We just finished doing the bar for the Okanogan Booster Club. Getting things ready for my nephews yard sale this coming weekend and just everyday stuff. I'm hoping I can get back to doing my things here some day.

Here's the share for today. I did the same thing on 3 different backgrounds for this swap. One was done in red on a red, orange and yellow background, kind of a spritz thing. The lady was in red as was the umbrella. The umbrella is from "Springtime" from CTMH as is the saying (retired). The next one was done on a blue textured paper, with the umbrella and lady in blue. The cat is from a $ stamp. This one is on a fingernail polish background. I had a very hard time figuring out what to do with image. The hostess sent a email of a card she had seen done and said it was a fainting lady. I thought she was just taking a nap. That just shows how people preceive things differently. I enjoyed the swap and can't wait to see what other people came up with.
I'm off to clean house and get ready for company this weekend. I'm getting a Grandma fix from Cody. Had a kid fix from both my sons and one daughter this weekend for Mother's Day. My sister and hubby will be here too. As they are leaving for Arizona on Monday and will be all packed. It'll be a fun weekend and a sad Monday. But I'll make it through it, big cry baby that I am.
Thanks for coming by. Come back again, I'll try and get on top of this stuff soon, I promise. Have lots of scrapbooking to get done.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy May

This is the spring month. Yesterday was a very windy day. Lots of limbs on the ground, also trees, we were lucky only had some limbs. Not as many as before as the last wind storm took most of the dead out of the trees. My sister had good news yesterday, she got her job in Arizona. Will be moving in two weeks. I'm sad for me, cause I really like having her here. We hang out alot and I'll miss that. I'll be going down this winter to bug her.

Todays share is from a different swap. This one is called Split Negitive. Mine isn't done exactly as it's suppose to be, but it turned out fine. I got the technique from Split Coast Stampers and Technique Junkies. Here are the directions: Use a large stamp, 2 inks, 2 embossing powders and papers. Stamp your image with 1 of your ink or embossing ink on a card size paper (5 1/2 X 4 1/4) emboss with colored or clear embossing powder. Do this again with the other color. Now comes the hard part. Match them so you can cut them down the middle to be able to match them later. Put them on contrasting cardstock (this is where I goofed). Then put on a base card. I put them together separately (the images and the cardstock, then put them together). The image is from Northwoods Rubber Stamps called Babbling Brook. The inks, embossing powder and paper is all from Close to My Heart. The saying is also retired CTMH, you can barely read the first part it says Thinking of You. This was my second goof, the blue in should have been on the Of You and the brown on the Thinking. Anyway it matches. If you decide to try this technique, remember to put the opposite color behind each image. I do have enough of the other halves to make 3 more cards. I try and get one made so you can see what it should have looked like. I kind of like these though.
Have a great day and come back soon and see what kind of silliness I'm up to.