Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Share

It's been so long, I almost forgot how to post. My life is crazy of an old person. I don't remember being this busy when I was raising my kids. Maybe the days are just getting shorter. I know I'm getting slower (maybe that's lazyer).

Anyway here goes, I'm in another swap called "your choice". It's where you stamp an image and send it to the hostess, actually I did 12, so I'll get 6 full cards back. What I'm going to share are the images sent to me and the cards I made. First I'll show the black and white image then what I did. Some of the techniques on my cards are from technique swaps. I'll share how as I go.

The first one was hard... I couldn't tell for sure what the different streamers were. It hard to tell the hair from the backgound. What I did was email the hostess and she scanned hers and sent it to me. I zoomed in on different parts of the image to see what it was, it worked great, kind of like using a magnifing glass. I should have thought of that to begin with. I have a bunch of really neat backgrounds that I need to use so I can make more, so found a couple I thought might go good with this. The one I picked is called Pearl-Ex. This is what you need to make it: Elmer's glue, stipple brush, two or three colors of Pearl-Ex (Polished Pearls or Perfect Pearls), a heat gun and cardstock (dark color). Directions: Put small blobs of glue on the cardstock. Stipple the glue all over the cardstock. Sprinkle small amoungts of one color of Pearl-Ex around the card. Repeat with other colors one at a time. Stipple the powder around in the glue, blending some of the colors and leaving some pure (white). Heat with heat gun to dry glue. (This will make interesting bubbles), Wash stipple brush in warm soapy water before glue dries. (Stipple means to softly pounce the brush. Hope this is clear as mud. If not come by and we'll play. It really is pretty when it's done. Thank you Lorian for the tutorial.

Now for the main event, The Card. All the coloring was done with colored pencil. The very back layer is Moonstuck cardstock by CTMH. The next is a shiny cardstock from my stash. (Which I've had for years). Then comes the Pearl-Ex background paper. It really sparkles. The dresses are done in gray and seem to shine in the card. The dark haired girl looked like she was carrying paint bushes so that's how I colored it. The blonde had flowers. Wasn't sure what the hanging things were so made one vines and one ribbons. Used the purple brads as the embellishment because nothing else really went with it.

Well, this is one of the things that's been keeping me busy, the other is school. Almost through our first quarter. It's been a strange start, like the kids are in full moon all the time. Have 19 kindergarteners this year so that's been a real eye opener.

You all have a wonderful Sunday. Will try and be back tomorrow with another card, have 5 more.



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