Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Today I'm going to share some family things. We're just about ready for the big day. Will finish up everything tomorrow. Got my packages mailed yesterday, they are going across the mountains for Cody. Not sure where my oldest grandson is, so will save his for when he surfaces again. The other two grandkids will be here Christmas Day, one in the morning the other for dinner.

I digress from the title though. Jake is our new kitten. When he first came he was a skinny little thing. Acted like he had never eaten, but was well trained. Knew about the litter box, which was a very good thing. We've had him a month and he has really grown. Although he's a pain in the you know what, like about 4 in the morning. When I started putting up the tree he was my helper, as you can see in the photo. He has sprung about 6 branches so far, all have screws under them so they look like they should. The next picture is of the tree when it was pretty much done. It now has fewer ornaments around the bottom, because someone enjoys slapping them around. So far only one has broken. The funny thing is, when I was in Walmart one day they had balls in a big box for $5 and they were plastic, I could have really used them, but they aren't near as pretty. When the kids were younger (like small & teens), I always put tinsel on the tree. One year I couldn't find any so I used Angel hair. The kids told me, I needed to get modern and get rid of the tinsel. I told them when I was gone they'd say, "Remember when Mom used to put tinsel on the tree", that would be a good memory. Now I use beads, except this year, can you imagine what Jake would do with them. They are in the box to the left of the tree. The rest of the living room is as decorated as it's going to get. Today, I'm cooking & baking, all the cookies I made the other day got eaten by the sugar guy that lives here. He said we weren't worrying about sugar in take this year. So, I guess I'm making more fat stuff, that we really don't need. Although I need fudge, only do it once a year, then I overdose on it, so I guess I better get started.
Thanks for stopping by, hope I haven't scared you off with my ramblings. Have a great day and come back again.

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