Sunday, January 31, 2010

Final Report

You can't imagine the amount of people we had for the auction. At one time it was standing room only. It was wonderful. We had 30 silent auction items. One being the smaller of the two albums. It brought $50, which was pretty good for the amount of stuff. I only had time to put in one bid. For the live auction we had 85 items. That album went for $70, which was sad cause it was worth way more. Somebody got a heck of a deal. I stayed in until $50 then got busy and couldn't bid and sign up people too. The table I worked had the dinner sales too. We served right at 200. That's alot of Indian Taco's. The kitchen crew did a great job. The total for the everything was a little over $11,000. That was great and Patty was very appreciative. She looks great and has a tremendous attitude. All in all it was a very nice evening. The committee was and is thankful for all the great participation and thoughtfulness of everyone. Thank you to all my wonderful Close to My Heart friend and Consultants for your help on the albums.

I'm only going to share one more set of pages from the book today, then it'll be back to some of the goodies I'm whipping up. Like a swap that needs to go in the mail tomorrow. The stamping on this page is called rolling. You stamp in your light color and then roll your stamp in a dark color. For fall leaves it a great technique. This page is done on CTMH Goldenrush, Barn Red and retired Olive background paper. The word is done in sponging and cut out. These are from Elaine's box. The right side is sponged on the white squares and stamped with leaves The larger white is just stamped the leaves and a background stamp. As the album is gone, I can't tell what color all the leaves are, but the main colors are Barn Red, Goldrush and Olive. I truly hope you've enjoyed the pages from the albums. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.
Thanks for stopping by and come back again.
Big hugs,

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 18 Scrapbooking

Today is the big day. Lots to do and not much time. We are meeting at 11:00 this morning to set up the auction items. There are some really great things. Come see for yourself.
Yesterday I said it was payday, guess I lied cause I didn't get a check. Was I miffed, you betcha. I hate it when they change things and don't say anything.
On to today's share. This layout comes from Katy Chalmers, a dear friend of Pattys. It's a real cute layout. I love the little butterflies. Nice and springy. I'm not sure of the company there from. They are nicely put together. I really want to thank everyone that helped put this album together. Without you it wouldn't have gotten done. I'll let you know tomorrow how much they bring. Keep your fingers crossed we get more that their worth.
Yesterday, we did see sun. Hope it happens again today. For those of you getting snow, be safe. Until tomorrow.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 17 Scrapbooking

We are getting right down to the end, before the Auction. Have the auction list typed, all I need to do now is add to it if new things come in. Working on getting the silent auctions list together. I'll be taking my computer and printer with me so we can get these all done up before the auction. I'm going to thank the committee on here as they have done a fabulous job. Thanks to Shag Hauf for getting most of the auction items; Jim and Mary Murrah for heading it all up; Marnie Cleveland, Pam Peasley, Kellie Lamb, Katy Chalmers & Mike Cusick for all their work of gathering auction items and putting together all the paper work. To all the others that will do the auction work and dinner. I takes alot of people to pull something this big off, but it can be done. We are not only helping a family, but helping to fight cancer. If your coming on Saturday night, dinner is at 6, auction starts at 7. Be sure and wear pink.

Here's todays share it comes from Mary Murrah, who is Patty's aunt. She did an excellent job using Silhouette Level 1 from CTMH. On the left layout she has a My Stickease saying Family on the top right. For the picture mats she has a thin piece of Bamboo colored lace down the right side of each. On the right page is a piece of lace running diagonally down it,covering the edge of the papers. The words say, Then and Now. The little oval and rectangle could have names or anything in them. These are simple but very classy.
I'm off to get some of my chores done and head for a school meeting. Hope it's a good one. Doesn't matter it's payday. That always makes for a good day. You all have a great one and I'll post my last layout tomorrow and let you know the results on Sunday.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 16 Scrapbooking

We had a great meeting last night. Got a lot accomplished. Have almost 60 items on the list for the live Auction. We had to combine somethings as we had alot of gift certificates. That doesn't include the pies & cakes. We have over 20 items in the Silent Auction. Both the albums are completed and ready to go.Plus I have a pile of donated things in the bedroom and my craft room to take down. Pray we have a big crowd. We even have alot of the food donated for the Indian Taco's. For those that don't know what that is I'll explain. It's fried yeast bread (I make baking powder biscuit mix) with hamburger and beans (could be chili), lettuce, tomatoe, onion and cheese on it, salsa & sour cream are optional. They are wonderful, most times you can only eat one as they cover a plate.

