Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lost track of time

It's been a pretty busy week for me. I worked all week and tried to plan for my class. Hope I never get sick as this is a hard class to plan for. They said yesterday was the last day to switch classes, hope she sticks to it. For those of you that don't live in a town that is very low income and many families living on unemployment and welfare, it's hard to teach this kind of class. The only thing the kids need to bring is photo's, some can't do that. Yesterday we did a photo shoot, it was pretty good. We did what I like, with a smile and what I don't like, with a frown. Some turned out really good. Then I did some group pictures. Hope I can get the program to pay for the pictures. Will probably have to do this every once in a while to get pictures for some of them.

Todays share is a bowl. I've got one of these my husband's niece made years ago. I used old Christmas cards and white cardstock. Then whip stitched it with white yarn. As you can see it's holding my Christmas cards from this year.
Talking about Christmas cards mine are all in the mail except for my kids and a niece & nephew. We started putting up outside lights, need more. Today I'm starting in the house doing some cleaning and decorating. Chuck is working on a Christmas present in the shop. I have a couple to do too, in here not out there. Still need to unpack my car from the last craft fair. See what I can find as gifts for others.
Until next time, have a great day and come back soon.

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