Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

It's Trick or Treat Day, wonder if we'll get any treaters. I used to love it when we lived in town and I could decorate and have the little guys come. It's been almost 30 years since I moved to the sticks, now town is coming to us. The only ones that Trick or Treat us are the great nephew and grandson. We have a neighbor girl now wonder if she'll make her way over or if she's to old for that.

Here's my card for today. Made this for my card making buddy, Yara. We do a one on one swap, with different people, she was my person this month. The layers are a stripped designer paper from one of my old discontinued packs. Then is Smokey Plum and Sunflower. Everything on this card is Close to My Heart. The stamp is from a set called Thriller, it was last years September Stamp of the Month. I stamped in embossing ink and used black embossing powder on him and the words. The brads at the top are black also. The words say "Happy Hauntings!". The whole set is scrolly, very cute. I got it on the scanner a little crooked. Cute, easy card.

Chuck and I did up 20 apple pie fillings during the Seahawk game yesterday. It kept him from throwing something at the tv. Not sure why he keeps picking them to win. The one time he didn't they won. Just glad we got the apples done. Now I need to pick some to eat. They are so good, their called Honey Crisp, you can't find a juicier apple.

Until later, no tricking tonight, just hand out goodies and enjoy the little kids in their costumes.



Sunday, October 30, 2011

Card #6 Last of this swap

Good Morning, It's going to be a great day, can feel it in my bones. We finished up 2 of Patty's projects yesterday and have one to go. They are posted on my facebook page. Since it's back to school tomorrow I have to do the Walmart thing. Have to make a stop at Home Depot too. Thinking about going to Safeway they have a 2 for one sale in the meat department. Then get to defrost the fridge, didn't get that done and it's bad.

On to today's share, it was a pretty easy card to do. Sunflower are wonderful for fall cards and I have a single sunflower stamp but nothing like this. I used markers again. Seems to be my favorite way of coloring. All the markers I use are Close to my Heart. The leaves were done with Pear and Olive. The flower pedals were done with Sunflower and Autumn Terricotta. I looked at the center and decided to use Desert Sand and Chocolate. The behind the flowers looked like fencing so that's what I went with. It's colored with the Chocolate and trimmed with the Terricotta. The layout is called "Out of the box" from the Technique Junkies Newletter. (I get one every 2 months). The background layers are Chocolate, Olive and Sunflower. The 3 brads at the top are Chocolate. The center of the flower is colored with Brown Stickles. Everything is hand cut.

This is the end of my part of the swap. I'll be getting my cards back soon, the image I sent was kind of funky. It was a brand new stamp and I had no clue what to do with it. I'll share the image later. Tomorrow is Halloween, so I'll be sharing a card I made for a one on one swap for Halloween. I hope you enjoyed this swap, it was alot of fun. Until tomorrow have a fun Sunday. Relax and enjoy the day.



Saturday, October 29, 2011

Card # 5

And a nice frosty morning to you all. It's a balmy 26 degrees outside. I'm so glad the furnace works. Fall looks to be here to stay, with no Indian Summer. The weather is crazy here, you go from one extreme to the other. Hot, hot to cold, cold.

I really like this card and it was super easy to do. Here's the image. The first thing I thought of when I saw this was the prairie. Wagons are brown, right? So I colored it with 2 browns, Chocolate & Desert Sand. The grass was done in Topiery. All CTMH marker colors. I then cut it out by hand, the spokes had to be cut with a cutting knife. Let me tell you that wasn't easy. The background is all done with a sponge. There's purple, pink, orange, blue and green all sponged on. The layering is Topiery, then Chocolate. In the corner are Chocolate brown brads. I think it's pretty cool, probably could have used some yellow in the green to make it look more like the prairie.

Today is going to be a short post. Have to help Chuck finish up his project for Patty. I'll post pictures on facebook of what he's been making as soon as this ones finished. He's done a beautiful job. They go to her shop this morning to be set up.

Until tomorrow, keep warm and have a wonderful day.



Friday, October 28, 2011

Card #4

Kind of dreary out today. Good day to stay in and do some baking. I have a recipe I want to try for Jalapeneo Bread. Hope it turns out as good as it sounds. Have a bunch of apples to peel and slice for pies too. Also need to defrost the fridge. Maybe I'll get one or two of them done, but not if I stay on the computer.

Here's todays image. It reminds me of the 70's, with all the hair and ribbons. Kind of think she and the cat look alike. The card I did is done on Pear cardstock (CTMH). It's a tri-fold card. I had to practice of course, a couple times to get it figured out. It really isn't hard to do, just to figure out the folds. You need to have a cutting knife for the center part. The picture was colored with markers. This is a picture of it open. It's about 8 inches long. You can see the fold lines. I random stamp the cardstock with leaves to match the ones in the image. It had to be stamped on both sides of where the image is. I put a friends stamp on the back. (Can't find the stamp set right now to let you know what it is). The last picture is of the folded card. It will fit in a regular card envelope. It will also stand by it's self. Instead of an image you could put a small school picture in and decorate it as a gift.

This is my big share for today. It's back to work on Monday, so have some shopping to do today to get ready. If anyone has any great ideas for classes for the kido's send me a comment. We've done Ocean Life, Bugs and Planets. Have a class on Dinosaurs this next go round, but need some more. The kids always fill the cooking class.

Until the marrow. Take care and enjoy your day.



