Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's been awhile

I seem to say that alot. But it's true, been about 24 days. There is no excuse, I've been busy and think about getting on then don't have things ready to share. So, today I have lots to share.

We are praying very hard for my brother. It started 2 weeks ago, if your family you've read the nieces/cousins blog, if not you get it here. About 12 years ago my brother had a brain tumor. They removed it and said it was not cancerous. That was great, yet every year he has test to make sure it isn't back. This year he went for his tests and while waiting to go in thought he was having a heart attack. My sister-in-law rushed him to the hospital and they did the ekg and said he was fine, but his chest kept hurting. They decided to do an endeoscope and colon thing. Well, they found a tumor on top of his stomach where the esophagus goes in. Appointments were set up in Seattle with specialists and surgeons, for Tue. of the following week. On Friday my sister-in-law called and said he'd broken his arm taking the grandkids car seat out. It slipped and snapped his arm. They couldn't set it so set up surgury on Sat. He went in at 1:30 and at 4:00 they said that they were having problems with the screws to hold the plate in his arm. The bone was soft and didn't look good. They took a biopsy and sent everything with him to Seattle. During the meeting with the specialist the pathologist called saying the biopsy showed Stage 4 bone cancer. His hip had been hurting real bad so now we are keep an eye on it. He goes for radiation on his arm on Friday, they'll then set up radation on his hip and leg then. We know this is not a cure, but to keep the bones from breaking and to lesson the pain. He's been in pain since he came home but has kept his spirit up. I'd like all of you to please keep him in your prayers as he can use all he can get. Our family is very close and really enjoy each other, so this has been very hard for us. We know we will work through this together and help each other to over come our pain and grief.

Now, I'll try and take you to a happier place. I decided I needed some stress relief, so here's what happened. I joined a postcard swap. What's that you say, well I'm not really sure myself. I decided I'd make them like a card front. The first one I did was a technique called "Out of the Box", I used a white background and used tape to put the top layer on, hoping it would hold it on going through the mail. I then Embossed the stamp image is silver, not thinking that it was 2 layers and may not come out even. Here's the result, you can let me know what you think. The stamp set is from Our Daily Bread. It's a beautiful set that I won from Technique Junkies.

The second one is pretty simple, as I had done one kind of like it before. I random stamped snowflakes in 2 shades of blue, Dutch Blue and Star Spangle Blue (CTMH). I put a scratch paper circle in the center to stamp and sponge around and to leave a white spot to stamp in. I used the snowman from Snow Friend from CTMH. I love this set, you can do all kinds of thing with it. I colored the snowman with markers, then added glitter to the snow drops and the bottom. I'm hoping the glitter doesn't fall off in the mail. Yes, I made extras for my Christmas sending. This will cut down on postage by about $.20 a card.

Now comes the third card. It took alittle more time but I love it. The stamps are from 2 different places, but seem to fit together. The stalks and pumpkins is from CTMH and retire call Autumn Harvest. The saying is from 2000 Umage Rubber Works. It says "Oh, Bountiful Season Of Barley and Wheat Of Pumpkins and Chestnuts And Apples so Sweet Crisp Autumn Days And Frost on the Vine Sprinkled with Colors That make Fall so Devine. These are my favorite Fall stamps. The images were colored with markers. The were embossed in black so they would show up.
I think by taking time to do this gave me back alittle sanity, not much but some. I still get very emotional about everything, but feel I'm maintaining better that usual. All the family will be here for Thanksgiving, when we can all be thankful for the things the Lord has given us. I know for every thing that happens there is a reason, even if we don't see it. This will make us all stronger in the end. Keep the family in your prayers. Until I share again. May you have much happiness in the smallest of things.

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