Friday, March 26, 2010

Another card share

The sun is trying to work it's way through the clouds. Should be shining in an hour or 2. One more day till Spring Break. I'm ready, need a break, forgot what it was like to work. Should say have a schedule to live by. I'm still not packed, but do have the laundry done. I'll get it done today.
Today I think I'll share 2 cards as I only have tomorrow left, before I'm on the road. Will try and up load a card I have to make today for a birthday. The first card is pretty simple. The background I made is behind the gold leaves, the were the embellishment this person received. The little maple leaves are yellow, pink and some of the background paper. Simple yet very nice.

The second card is very time consuming. Strips were cut 5 different papers and layed on like a puzzle. I'd have a very hard time with this, so I'm glad someone made one for me. Think the shoes and the word "relax" was meant for the card maker when she was finished. The button and flower were the embellishments. You can look at the strips and see how much work went into this card. I don't know the creators of either card, but think they did a wonderful job. All are so different. Wait till you see the next ones.
Gotta get busy today. Have a great day, thanks for stopping by and come back again.

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