Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Swap

I'm back after being busy and lazy. Sometimes I wonder where the time has gone. I get busy doing something and all of a sudden it's time to head for work. When I'm done there there isn't much energy left. I did get high speed internet the other day. Let me tell you I love it, when I can keep everything going. Had a guy come clean up my computers of which I ran a all day scan on one and cleaned it up myself, this one has a problem so he'll have to come back. The desk top has something wrong too. I've had msn as a home page for forever. Now all of a sudden it comes up in Spanish and freezes. So I now have a new home page on it and it works fine. Getting my address changed on everything has been a learning experience. Thanks to my friend, Debra, for all her help. Think thing are ok, if I could get people to change my email address in their address books.
Ok, it's time for today's share. First I'm going to show the image where have to work with. This is her. Let me tell you it's not as easy as it looks. I've only come up with a couple different ways. To me she looks relaxed and napping. She is stamped back ink and dark purple ink. I scanned 3 cards for this week so far, but I think I'm going to do some more on 2 of them. The one I'll show you today is one I'm totally done with. With that said here you go. The background is a square stamp done in shades of purple. I did it so long ago I don't remember the colors, I think they are CTMH and retired. I used a large piece of lace and wrapped it around the background. The lady is colored with colored pencil, cut out and taped on. I stamped the saying (retired CTMH) in Purple Pansy and sponged around it, then taped it down. I rarely use glue. I hope you like this, it was hard to decide what to do. The other two are close but not quite the same. I have alot of different background laying around so thought this was a good time to use some of them up.
Now I have a funny to leave you with. Our weather has been fairly nice lately so if I go somewhere during the day I leave my window down a little when I come home. Yesterday, never thinking to check the back seat when I went to work, I was a little surprised as I was driving down the singing with the radio to hear a meow in the song. Being kind of dorky sometime I just kept driving. Then I heard it again. So I said Jake are you in here and sure enough I got another meow. By this time I almost to school and don't have time to take him home. Course I have nothing to leash him to. So when I get in the parking lot, I call home and tell Chuck I have a hitchhiker. He thinks it's a person, just then Jake pops up with a meow. So Chuck comes down to get him. As we are sitting in the car the kids start getting out of school, he (Jake) wasn't sure what to think of all the kids and cars. Chuck said when he picked him up, he curled up real tight to him. Crazy cat won't do that again.
Have a great day and come back again.


  1. ah ha we are in the same swap once again...maybe this time we will get each others cards...funny story about Jake...cats are put into our lives to keep us guessing!

  2. That Jake is full of surprises! He likes to ride now, so you'll have to bring him back to visit!