Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Creation with some thoughts

Good morning, as I told you yesterday I was going to the Dr. I did, got some more meds long acting z pac. Sure hope it works, coughing up yuk so it's trying to get out. After the Dr. I had to stop at the Air store. What's that you say, where I get my oxygen. My top on my little tank has been leaking, so we put a new washer in and that didn't help. The guy was delivering yesterday and gave me a replacement. He set it and everything before he left. I used it about an hour later and couldn't get any air on the pulse mode, so put it on continueous. Off to the Dr. the darn thing kept beeping. Some little kid in the office came up and said lady your beeping somewhere, is it you nose? Course I wanted to say sure doesn't your beep every now and then, but I didn't. This is so fun, beats the alternative.

Now on to my share. Boy, did I get lucky at the post office. My background/embellishment cards were there. My background was a shave cream technique using, Cranberry, Ocean and Topiery, all CTMH re-inkers. With this technique the more you pull the re-inker the lighter it gets, so the Topiery can turn to lime, Cranberry to pink and so on. This card shows the background the best. The card was made by Grandma Linda. The base is a silk texture of pink, then the background, with the heart cut from pink cardstock. The flowers are blue paper with blue stones. A simple yet elegant card. Thank you so much Linda for being in the swap.

I have 5 more of these to share and they are all very different. I love seeing what people can come up with when given different material with the same base. Until tomorrow, have a great day. Try and stay healthy.

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