Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day after Merry Christmas

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and remembered to thank our service people away from home for doing what they do so we can have our celebrations. We had a wonderful day, very quiet. All but one kid and 2 grandkids were home. Had calls from all. Christmas eve was celebrated with my side of the family. Everybody went to my nieces for snacks. We had a real good time.

My share today is a follow-up from my cyclops posting. Here is a picture of the end product. I think he really liked it. Was a very tickled little boy when he called to tell me that Santa came. Myself, I love the glasses. My daughter said he wouldn't take them off. As long as he's happy that's all that matters. The granddaughter, Tashia, was thrilled she got her skinny jeans. I didn't even know what they were. The girls at school had to explain. I almost got them to small. She's a 5th grader, so I thought a teen 0 would be alittle big, boy am I wrong, they did fit but probably only until the end of school.

I always have one blupper happen on Christmas, this year was no different. It's par I'll get one batch of cookies burnt on the bottom. This one took the cake though. The funny thing was the night before a friend was laughing about making Sticky Buns and how they went over the pan. I asked how many buns she used and she said, "Oh, the whole bag". So thinking I wouldn't do that I only used all but 3. Darn if the same thing didn't happen. They did turn out real good, but I had to do some rearranging so I could cook them. Maybe I learned something, then again maybe not.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and has their resolutions ready for New Years. Here's mine: #1. Be thankful for what you have, you'll never keep up with the Jones. #2. Strive for good health. #3. Do Not say bad things or call names about people you don't care for, (This one is going to be the hardest). That's it to do more is setting myself up for failure. Thanks for coming by stop by again.


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