Friday, December 4, 2009

A little about My Animals

Today I'm sharing something a little different. It's about family and animals. During the week before Thanksgiving we lost our Siamese cat. Should explain about Pete. He wondered into our life on Super Bowl Sunday about 9 years ago. By wondered, he jumped in my pickup in front of the Eagles and wouldn't get out. Needless to say we kept him. On the Sunday before Thanksgiving my brother & wife were here with their little dog, Racer. Pete hates dogs and lots of people. He started to come in the house then turned and ran to the shop. That's the last we've seen of him. Two nights later the coyotes were really on a roll howling. My husband says they do that when they make a kill. I'm afriad it may have been him, although he's a wiley bugger. If he's met our Maker, he's in a better place, but I'll miss him alot.

Before Pete left he brought a little black kitty home with him. We named him, Jake. I'm thinking maybe he (Pete) was replacing himself. Anyway on with the story. Jake is not afraid of anything, clumsy as heck, but very playful. He loved Racer, the dog. They became fast & noisy friends. If one wasn't chasing the other he was being chased. They shared food and water. Here is one of the fun pictures I sneeked of them. When Racer went home, poor little Jake was lost. In the last week he's driven us nuts following us everywhere. When I was sewing yesterday he was right under my foot. Funny little cat, gets to see the Dr. next week. We want no babies.

Better get off here and do something creative for school tonight. Come back soon as you never know what I'll be up to. Have a great day.

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