Okay, on to todays share. This layout is from a gal that doesn't scrapbook, Colleen Way. She came to alot of my card classes, but didn't try her hand at scrapbooking until now. The papers used on this layout are from the Level 2 pack of Aspen, (CTMH). Not sure where she go the letters from either Circut or Cuddlebug. She used flat snowflakes down the side. The colors are Twilight, Bamboo & Outdoor Denim. The 2nd page is cute too. Winter Fun is cut from Outdoor Denim paper and her snow man is from the Stamp set All Decked Out and cut out. She did a wonderful job on these layouts. Colleen if your out there, see how easy it is. You'll do great on the boys scrapbooks.
I have to go grocery shopping, yuck, but then we have to eat. What would we do without Walmart, the one stop shop. I can get almost everything at one place. Have to go get fingerprinted too. My files at school got trashed after 3 years not working. So it's off to the cop shop before Walmart. Then I'm going to finish some cards for a swap.
Have a great day, take in some sun if you have it. We sure don't, but don't have snow or rain either,Yea!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 15 Scrapbooking

It's getting close to the end of the scrapbooks posts. I still have alot of shares for you that I won't get to before Sat. But I do want to share as many as possible. Todays are from Martine's box. This was a single page so I tried real hard to match it with a sister page. This is really cool. These stamps are now retired from CTMH, but they are darn cute. The first one is a little girl witch and the other is a mummy. They are stamped half Sunflower and half Black and edged in Sunflower. The word Scary was distressed then cut out. They have spiril clips on the C and R. The papers are torn, CTMH has a white core. The bottom Sunflower piece has 5 eyelets in it. I tried to match my page as much as I could. I used the spiril clips on the top black picture piece and the one directly below it. The little mummy was in my stash. There was a Level 1 pack that went with this stamp set. He was my only left over. I only used 3 eyelets under mine piece, since it was narrower. They two pages look pretty good together.
I'm getting pretty excited over this auction. Some of the items that have come in are amazing. Makes me wish I was born rich. Some of these are things you wouldn't just go out and buy. The local feed store donated the neatest bar stool (I think). That's how tall it is. It's all cast iron. The seat is a old tractor seat. It would fit well in a farm decorated house or in the garden with a rose climbing it. I could go on and on, but better get my house in order as the auction meeting is here tonight.
Have a great day, kind of chilly here.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 14 Scrapbooking

I forgot yesterday to say where the layout came from. It was from the package from Martine Morris. I love the layouts she sent. The one's today are from her box. The reason I'm say from the boxes of so and so, is sometimes we swap with other consultants and have no pictures to go with their layout page. When something like this comes up we donate those pages, hoping someone else can use them. The same is true with cards. I belong to a lot of groups that have swaps and I can't always use all the cards so I donate them to Nursing homes or whatever group can use them. If one of the layouts has the consultants name on the back I'll give them credit for their work. Today I'm going to try and share two layouts. This is what I mean by a layout. You would have laughed your head off if you of watched me take these pictures. I was in my pj's on the chair so I could get both pages in. It's a little hard to see some of the stuff, so I'll fill you in. In circle layout it's a kit. At the top on both pages says Remember this Moment. On the right page above the picture it says, Two of a kind and below it says Friends. It's done in tans and blues.
Layout number 2 is done in blue, orange, green and purple and comes from a kit. For embellishments it has eyelets on the left page and a orange ribbon on the right. These are quick and easy ways to scrapbook. They can be embellished however you like. I have a couple of these kits that I bought because I needed something that wouldn't take alot of time to complete and I really like how they looked when finished.
In both of these scrapbooks you see alot of different styles and ways to scrapbook. Alot of us buy items and stash them, then buy some more. Pretty soon we have so much we don't know where to start or what we have. I love paper and have piles of it. I decided I have to use some of it before I buy more. Doing pages for these scrapbooks have helped. Except I should have made two of each page cause I really like how some of them turned. Now I either make some more or buy the album. We'll see come Sat.
Until tomorrow, Hugs,

Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 13 Scrapbooking

Sorry about yesterday, it just got away from me. We spent the morning going through my husband's old pictures. His daughter was here Saturday night and wants to do a slide show for the family reunion in June. That took us hours. Then the games were on for the playoffs. Not really my thing, so I did some laundry and general cleaning.

I have the second album almost done. Have a couple pages to finish. Some of the pages had only one page, so I tried to match them so we had a double layout. I'll let you know which ones. Today's layout is for a baby girl. It's done from a kit and very cute. There are alot of brads used and some eyelets. I love the stickers, just wish we had some baby girls. Our baby girl is 11 now and a true tween. She thought these were adorable. She said, "Grandma buy the album and we'll borrow some girl baby pictures." What a nut! Now if they'd of been blue, it would be mine. I'm still working on Cody's baby album and he's 4.
We had an inch of snow last night. Is trying to melt this morning. I don't mind the snow, just the mess. I truly hope some of you can use the ideas on these layouts. Email me your blog or pictures I'd love to see what you've created.
Until tomorrow, Big hugs,

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 12 Scrapbooking

It's a beautiful day out. Still a little chilly in the 30's. Hope the trees don't take it in their heads to start budding, we still have a couple months of winter left, at least one. Guess we'll wait and see what the groundhog has to say.

Class yesterday was pretty good. Got 2 of the 3 camera's back and one disc. Going to Walmart after the basketball game today and get them developed. Hope they did real well with the taking and don't have to much waste.

On to todays share. This is also from Elaine's box of goodies. This is a really cute birthday layout. The piece with the cake is the invitation to the party. A slit is made in the page protector so you can lift the front of the card to see all the info. This is such a cool idea. Not sure if these are CTMH or not, which is okey. Sometimes you just use what you have or you'll end up with paper everywhere. The embellishments are stickers. I think it's a great idea for party pictures for children. Most of us can always use ideas for these type of pages. I haven't been brave enough to cut my page protectors, but might give it a try after seeing these.
Hope you are enjoying these pages and come back often. I still have pages coming in, just need to get busy and get them photographed. Maybe this afternoon. Have a great day.
Until tomorrow, Hugs,

Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 11 Scrapbook

I'm so excited, received another package in the mail. This time from Martine Morris. It was loaded, had 2 scrapbooks and a bunch of pages. Thank you so much Martine. I think we can fill one of the scrapbooks.

Last night was a meeting of the Auction committee. Man, we have gotten alot of things donated. Some from people that have never donated to one of our auctions. The only thing left to get is some food items for the Indian Taco's. We have one meeting left next week to put together the auction list. I've got it kind of started on my computer. We'll be taking off it to do a silent auction too, so it could get interesting.

Todays share is from the Elaine box. It's a random stamped page done in Hydrangea with the Elegant Floral stamp set now retired by CTMH. The papers are Olive and Hydrangea. The buttons around the corners make it very eye catching. The sister page uses the torn edges technique. Sorry for the glare, but had already put them in the sleeves. I'm thinking seriously about bidding on this item myself. I've got lots of pictures that would work on these pages.
Enough ramblings for today. The weather is still clear, but still have a wind. Hope those of you in California and Arizona are handling the rain and winds in safe places. Until tomorrow, have a wonderful day.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 10 Scrapbooking

Yesterday turned out to be sunny in the afternoon. This weather is really crazy. Chuck is going fishing this morning. It's clear with a west wind blowing. He said it's a cold wind. Hope he catches something, besides a cold.

