Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sketchbook Share

Today I'm sharing a little book I received for my birthday. We start books for people on their birthday then send to however many are in the group to stamp in. All the birthday books have the same theme, you get a different view of each persons perspective of that theme. My theme was "Happy Times", so here"s the first book back. The cover is the Dove candy box with a cake and happy birthday embossed on it by Mary. The next is the cup cake with the tickets, stamped by Sandra. The fireplasce with the stockings follows by Sheila. The cupcake and fireplace are colored using colored pencils. The last is a chair with a cat, fireplace and 3 cats all curled up in front of it. Around the edge is glitter glue. The ink was a 3 colored pad. It's by Karla. I really like these little books. I'm getting quite the collection. Here's how the group works. We make 2 books a year for each member the first of the group, usually the first of the year and the middle. The books only have 6 pages. They are then sent on to someone in the group and continue until all pages are done. Sometime you make up the theme and sometimes you pick something they request. I just finished working in one that had the theme Pictionary. It was really fun finding stamps to make a word. Sometime they are pretty hard. This one I really had to think on using what stamps I have. I ended up stamping waves, beach and a bum looking guy for beachbum. It's a fun group. If you'd like to know more or join this group email me.
This is it for today. Come back again and leave a comment if you wish.

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  1. Hi Bobbi! Thank you for posting your little Birthday Book....I just love these tiny books we make in our group.
    What's more, it is nice to add a face to the name of the artist we have come to know so well.
    I must try the Hair Moose on Glossy Paper with Inkers technique you talked about.
    I just love the photo of you and that sweet little chap...children delight our lives .
    Keep creating!
    Inky hugs from Karla and Misses Peach