Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Neighbors

Today has nothing to do with stamping, maybe later with scrapbooking. Just about us and the things that happen with us.

When we first moved to our home, we had one neighbor. We live about a mile from the downtown area. In the last 29 years, town has moved closer to us. We now have 2 business's and 4 neighbors. We all have 2 acre lots. There used to be a 20 acre apple orchard behind us, but they pulled it up to sell in plots. So far nothing has sold. 3 of our neighbors have pretty well kept places, the one next door is a junk yard with no fence. We now have some wonderful new neighbors. They are a family of 7. Never bother a soul and keep a pretty good yard. Can't figure out if there is a buck in the bunch. They are all big and seem to not be afraid when we're in the yard. We haven't figured out why they are down so low as we have no snow higher up. They seem to alway have one that watches. Was a pretty good shock when we came home and they were here. The have been down to the house and eaten some of the stuff that was in the garden, so far they haven't touched my roses. There is plenty of grass for them as it just keeps raining and turning green. This has been the craziest winter ever for us. Just keep waiting for the big dump and it doesn't come. You can bet I will be scrapbooking my pictures of the Mule Deer family. Can just about bet my son-in-law will be visiting real soon. He's not going to believe this.
Hope you enjoyed my pictures, sorry the first one is kinda blurry. Come back again and see what I'm up to. Really am making some cards and things.

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