Todays share was sent by Elaine. It has random stamping onthe top part of this pages. The one on the right says "May you have a Christmas filled with love". The tags are distressed with red ink. These are CTMH retired papers, can't remember the name. The left page is stamped with a retired set. There is a red checked ribbon tied with a knot around the middle of the blue paper.
Hope you enjoy todays pages. Thanks again Elaine for sending them.
Until tomorrow enjoy your day,

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 9 Scrapbook

It cleared up yesterday afternoon and we had sunshine. This morning the rain is back. Usually this time of year we have a foot or more of snow. Not sure if rain counts in the water levels as higher up isn't getting lots of snow either. Maybe we won't have a real hot summer, course I'm dreaming.
Worked yesterday, as the P.E. person. First class was all P.E. kids, the second one had 1 from P.E., 2 from Crochet and 1 from Host Reading. Everybody around here has the stomach flu. Not sure what will happen today. We only have 5 teachers, so they can't be sick as we have no subs.

My share today is from Elaine Cota. It's done with retired CTMH papers. The word Joy was cut from cardstock and edged in Cranberry ink. The bottom that looks like ribbon is paper, it's run through a pop top. Is very cool in person. I hope you've been enjoying the sharing and maybe getting some inspiration from it. It's amazing to me how none of the layouts are even close in looks.
Hope you'll come back tomorrow and see some more Christmas layouts that Elaine sent. I can't thank her enough. Until then, big hugs,

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 8 Scrapbook Share

Missed yesterday, sorry. It was a beautiful day, had sunshine all day. Today is back to being dreary. Was a holiday, so no school. So I did my own playing with a scrapbook page for me and a card. I belong to a group called and get techniques every two months, so I tried one out yesterday. When I get the card totally done I'll share. Was kind of like putting a puzzle together. The page I'm working on is my grandson and his first help deer hunting. He found the deer and his dad got it. I'll post after we finish our auction stuff.

Todays share is from my friend and sister-in-law, Charlotte Arns. She's a big lover of purple. If it'll fit in a layout she'll get it in there. The first page is purple checked paper with white daisies. The centers of the flowers are purple brads. The picture corners are metal and purple. It says Friends. The second page is pink plaid. The picture corners are metal also, it is covered with a acrylic sheet attached with purple brads. The saying says "a friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart". The flowers are white shaded with pink and have pink brads in the center. These were already in the album, so there is some glare.
Hope you enjoyed todays share and come back tomorrow for some more. Till then have a great day.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday Sunshine

I know it's Sunday and a dreary day out. Yesterday, was beautiful. We had warm sunshine until about 3, then got cold and yucky. My daughter and family got here about 10:30 on Friday night. Course Cody was wound until after midnight. Saturday morning Kim, Cody & I headed to Conconully to the outhouse races. We had a ball. My nephew had a booth and outhouse. My granddaughters step-dad had one called the Greu of Poo Poo. So she & her siblings joined us. We sat on haybales until the races started. They were very funny. You ended up cheering for everybody. Still not sure who won. They had to haul snow in for the street to run the races. Let me tell you, I didn't get cold at all. Thought I might have to take my coat off. Before I go any farther, this is Cody and I. We love to snuggle before he goes home. Normally I'm the one taking the pictures.

Before I share, I need to give a big HUG to Elaine Cota for the wonderful package I received from her on Friday. She send a big bunch of layouts for the scrapbook, so many I'm not going to be able to share them all. Thank you so much, Elaine, these are wonderful and fit in beautifully.
This layout is the last made by me. It's from the "Imagine" book by CTMH. The papers and Inks are CTMH also. The base pages of both are from Bulk papers called More to Adore, also the layer papers, now retired. Love is stamped with the Rustic Alphabet on White Daisy cardstock. The matching page is from Dazzling Die Cuts, Winter Cozy with Cocoa ribbon tied on it. The top clip is a tab glued on, you could put it on another piece of paper and have it slide up the back for hidden journaling.
Everytime I try and edit this I lose a picture, so it's staying this way. Hope you like the picture and layout. Tomorrow I'll be featuring someone elses art, so be sure and come back.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 7 Scrapbooking

It's clear this morning. Cleared up yesterday and started warming up, was in the 40's. The water in the driveway is starting to go down. My car is still in the shop. Hope it's done today, as it's a work day. Not sure what we'll do today, may take some stamps and inks. I know some of them have run out of pages.

