Sunday, December 20, 2009


It's finished, yea! Now I just hope it fits. I'll be send it out on Tues. with a load of stuff for him. Chuck & I decided I'm not a seamstress but I sew. Man I couldn't do this for a living, I'd starve.Here the picture I promised. The X is a little off but that's ok, it's a belt like thing. The glob at the top is the hood on the hanger. I think its the best part of the costume, fully lined. If you notice the material is silky stuff, what a pain. I hope the body isn't to big, if it is I'll take it in when we go over or they come over. If your not from Washington we're in the eastern part of the state and their in the western part, better known as Coasties. In the winter no one wants to cross the Cascades unless it's a emergency.
Today, we start the cookies. I'm making Russian Tea cakes and Thumbprints. Tomorrow we have some shopping to do, then wrapping. Tues. we are both getting beautiful, I'm getting a perm and Chuck's getting a hair cut, we're both in need of them bad. Then we'll see what we'll do, by then we should be done with all the big stuff.
Have a great day, come back soon and see what I'm up too. could be anything.

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