Thursday, December 3, 2009

Catching Up

I've been trying to catch up around the house and get laundry done. I finally managed to get my stamping table so I can find things and got some stuff put away. I have lots of cards to scan and post on different groups I belong to. I've gotten most of my swaps back and have gotten some beautiful cards. I also belong to a group that does small books. Have gotten a couple of homes and 3 to stamp in, so I'm behind on that, not really behind as they just came yesterday.

We started our new quarter at school. I have 19 in one class and 15 in the other. Hope they hire another teacher to take some of the load. It's hard to teach 19 little kids to scrapbook. Especially when new ones come in everyday, so they are all doing something different and can't remember to bring pictures. I started them off doing some random stamping on 2 pages, some turned out wonderful and some got carried away. Hopefully by next week things will get better or I'll be nuts.

Today I'm sharing a winter lay out from the Aspen Workshop on the Go (CTHM). Everything used is from Close to my Heart except the snow flakes which are buttons from Walmart. These pictures were taken last Christmas Eve at my nieces'. It was Codys first winter to sleigh ride. The kids, big & little, had a ball. I love this layout, just seems to go with the pictures.
Will try and do a little better with my posting. I made cards yesterday for a swap and didn't get them scanned before I mailed them, so will try with todays batch. Until next time, enjoy your day and check back often.

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