Thursday, March 25, 2010

Beautiful Weather

It was the most beautiful day yesterday. The high was 66 and no wind. My kind of weather. Had the doors and windows open, no more housatosis. Not sure if that was spelled right, but you get it. I've been so ready for warmer weather and it's here. Suppose to rain, but as long as it's warm I don't care. Spring and Fall are my most favorite times of the year. Saw some daffodiles ready to bloom. That brings me to my share today.

This card is called a sideways fold. It is fold on the side like an accordian, where it says Summer Princess, very cute. The little girl is done is what is called pieced techique. In other words it was stamped, then stamped again on patterned paper, cut and glued on. The card was done by Diane L. She did a great job with the background. This is one of my favorites. The little girl makes the background look like the ocean. Thanks so much Diane for the great card. Not sure who makes the stamp, but she's a cutie.
Hope you all enjoyed these first to cards. The others are just as good, so come back tomorrow for another. Till then enjoy your day.

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