Here are today's pages. The layout was taken from CTMH's "Imagine" book. The layout is called Sweet Symphony and done on the Cocoa Cafe collection, all CTMH. The colors are: Base page, Colonial White, the others are: Sweet Leaf, Cranberry, Bamboo and Cocoa. I used Cranberry embellishments and Cocoa ribbon. The title on the top page isn't done yet. I'll do it on Sweet Leaf with the Circut, it'll say Christmas. I didn't leave a spot for journaling, so I'll just slip a small piece of one of the colors and the person can put it where they want it.
I may not have time tomorrow to post as Cody is coming for a visit and we're going to the Outhouse Races for the day. Have just a little house work left to do. So better get at in, kind of slept in this morning.
Until next time, have a great weekend. Do something fun.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 6 Scrapbook

I can't believe I'm on day 6, where has the time gone. Still have lots of pages to share. It's still raining here. It seems to be causing some flooding in peoples basements. Our yard looks like a giant swimming hole. It's beginning to get pretty deep in places. We need it to warm up just a little so the ground will thaw and the water has somewhere to go. They say our water level isn't up very high because we haven't gotten snow. Rain is melted snow, duh! Guess, I don't get it. No surprise there, I don't get alot of things.

My next little dilemma happened yesterday. Went to my chiropractor, feel alot better. Then to Walmart, went out got in my car and it wouldn't start. Well it would start but then would die. Called Chuck, he wasn't a happy camper, he couldn't get it going. So I called for towing. Nice $100 plus bucks to go 1 1/2 miles to the shop. I took the pickup and went to work. The mechanic called and it's costing $500 to get it fixed. Need a fuel pump. The whole car isn't worth $500, well maybe $1000. Anyway, it's being fixed. It's always something.

Here's today share. The layout is from CTMH's "Imagine", called Monologue. The paper is from the Cocoa Cafe Collection, which is retired from CTMH. The layout has been twiked alittle. The word Fun is on cardstock that I traced the letters on to, then ink destressed. The little tag is from a package I had in my stash as is the button. I really want to put Funky on this but thought it might not be to others. The second page is done pretty close to the book. I didn't have a envelope, so had to build one. This is done with vellum. The ribbon is attached with a brad to the inside of the envelope so the card can come out, then the ribbon is glued on the back and glued down. You could possibly put 2 large pictures and 3 small ones on this page.
Hope you enjoy todays share. Tomorrows is another funky one. Till then have a great day.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 5 Scrapbook

Another rainy day. Got all my stuff ready for my class today. Bought 4 camera's, I'm send with some of the kids on Friday with a list of things they need to take pictures of. Each camera has 27 pictures, so it's 2 to a camera. They are to each take 13 pictures. Then they bring them back on Monday for the next person to take their pictures. I'm hoping this is going to work. Did 131 pictures yesterday. So today should be pretty productive.

Here is today share of Gwens other set of pages. This is done on the textured paper too. She used punched paper flowers with glitter. Across the middle Friends is written in yellow from the Circut. The little tags on the side say: favorite, happy, memories. Both pages are very pretty. Thank you Gwen for the pages. I so appricate all the help I've had with this album. I may end up with enough pages for 2 albums. I plan on 31 pages to the album. The front page will say what it was for and who donated the pages.
This is it for the today. I'm off to the chiropractor and Walmart for my son. You all have a great day, and come back tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 4 Scrapbook

It's still raining, not hard, kind of a drizzle. Very dreary out and not good for Mr. Arthritis, my back and hips are killing me. It can dry up any time. Snow doesn't seem to bother me as much. Hopefully the chiropractor can help a little.

