Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 4 Scrapbook

It's still raining, not hard, kind of a drizzle. Very dreary out and not good for Mr. Arthritis, my back and hips are killing me. It can dry up any time. Snow doesn't seem to bother me as much. Hopefully the chiropractor can help a little.

My share today is a donation from a friend and fellow scrapper, Gwen Monahan. She is a wonderful scrapper, there is never a mess around her like the rest of us. She hates getting her hands inky, but stamps beautifully. She made a beautiful scrapbook for a young lady that did a tour of different countries and cultures.
This layout is done on Textured paper. The very top says "Life is good" on twill. The words on the side are clear embellishments and say: inspire, cherish and special. The matching page has 3 tags for journaling and the ribbon is twill. I think these layouts and the one tomorrow
are from a kit, but don't know the company.
I hope these layouts are inspiring for you and start you doing more of your own scrapbooking. I did put all the pages in the album. They look beautiful. Until tomorrow, have a great day.

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