Saturday, June 19, 2010

We have Sunshine

You may think my title is a little silly for this time of year. This year we have had more rain than sunshine. Your grass barely gets dry for mowing before it rains again. The poor farmers are having a heck of a time with their hay. Most have cut and it's down getting moldy. It's been alot cooler for June also. Mostly high 60's, low 70's just right for me.

My share today is a card for a color swap I'm in. The colors to use were White, Black, Gray and Pink. I just got an email about this technique called Plastic wrap (Saran) scrunch. The first time I saw it was in a Technique Junkies magazine. Here's what you do: Take a couple squirts of White acrylic paint and add your reinker color to it. I used 2 different colors, Bubble Gum and Black (as I didn't have gray). Then using a small foam paint brush drop it on your paper, (I used watercolor paper, next time I'll use cardstock). Scrunch your saran wrap up then open it up keeping wrinkles in it. Put it down on you paper, kind of move your paint around on your paper if the colors touch or mix that's ok. Leave the wrap on until almost dry (I left mine over night) then pull it off. (Don't use a heat gun with the wrap on or it will melt.) Then stamp your image on it or on another piece of paper. If you stamp on your paint push hard on your stamp as your paper has the bumps from the paint. I used Close to My Heart reinkers and Treasures Stamp set. The stem on the flowers says "The winds of change bring treasures unknown......embrace change..." The saying at the top says " Trust your heart. This was a fun technique, real different. As you can see some of the black didn't stir up real good but that made it look pretty cool.
Hope you enjoyed todays share. I'll try a couple more techniques and share during the week before everyone starts coming in for the reunion. One sister is here already for South Dakota. Look for them to start showing up about Wed. with trailers. Still have some of the yard to mow, now that the sun is out. I need to get all the beds made up and the fridges cleaned out for more food. Need to start the one in the trailer. Got the water pump for it yesterday. Need to get it put in and fill the tank. Enough for now. Have a wonderful weekend.

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