Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I've tried to post a few times and it wouldn't let me add pictures. I have alot of cards stacked up to share, but need to wait now for a photo program on my computer. Got a worm and lost everything.

Life has been moving on. Working on my house getting ready for Thanksgiving company. Everyone is coming home as this is probably my brothers last Thanksgiving with us. This is pretty hard on everyone. He's in great spirits and doesn't look as sick as he is. Has started to lose some weight, but not much yet. Everyone will start arriving here on Wed. They are all coming through snow storms and high winds. Everyone on this side of the United States is getting high winds and snow or rain and low temps. It was -14 here this morning, we have 1" of snow scattered somewhere. The wind blows so hard we're lucky to have a house. So far the trees are all still standing.

This is going to be short. Promise I'll have a photo program soon. Till then, have a great day and stay warm.

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