Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 2 of Scrapbook pages

Last night I was surfing facebook and saw a old picture my cousin had posted. I really don't remember when it was taken. I was about 10 or 11 and it was around Stampede time. What a kick to go back in time. I suppose we all do that as we get older. Guess I need to start scrapbooking some of my old pictures. Have boxes of them. Not even caught up on my kids and grandkids. Still have 2 big boxes of them. With Tashia taking my scrapbooking class that has helped with some of them.

Right now I have a layout laying on the desk for the Auction book, that I hope to get done today. Not sure how many pages I should do for it. Guess I'll get it figured out or run out of time which ever comes first.

Here's todays share. The little white things the leaves are stamped on, is air dried clay. You can stamp on it wet and let it dry then glue it on paper or whatever. Some people use air dried clay for ornament or jewerly. There is room on this layout for 2 pictures on the family page and 5 on the other. Jounaling could be done on the leaf paper. It pretty much up to who buys it. I'm adding on the front page I'll be available for paper for journaling. I hope you get some ideas from these. If they come for a particular magazine or book I'll be sure and let you know.
Until tomorrow,

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