Monday, April 25, 2011

Another Small Book

This little book's cover is made of tooled leather. It's recycled from a purse or wallet. The front and back both has a big colorful Butterfly. That is the theme of the pages. This book was from Anita. I'll be going down on these as that's how I layed them out to scan. The nex is a butterfly on a flower stem. It's been colored with colored pencils. This was done by Robin. The next is kind of hard to see. There are blue/green butterflys stamped then a raised butterfly in glass stuck on it, this was done by Karla. These are only about 3 inches X 3 inches.
Now to the images on the left. The first is stamped in black then covered with ink and clear embossing. It looks blue but is more green with gold in it, this was done by Rebecca. The next one is on a light yellow paper. It has scrolls stamped in a rust color and brown. Then a orange butterfly is stamped over two of the brown scrolls. This was done by Sandy. The next is done on pink rose paper. It's stamped and embossed in black. The inside of the wings are colored with marker, the artist is Susan. The last is a Oriental butterfly. It looks like it could be a dancer with arms and legs spread as if jumping. It's stamped in black and colored with colored pencils. It was done by Barbara.
This was a fun book to receive. I love the was each person did their own thing, making for a beautiful finished piece.
Come back again.

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