Monday, July 12, 2010

Still on Vacation

This has been a busy vacation. All fun and not much work for us. Chuck mowed Kim's yard so we could make a baby blanket for one of her friends. We actually got 2 backs done but only one totally finished. Went to friends one night for dinner and games. It was a lot of good food and a more laughs.

We took off to Fallon the next day. Stopped and had lunch in Lovelock and a great Bar-b-q place, at least it used to be great. They didn't have a cook, we had cabbage salad and Tri-tip sandwiches, they were ok. Back on the road again, we went about 5 miles and Kim & I had a blow out on our tailer. Of course we had no spare. Chuck & I set on the side of the rode while Carl & Kim found a tire. Cost double cause the tire shops are closed here on Sat. Carl's car is Charger, he runs in the super pro class. This class is for cars that do about 180 mph in 1/8 of a mile. He did about 144 mph on his runs. He started to fast and went out in the first round. This is his first year driving this car, so they are still getting used to each other. He's raced the Duster before.

Talk about hot, it's been in the 90's and 100's. It cools down at night. Kim's car is a 1970 Duster, she runs in the Pro class. The picture is of her do a burnout before her run. She went out in the 2nd round. We enjoyed watching everyone race. We all camped at the track for the night. One of the gals, made soft shell tacos for everyone. We took chips and dips. Rose took birthday cake for those having Birthdays in July. The racers are a fun bunch of people and support each other in everything. We made alot of new friends and renewed some friendships with others. It's been a great 2 weeks. Just so everyone know, Nevada isn't only about gambling it's about fun people and trying new things. We've done some gambling but have spent alot of time just doing fun stuff. It's back home on Wednesday for rest and work and saving up to do this again. If your on my facebook check out more of my pictures. Thanks for stopping back, I'll be back to cardmaking and scrapping next week. Have a lot of pictures to do up. Come back again.

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