Monday, November 30, 2009

Wonderful Thanksgiving Week

Sorry, I've been missing for a week. Have had a lot of company and a great Thanksgiving. My brother and sister-in-law were here from Nevada. Monday, we just kinda lazed around. On Tuesday we went to some friends and they got to check out their home and old cars. My brother is into cars. He races on flat tracks. Wed. we baked pies and my daughter came with my little grandson. From then on my house was full and loud. Did I tell you, we're a loud bunch. Thurs. was the big day. I made the dressing, while Kim and Carl worked on the turkey. We then took everything to the Eagles and cooked it. My sister & husband brought the other turkey, so both ovens were full. My husband & brother-in-law got to peel the potatoes, 15#'s, then we grabbed our coffee and waited for everything to cook. While waiting we played a card/dice game called "Fill or Bust". What a blast, mostly cause I came from behind and won the first game. Then my brother won. Our only sadness was my other brothers wife lost her stepdad in Oregon, so they couldn't join us. I'm happy to say we had 30 people, some family and lots of friends. The dinner was great, had way to much food as usual. I think everyone had a great afternoon. The little kids played really hard.

On Friday we did the early morning thing. My daughter picked my sister, sister-in-law & I up at 3:45 for Penneys. My granddaughter hit the jackpot there. I got most all of her Christmas presents and what she wanted. I'm very proud of myself. Youngest grandson did pretty good too. Then it was off to Walmart. Kim (daughter) got a great buy on DVD players for the car, so she bought 2 for less than she paid for the last one she bought. I loaded up on p.j's for the boys. Also got a couple pair of pants for me. I like comfort, so alway buy big. This time I bought to fit and there to big. Think I'm losing weight, yea! Then it was home and napping. In the afternoon the kids all came for leftovers.

Sat. we had the big burn (burned our pile of limbs we've collected for 2 years) and invited friends for a chili feed. Was great, had 20 people. Still have chili and cornbread. We'll be eating chili for months, got a little carried away with it.

Yesterday was sad for me as everybody had to head home. My house is now very quiet and kind of lonesome, just Chuck, I and the cat. The cats lost cause his friend left. I'm sad cause family left and Chuck just shakes his head at both of us.

Today is back to normal living, laundry, cleaning and teaching. I have 2 swaps to get out today, so that means I'll have to share tomorrow, when they are on the way. Till then take care and come back again.

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