Friday, May 28, 2010

It's Raining in my World

We've been having alot of rain lately. Should not be a dry spot anywhere in the valley. We have swimming pools where potholes used to be. Haven't even got our garden started, it's either to cold or to wet. See what a whine I can be. All the rain should keep the fire danger down.

On to today's share. I receive this little book in the mail yesterday from Rebecca. The theme is Stars. the cover is the Blue on the right with the rinestones. The one with the red stars is done with glitter ribbon, and made by Kathy. The tag is from Karla and says Hugs & Kisses Stars for Wishes. The bottom left is done on a french page from a book. It has blue stars stamped down the side with the lady gone around with colored pencil. The silver stars are brads. It was done by Laura. The right one is Iris Folded, with a moon charm. It was done by Sandy. On the second page, the left is a punched star with purple backing, on the back is the patterned paper. The lady looks like a frog catching stars. This was done by Barbara. The one on the right is stamped with stars around the edge. The top layer is tissue paper embossed with gold glitter with a moon and stars. This was done by Karla. The last page is of a sky with glitter stars and a river. The little canoe is stamped. The phrase says "Alone on a starry night". This page was done by Susan. Everyone did a wonderful job. The covers of the book are done on heavy chipboard and the pages a lighter chipboard. I love it as I do all the little books I get.
With all the rainy weather, I'm hoping to get some cards or scrapbook pages done. It's that kind of weather. Until next time, stay dry and keep checking in. Leave a comment so I know you've been here.

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