Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Our latest adventure

Our families newest adventure started on October 22nd with my son going to the Dr. thinking he had a cold. They gave him medicine for conjestion. The 23rd he went to ER because he couldn't breathe. They put him on the nibularizer and sent him home. The 24th he was back in ER because he couldn't breathe. This time the Dr. said he had conjustives heart failure. They doctored for this all weekend. On Monday a new Dr. came in, he shipped him to Wenatchee. They sent him home to wait for a call from the University Washington. The call finally came on Nov. 7th. His appointment was set for Monday, November 10th at 1:30. Steve, his daughter, Tashia and I went over on Sunday. We stayed with my daughter in Maltby. Monday we were at the hospital by 1:00 as we knew he'd have to fill out papers. We finally got called back out 3. We saw a nurse, practitioner at 4 we finally saw the Dr. He said it was more than just an arotic valve replacement, he (Steve) would also need a arotic stem replacement and a fibulator. The next possibality would be a mechanical heart pump as his heart is only pumping at 33% and should be at 65%.. If all else failed he'd be put on a heart transplant list.

As a mom, I'm heart broken, this shouldn't be happening to someone his age. I've done alot of praying and have put this in the Lords hands as I can do nothing but be supportive. We want to thank everyone for their support and prayers. Please lift him in pray that all will be fine.