Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 6 Scrapbook

I can't believe I'm on day 6, where has the time gone. Still have lots of pages to share. It's still raining here. It seems to be causing some flooding in peoples basements. Our yard looks like a giant swimming hole. It's beginning to get pretty deep in places. We need it to warm up just a little so the ground will thaw and the water has somewhere to go. They say our water level isn't up very high because we haven't gotten snow. Rain is melted snow, duh! Guess, I don't get it. No surprise there, I don't get alot of things.

My next little dilemma happened yesterday. Went to my chiropractor, feel alot better. Then to Walmart, went out got in my car and it wouldn't start. Well it would start but then would die. Called Chuck, he wasn't a happy camper, he couldn't get it going. So I called for towing. Nice $100 plus bucks to go 1 1/2 miles to the shop. I took the pickup and went to work. The mechanic called and it's costing $500 to get it fixed. Need a fuel pump. The whole car isn't worth $500, well maybe $1000. Anyway, it's being fixed. It's always something.

Here's today share. The layout is from CTMH's "Imagine", called Monologue. The paper is from the Cocoa Cafe Collection, which is retired from CTMH. The layout has been twiked alittle. The word Fun is on cardstock that I traced the letters on to, then ink destressed. The little tag is from a package I had in my stash as is the button. I really want to put Funky on this but thought it might not be to others. The second page is done pretty close to the book. I didn't have a envelope, so had to build one. This is done with vellum. The ribbon is attached with a brad to the inside of the envelope so the card can come out, then the ribbon is glued on the back and glued down. You could possibly put 2 large pictures and 3 small ones on this page.
Hope you enjoy todays share. Tomorrows is another funky one. Till then have a great day.

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