Thursday, October 27, 2011

Card #3

Things got a little busy the last couple of days. Have things kind of under control now, so can start posting again. Been thinking alot about starting my Christmas cards, I know we haven't had Halloween yet. If I don't get started it won't get done.

On with todays share. Isn't this the cutest image. I don't have a dog, but would take this one in a minute. Not really a cat is enough. My first thought when I saw it was to put it on a plaid background. Sooo, I tried making my own, I'd seen it in one of my Technique Junkie pamphlets, but couldn't find which one, so being me I thought what the heck it can't be that hard. Ya, right! What a mess I made on 2 piece of glossy paper. Now that I've done the card I bought a CD from Technique Junkies and the first tutorial I looked at was the plaid. It wasn't hard if I'd have known what I was doing. Oh well, I have a pretty neat back ground behind it.

The background used is distressed paper. You take a piece of cardstock (I used white), lightly spray with water and crumple up, be careful not to tear it. Oh! cut it a little bigger than your going to need. Now flatten it out and take your heat tool and dry it or you could wait for it to dry. Then take your ink pad and drag on it. I used 3 colors Chocolate, Sunny Yellow and Topiary (all CTMH). The dog was colored with markers of the same color except the light brown is Desert Sand. He is hand cut out and placed on the Sunny Yellow cardstock. The saying is from a $1 stamp set I bought and says "I can't take my eyes off of you". Up in the corner are some dog bone brads I've had hidden away. The background the distressed piece is on is Topiery. I think it turned out pretty cute.

Until the next post keep warm, it's right chilly here, in the 20's. Real frost on the pumpkins, and makes the apples sweeter.



Monday, October 24, 2011

Card #2

Good morning all, chilly and clear here. I think fall is in full bloom. All our trees are a beautiful gold. The wind has been blowing a few off, not enough to crank up the lawn mower and pick them up. Maybe by the end of the week I'll make a pass. We have blown out all the sprinkler lines, still need to winterize the 5th wheel (spare bedroom).

The card I'm sharing today is a fun one. There are so many things you can do with a clown. This one is very cute. I colored him with markers and a white pen for the face, as I can't get my white markers to work, they seem to dry out really fast. I then hand cut him out. The technique I chose for a back ground is from Technique Junkies. It takes some time to do it but has a great effect. You can't get the full view of it on the finished card. Here's what you do. Use a 1 inch circle punch and 4 pieces of paper. You could use your scrap up with this technique. You can use either cardstock or designer paper. Anyway start punching out circles. Not sure how many, but a bunch. Next you'll need 2 sided sticky paper or glue/glue stick. I prefer glue. Start laying the circles on your card front. Be sure to overlap them. Cover the whole piece of paper, don't let your background show. I did it on my card front. Guess I should back up and let you know, I did the background before I ever got the image. So I colored the image to match my background.

Sorry, the card has shiny spots, it's in a clear envelope. Anyway, here goes. The purple and pink are the same as the circles in the background. The two techniques are called collaged circles and out of the box. Out of box is when the image is off the layered part. The balloons are attached to dental floss. It was fun to make and I think rather cute.

Until tomorrow, enjoy your day.



Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Share

It's been so long, I almost forgot how to post. My life is crazy of an old person. I don't remember being this busy when I was raising my kids. Maybe the days are just getting shorter. I know I'm getting slower (maybe that's lazyer).

Anyway here goes, I'm in another swap called "your choice". It's where you stamp an image and send it to the hostess, actually I did 12, so I'll get 6 full cards back. What I'm going to share are the images sent to me and the cards I made. First I'll show the black and white image then what I did. Some of the techniques on my cards are from technique swaps. I'll share how as I go.

The first one was hard... I couldn't tell for sure what the different streamers were. It hard to tell the hair from the backgound. What I did was email the hostess and she scanned hers and sent it to me. I zoomed in on different parts of the image to see what it was, it worked great, kind of like using a magnifing glass. I should have thought of that to begin with. I have a bunch of really neat backgrounds that I need to use so I can make more, so found a couple I thought might go good with this. The one I picked is called Pearl-Ex. This is what you need to make it: Elmer's glue, stipple brush, two or three colors of Pearl-Ex (Polished Pearls or Perfect Pearls), a heat gun and cardstock (dark color). Directions: Put small blobs of glue on the cardstock. Stipple the glue all over the cardstock. Sprinkle small amoungts of one color of Pearl-Ex around the card. Repeat with other colors one at a time. Stipple the powder around in the glue, blending some of the colors and leaving some pure (white). Heat with heat gun to dry glue. (This will make interesting bubbles), Wash stipple brush in warm soapy water before glue dries. (Stipple means to softly pounce the brush. Hope this is clear as mud. If not come by and we'll play. It really is pretty when it's done. Thank you Lorian for the tutorial.

Now for the main event, The Card. All the coloring was done with colored pencil. The very back layer is Moonstuck cardstock by CTMH. The next is a shiny cardstock from my stash. (Which I've had for years). Then comes the Pearl-Ex background paper. It really sparkles. The dresses are done in gray and seem to shine in the card. The dark haired girl looked like she was carrying paint bushes so that's how I colored it. The blonde had flowers. Wasn't sure what the hanging things were so made one vines and one ribbons. Used the purple brads as the embellishment because nothing else really went with it.

Well, this is one of the things that's been keeping me busy, the other is school. Almost through our first quarter. It's been a strange start, like the kids are in full moon all the time. Have 19 kindergarteners this year so that's been a real eye opener.

You all have a wonderful Sunday. Will try and be back tomorrow with another card, have 5 more.