Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 5 Scrapbook

Another rainy day. Got all my stuff ready for my class today. Bought 4 camera's, I'm send with some of the kids on Friday with a list of things they need to take pictures of. Each camera has 27 pictures, so it's 2 to a camera. They are to each take 13 pictures. Then they bring them back on Monday for the next person to take their pictures. I'm hoping this is going to work. Did 131 pictures yesterday. So today should be pretty productive.

Here is today share of Gwens other set of pages. This is done on the textured paper too. She used punched paper flowers with glitter. Across the middle Friends is written in yellow from the Circut. The little tags on the side say: favorite, happy, memories. Both pages are very pretty. Thank you Gwen for the pages. I so appricate all the help I've had with this album. I may end up with enough pages for 2 albums. I plan on 31 pages to the album. The front page will say what it was for and who donated the pages.
This is it for the today. I'm off to the chiropractor and Walmart for my son. You all have a great day, and come back tomorrow.

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