My share today is a donation from a friend and fellow scrapper, Gwen Monahan. She is a wonderful scrapper, there is never a mess around her like the rest of us. She hates getting her hands inky, but stamps beautifully. She made a beautiful scrapbook for a young lady that did a tour of different countries and cultures.
This layout is done on Textured paper. The very top says "Life is good" on twill. The words on the side are clear embellishments and say: inspire, cherish and special. The matching page has 3 tags for journaling and the ribbon is twill. I think these layouts and the one tomorrow
are from a kit, but don't know the company.
I hope these layouts are inspiring for you and start you doing more of your own scrapbooking. I did put all the pages in the album. They look beautiful. Until tomorrow, have a great day.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 3

Yesterday was very productive. I got 6 pages completed. Just have to get a title done for one. Good thing most of them are just one word. I had an email from one of my followers and fellow CTMH consultants this morning donating 31 pages of layouts. I am so thrilled, this just about brought me to tears. People can be so generous at times like this. I've had some of my customers and friends also donate pages. It's going to be a full book or maybe two. I want everyone to know how thankfu I am for the help. I'm sure whomever gets this will be thrilled.

Here's my share for the day. This paper is from a Speciality pack from a few years ago called Promise of Spring. The layouts are from "Cherish" - Pleasing Paradigm. I didn't put a title on it, as I thought maybe they would want a wedding picture on it or something to do with Spring. The papers are Smokey Plum, Olive and Bamboo. Everything is CTMH. The flower is a cut out from the pattern paper. Now if I could just do this well on getting my own layouts done. I might get caught up on 60 years of pictures. I might just have to buy this album and put my pictures in it. That would empty some of my picture boxes. Best thought I've had for a while.
Well, it's off to do laundry and a little house work. We're having kids this weekend. They have outhouse races going in Conconully and we need to go cheer my nephew and his team on. That means little guy needs to be able to get to his bed (which has jeans all over it). Have a wonderful day and come back tomorrow to see some more.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 2 of Scrapbook pages

Last night I was surfing facebook and saw a old picture my cousin had posted. I really don't remember when it was taken. I was about 10 or 11 and it was around Stampede time. What a kick to go back in time. I suppose we all do that as we get older. Guess I need to start scrapbooking some of my old pictures. Have boxes of them. Not even caught up on my kids and grandkids. Still have 2 big boxes of them. With Tashia taking my scrapbooking class that has helped with some of them.

Right now I have a layout laying on the desk for the Auction book, that I hope to get done today. Not sure how many pages I should do for it. Guess I'll get it figured out or run out of time which ever comes first.

Here's todays share. The little white things the leaves are stamped on, is air dried clay. You can stamp on it wet and let it dry then glue it on paper or whatever. Some people use air dried clay for ornament or jewerly. There is room on this layout for 2 pictures on the family page and 5 on the other. Jounaling could be done on the leaf paper. It pretty much up to who buys it. I'm adding on the front page I'll be available for paper for journaling. I hope you get some ideas from these. If they come for a particular magazine or book I'll be sure and let you know.
Until tomorrow,

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Saturday

Being going strong this morning. Went to my granddaughters first basketball game of the year. She played really good. Sprained her pointer finger, but kept playing. They lost 24 to 16. It was a 5th grade game and they played Brewster. My son was the coach this week. He usually does the clock or is assistant coach. Now I'm good till next Sat. Came home and down loaded some of the pictures of the layouts I've done for the scrapbook I'm doing for auction. For the next week I'll share a 2 page layout each day. This layout is for 2 photos each. They are done with retired CTMH paper, stamps and ink. The stamp set is a rubber double stamp. This was alot of fun to do. The ribbon is actually the fuzzy yarn you use to make scarves. It matched the inks really well and just about any kind of pictures can be put on these 2 pages.
I hope you like them and enjoy my attempts and this scrapbook. See you tomorrow with 2 more. Have a great afternoon.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Little Books

Still cold out, suppose to snow later today. Usually blows right over us when they say we're getting snow. Today I'm going to work on some scrapbook pages. I'm putting together a scrapbook for an auction for a friend. I've put out the word for pages, but should be a head of the game just in case I don't get many. I have alot of papers never out of the package, along with embellishments that came with them, so that's what I'm using. I'll take pictures and post some of the pages as I don't know how to scan and stitch.

