Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 9 Scrapbook

It cleared up yesterday afternoon and we had sunshine. This morning the rain is back. Usually this time of year we have a foot or more of snow. Not sure if rain counts in the water levels as higher up isn't getting lots of snow either. Maybe we won't have a real hot summer, course I'm dreaming.
Worked yesterday, as the P.E. person. First class was all P.E. kids, the second one had 1 from P.E., 2 from Crochet and 1 from Host Reading. Everybody around here has the stomach flu. Not sure what will happen today. We only have 5 teachers, so they can't be sick as we have no subs.

My share today is from Elaine Cota. It's done with retired CTMH papers. The word Joy was cut from cardstock and edged in Cranberry ink. The bottom that looks like ribbon is paper, it's run through a pop top. Is very cool in person. I hope you've been enjoying the sharing and maybe getting some inspiration from it. It's amazing to me how none of the layouts are even close in looks.
Hope you'll come back tomorrow and see some more Christmas layouts that Elaine sent. I can't thank her enough. Until then, big hugs,

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