Thursday, November 19, 2009

Animal Share

Got busy yesterday, making my mince meat, I got enough for 3 1/2 pies. That's pretty good, I'm not big on eating it, but must say this isn't to bad then again maybe it was the brandy I added, lol. We rented the Eagles for Thanksgiving dinner. No ones house is big enough for 30 people. We have the brothers and sisters, then the children, spouses and children. Then we extended it to our friends and in-laws and out-laws that have no where to go. We should have about 50 when all is said and done. There is plenty of room for the kids to play and the adults to visit, watch the games and play cards. I love having big dinners for people, it's always alot of fun. Everyone brings a dish and beverage. The brothers & sister do the meat. This year we're doing 2 turkeys, one baked & one deep fried alone with a ham. I'm in charge of the dressing, which I need to make a bunch, cause it's my daughters favorite part of dinner. Anyway it'll be great.

My card share today is a birthday card done with SU stamps retired. I don't have alot of SU but of the ones I have I love this one. Its on a shave cream back ground. The theme for the swap was ocean and that's what the background reminded me of.

My next share is my husbands animals. There are buffalo, moose, bear and mules. Here are 2 of them. Now you have to use your imagination a little on these as they are candy dispensers.
They are really cute in person. They'll be for sale at the Craft show.

I hope you've enjoyed my sharing today. Come see me again.

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