Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Short Share

Been busy today and haven't had a chance to get on here and get my thoughts together. A friend called this morning and I took her to the chiropractor. She just had a arota value replacement on the 22nd of Jan. and can't drive yet. She looked really well and said she is recovering well. It was almost identical to my younger brothers a year ago this month. Very scary for the family.
Today is a picture from last night. We gave Patty her check from the Auction /Dinner. This first picture is of the Aux. President, Angela, Penny & Aerie President David giving Patty her check. The large check was made by Kellie, one of the committee members. The next picture is of most of the people that helped on the committee and get everything done. Back row: Noami, Jim(Chairman), Shag (her dad and biggest helper), Anita, Pam; Front: Me, Patty & Marnie. Some of the missing: Auctioneers, Mike, Larry & Steve; Spotters: Chad, Jim & Roy; Advertising person: Mary; Cooks: Tracee, Kellie, Rae & some I didn't see; Auction display people: Tyler, Miranda, Madaline & Spencer; Not sure of the food servers names, they were from a school program. To all these and to those that came, Our heartfelt thanks.
Have a wonderful day and come back tomorrow.

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