I made some more little books yesterday. Today I have 2 to share. The first is a cute little tea post. Not sure who made the stamp. The paper is from a Walmart book of Textured paper. When I started I was going to make the inside pages so they could all be tied to the handle. When I got done cutting, I had circles and no handles. Back to the drawing board. Good thing I had some matching brads. Things like this happen to me alot. The theme of this book is " Your favorite beverage". I should say I like Huckleberry tea and spiced tea, that's about it. Coffee is my biggy.

The next book is a house. That was fun. I'm not really artsy when it comes to drawing something. I do alot of visual drawing, looking at a picture and copying it. This was looking at a stamp and using it for my pattern. It worked, but is totally a basic, easy book. You be the judge of my simplicity. The paper on this is CTMH and the stamp from Clear Stamps. The theme is "The Joys of Home". This gives the stamper alot of room for creativity. If making these types of books is something you might be interested in, email me for more information. It's alot of fun and you meet ladies from all over the United States.
Well, I better get started on my day or it'll be time to head from school and I won't have anything done. Thanks for stopping and come again.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


We have the Artic air on our side of the United States now. It's 10 above as I write. Just a mite chilly. Our snow has turned to ice, kids love it for sliding. My bones hate it. Enough with the weather report.

Yesterday at school went as I predicted, no pictures. Well, actually in my first class all but one had pictures. They did a wonderful job. In the second class only one had pictures. So out came the markers and paper and we drew designs around the outside of the pages. Course the boys did a little tatooing on themselves. I took pictures, sure hope someone comes up with money to process them. I really don't think it's our job, but I'm not sure what to do with them. I really wish you could pick and choose who could be in a class, but you can't so you deal with it. I think I'm done venting for today.

Today I'm sharing one of my books. I do the outside cover and the 6 pages inside are blank. On the back of the cover is the theme for the book, who it's for and who it's from. The theme for this book is Recipe for Happiness. Now I mail it to someone else that belongs to the group. Usually, I send 4 or 5 to the person, it's a little cheaper that way. The paper, ink & stamps are CTMH. It's pretty simple really, except for coming up with ideas and different styles of books. The last time I made books I used toilet paper rolls. You squash them flat, then cover with paper, stamp, punch holes in one end and tie with ribbon. They turned out pretty cute. I'll try and share some more tomorrow.
Have a wonderful day and stay warm. Thanks for coming by, come back again anytime.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Welcome to 2010

I've been busy doing alot of nothing since New Years. Got half way into the Rose Parade and the Dish went out. They had diffuculties until football started. Go figure. Did have my gumbo, have enough left over for 3 more meals. It was good, the rest is in the freezer for another day. Since then I've been puttering at things. Putting decorations away and trying to find places to put things. Have you ever had so much stuff you run out of storage spots. That's my problem at the moment.

I have some many old jeans that need to be cut into pieces, they are taking up my littlest bedroom. I'll get started on them soon. Have a couple of quilts I want to make. One needs to be done by the end of the month. I have also been working on my sketchbooks, I'll share one tomorrow.
I've also made some small Thank You cards for people that help me when I put on a dinner or benifit for someone. I don't think we thank people enough that give their time. I'm guilty of this too. So thought this might just do the trick. These are 3 X 3 cards, inside is blank so they can thank the person for whatever it was they did. All papers and stamps are CTMH. These can be made with scraps you have left over. You can also make envelopes to match if you can't find any to buy. I usually make them out of colored paper to match or white and then stamp something small on them. Not sure of the cost of postage yet. I'll let you know when I mail my first one. I hope this helps someone use up those scraps they don't know what to do with. It's kind of fun to see what you can come up with.
We're back to school. The kids all had pictures to scrap on Monday. Today they'll be out again and we'll have to decide what to do. Some have a very hard time remembering to bring them. Some have done a wonderful job on their scrapbooks. The parents that come in are pretty proud of them. One mother took all the pages and added them to her album. She said this made it alot easier on her to have her child do the scrapbooking.
Well, enough for today, thanks for stopping I can't send a card, but I would if I could. Come back again.