Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Correct Spelling of Millefiori

Boy! Do I feel stupid, should have looked up the correct spelling. If I have doubts next time I will. On to the next share. Here are 2 more cards using this technique. I got the technique for the Technique Junkies newsletter, you can find the info online.

This card was made by Judi. The base is a Sunflower Yellow cardstock. My background was then attached. The flower was gold embossed on red twice and cut out. The bottom part is on flat and the next part of the flower is on a raised dot. The brad is put on with a glue dot. The Happy Birthday is stamped on white and edged with the Sunflower. I think this card is super cute, just seems to match everything. Wish I had a flower stamp like this one. May have to get out of my box and try it with the flower in the background.

The next card was on the home page of Midwest Stampers. I love the saying. The card was made by H. Hulse. It's really very simple, but looks very elegant. The base of the card is Red as you can see. The background was cut apart and layed sideways on the card, then layered with black. The background was then put on the back and the saying stamped on white. I really hope you can read the saying. It was written by Dontay Hall, age 8. It really makes alot of sense. The inside of the card has a layered white piece, she punched flowers out of the background paper and added them to the bottom, and a larger one at the top. Very neat card, sometimes you just have to visualize how you want something to look.

I love how all 4 of these ladies took the same piece of paper and did something totally different with it. My challenge to you is to try this and let me know what you come up with. You'll be surprised.



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