Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vacation fun

We're still on vacation. Had a really nice trip down. The weather was warm but tolerable, going home might be a different story. Spent the end of the week just messing around. Went to a bar-b-q on Sat. night. Was nice to see some old friends and make some new ones. Sunday we went to Reno. Got our motel room and went down to the street fair. It was a chicken wings cook off. They had a lot of boothes and some pretty good wings. Anywhere from not so spicy to very. Rose bought me a new hat for the ballgame as she didn't like the one I had. I'll share a picture when I get to the ballgame. We went to the parking garage for the fireworks. They shot them off over the ball park. Some very pretty ones. Was just like when we were younger sitting on the tailgate drinking beer (except I don't like beer). Then we did some gambling and headed to bed. Monday we ate and headed to the ballpark. Walked about 2 blocks, got there at 11:00 and stood in line until 12:05, each of us got a bar-b-q set that said Acers. Their the AAA team for the Arizona Diamonds. It was a real good game. We almost got hit by a foul ball, the game a row up and behind us caught it. Here's out ballpark picture. The only bad part about my hat is it didn't cover my nose, so it got redder. Our arms burnt, but are turning brown now. We spent Monday shopping, that was fun. Our next adventure will be the car races this weekend. Then we'll be heading for home. Today, we're making aprons and baby blankets. I'll share when we get one made.
Thanks for coming by. Stop by again and see what silliness I'm up to.

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