Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm back

Have been working on Christmas, getting in the mood is and was the first thing. Haven't figured out what's wrong with me. I usually love Christmas, just can't get with it this year. Have most of my shopping done. If it's not bought I know what I'm buying, so that's a good thing. Haven't wrapped anything though. Finally have my tree up. It's done in red, white & silver. I like it and so does the cat. He's disjoined 3 limbs so far, I've had to put screws under them so they stand up right, by the way it's artifical. We quit using real ones when they went to $30 and looked like Charlie Browns. Now they've gone to $4.50 a foot and still look that way and we live where there are lots of trees. Guess you'd have to go cut one if you want a cheaper one an I'm not much of an outdoor person when it's cold. We now have about 4 inches of snow. It's not to bad at least it warmed up, it's in the high 20's, been in the 0's with wind.

My question today is what do these 3 pieces of material have in common? If you've ever watched X-Man, these colors belong to Cyclops. He shoots fire out of his eyes, so he's very careful and wears glasses so no one gets burned. This is my project from Santa: build a costume. I finally found one I could use for the main body, but now I'm making underware to go over it. The red is a belt with a big black X on it. The hardest part is sewing on satin ? material. It's pretty slippery stuff. I'll share the finished product when I'm done. Can you tell I'm really nervous about this.

Next, I'm going to share a card I made for one of the people on my list. On one of the groups I'm on, a lady suggested using animals and putting Santa hats or other Christmas things on them. This is my take on it. Not sure what it'll cost to mail, or if it'll get there in one piece, but thought is was kind of cute. The cuttlebug paper is sponged in a light blue to make the snowflakes standout a little. The deer was hand cut and glued down after the lights were put on. Now that wasn't easy, they had no string, so had to be strung and wrapped around each horn. The deer stamp is from Sutters Enterprises, the inks and saying from CTMH, the bulbs from Crafters Warehouse.
Hope you enjoyed everything today, come back again and see what I've been up to.

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