Friday, November 20, 2009

Another Layout Share

It's still dark out so I can't give a weather report this morning. The themometer says it's 43, so that's not bad. I'm hoping the snow hold off for another couple of weeks. As our company will be on their way here early Sat. morning. There are a couple passes they have to come over, so hang on snow and wait till they get over them.

Today, as you can tell I'm thinking warm. I did these layouts a while back and haven't gotten them in the album yet. They are from our stay in California/Arizona. If you ever get down to the Mohave Valley in Arizona be sure and go to Oatman. It's a great town. The first time I went was when my sister & I took my mom back to her home there. We met up with some cousins and went out. I fell in love. So then I took my husband and some friends, then my daughter and grandson. For those that don't know about Oatman, it's an old mining town on Route 66. The main attraction are the wild donkeys that roam the streets. They not only roam the streets but come into the shops too. They are really something. They also have a shoot out in the middle of the street, cowboy style. They have some great shops, bar and wonderful hamburgers in the resturant. The papers used are all from CTMH.
I hope you like what I've done. I'm not sure if the comment area works, but if it does I love for you to leave a comment.
Until later, come back anytime.

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