Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just Rambling

We're back from our week vacation. Went visiting my brother and wife in Winnamucca, Nevada. We really enjoyed ourselves. Didn't get to leave here until Monday as Chuck had a bad back. Most people take a dog, we took our cat, Jake, with us. This pic is of him resting, which he did most of the time. He is a very good traveler. Anywho, we drove straight through, took 10 hours. We stopped in McDermitt for a potty break and I cashed out $30. Poor Chuck, he didn't do much cashing. Spent the next day resting. Jake spent the day wrestling with Racer, my brothers dog. They both got a work out.
On Thurs. we went to Reno. Did a lot of shopping. Went to a fabric outlet. Oh my goodness was it big, was kind of a warehouse and full of any type of material you can imagine. I found some backing for a quilt I'm going to make and some foam for the rest of Patty's chairs. Hit Ben Franklins and can you believe it I didn't spend a dime. Did do some gambling at the hotel we stayed at. I was ahead pretty good for awhile, but my hubby didn't do so well. After breakfast on Friday, I played a machine a lady had won a million on the week before. I hit it for $75 in 3 spins. We cashed out and left. Friday night we had a barbque for at Carl & Kims for some friends. We had a great time. Good food and a real fun card game. If you get a chance play "Fill or Bust", it's a very fun game.
Sat. we went to Nellies, a friends, and watched the basketball games. Carl was the only one that won. It was fun. She made a great appetizer from chicken breasts. I got a lot of great recipes to try. On Sunday we had Easter dinner with Mac, Rose and family. Rose's mom was there from Montana, so that was great fun, nice lady.
On Monday we woke up to snow. I checked the computer and there was snow all the way home. As I was sick anyway we decided to stay an extra day. I slept most of the day. Have a head cold and it pooped me out. Tuesday morning we hit the road for home and here we are.
Today will be catch up laundry and come up with some cards to share and swap. You all have a wonderful day and come back soon.

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  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip! I enjoyed the picture of your kitty - you are so lucky!! We traveled across country twice with our kitties and 3 out of 4 did not do as well as yours! Welcome home!