Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 15 Scrapbooking

It's getting close to the end of the scrapbooks posts. I still have alot of shares for you that I won't get to before Sat. But I do want to share as many as possible. Todays are from Martine's box. This was a single page so I tried real hard to match it with a sister page. This is really cool. These stamps are now retired from CTMH, but they are darn cute. The first one is a little girl witch and the other is a mummy. They are stamped half Sunflower and half Black and edged in Sunflower. The word Scary was distressed then cut out. They have spiril clips on the C and R. The papers are torn, CTMH has a white core. The bottom Sunflower piece has 5 eyelets in it. I tried to match my page as much as I could. I used the spiril clips on the top black picture piece and the one directly below it. The little mummy was in my stash. There was a Level 1 pack that went with this stamp set. He was my only left over. I only used 3 eyelets under mine piece, since it was narrower. They two pages look pretty good together.
I'm getting pretty excited over this auction. Some of the items that have come in are amazing. Makes me wish I was born rich. Some of these are things you wouldn't just go out and buy. The local feed store donated the neatest bar stool (I think). That's how tall it is. It's all cast iron. The seat is a old tractor seat. It would fit well in a farm decorated house or in the garden with a rose climbing it. I could go on and on, but better get my house in order as the auction meeting is here tonight.
Have a great day, kind of chilly here.

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