Thursday, January 7, 2010


We have the Artic air on our side of the United States now. It's 10 above as I write. Just a mite chilly. Our snow has turned to ice, kids love it for sliding. My bones hate it. Enough with the weather report.

Yesterday at school went as I predicted, no pictures. Well, actually in my first class all but one had pictures. They did a wonderful job. In the second class only one had pictures. So out came the markers and paper and we drew designs around the outside of the pages. Course the boys did a little tatooing on themselves. I took pictures, sure hope someone comes up with money to process them. I really don't think it's our job, but I'm not sure what to do with them. I really wish you could pick and choose who could be in a class, but you can't so you deal with it. I think I'm done venting for today.

Today I'm sharing one of my books. I do the outside cover and the 6 pages inside are blank. On the back of the cover is the theme for the book, who it's for and who it's from. The theme for this book is Recipe for Happiness. Now I mail it to someone else that belongs to the group. Usually, I send 4 or 5 to the person, it's a little cheaper that way. The paper, ink & stamps are CTMH. It's pretty simple really, except for coming up with ideas and different styles of books. The last time I made books I used toilet paper rolls. You squash them flat, then cover with paper, stamp, punch holes in one end and tie with ribbon. They turned out pretty cute. I'll try and share some more tomorrow.
Have a wonderful day and stay warm. Thanks for coming by, come back again anytime.

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