Monday, March 1, 2010

March is in like a Lamb

It's a beautiful day in the valley. The sun is shining and we have no wind. Right now it's 41 degrees. My heart goes out to those in Chili, I can't imagine how they must be handling this catastrophe.

We had a busy weekend with the Rocky Mt. Elk Foundation. Thanks to everyone that put in so many hours making it a success. We did real well, people drank because they didn't have food, the caterer didn't show. Kentucky Fried Chicken came through for them. Delivered 250 dinners. Yah! to the staff there. They must have busted their hinnies getting that many done at once. They looked like they were closed when we came home at 10:30.

Today I'm sharing another of my little books. This one was made by Paulette and the Theme was American Indians. The Indian Maiden is done with marker, she's very pretty. The charm is of a Dream Catcher. It was done by Jody. #3 is an Alaskan Crow Man done in multi ink in a tree. The ribbon is multi colored see through. It was done by Karla. #4 Is a Arizona Lighting Man, this was done by Sandra. #5 is on dark marbled paper, the circle is a round raven embossed in bronze on dark red paper. There is a punched tree on the top. It was done by Susan, she said it is Northwest Indian Art. It's very pretty but hard to see in the scan. #6 is a collage of things, the tope is a cut out of the First American, then tiny feathers with a dragonfly brad, then a block of Indian Signs. This was done by Mary. #7 is a back ground of swirls and suns. The bowl is Southwest and embossed in gold, with the spears. It was done by Robin. #8 Is a Southwest scene with the cacti and bowl. It was done by Kathy. Thank you ladies for the wonderful book. I have really enjoyed it. I hope everyone enjoys them too.
Until tomorrow, Hugs,

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  1. Well that sure is a wonderful book! I like the theme and everyone did such a great job on their got more than six pages too:)