Saturday, April 23, 2011

Little Book - Geometrics

I said I'd share some of my little books that have been coming in. This book was started by Robin. In real life these are about 2" X 4". The title of the book is Geometrics. This meaning everything in the book must have some geometrics in them. The first one is done on a multi colored green. It was done in Black embossing and says "Woman in Stripes". This was done by Susan. You can't really see it but the lines in the dress go in different directions. Next is a large catci with a lizard on top of it. The background covers the geometics. This was by Sandy. The 3rd is a material with the cats on it. The back is stamped with cats and cat faces with diamonds. This was done by Karla. The little robot guys is done in paper pieces with google eyes. The bottom is stamped with small flowers and grass. This was done by Jackie. The next is circles with flowers in the center. The top circle says "dream", this was done by Avis. The last is done on glossy paper with multi color ink. It's really cool and has letters, flowers, eyes and a cat at the bottom. The artist is Mary.

The way this works is a person makes the book and selects the theme. Then each person stamps something to do with that theme. Sometimes we don't have stamps to go with certain themes so you have to get a little creative as Jackie did. You will see more of how creative these artist can get when I share some more little books.

I have finished my D swap yet, but will share when I get them finished. Until next time.

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