Wednesday, March 30, 2011

1st Post of the Year

What can I say, it's been a while. Life has been busy and has taken alot out of my family. If you know me, it's always been family first. This past year has been a very hard one for everyone. I told you earlier, my brother had cancer. On the morning, March 24, he join our Lord in Heaven. He fought a real battle with cancer, but once again as all others, lost. My belief is we are put here for a reason and when we've met it we move on. We found at Bill's Celebration of Life, he touched many people in many ways. Of the 4 of us kids, he was the one that was quiet and layed back. He wasn't quiet when he was mad and had a temper but compared to the rest of he was pretty quiet. He loved to fish and do woodworking. He had the hands of someone out in the sun. He wasn't always a successful fisherman but would share if you'd clean them, which I always made him do when he gave me fish. I don't know how to clean and refuse to learn, thus I don't fish. Rule is you catch them, you clean them. He was always con-able (not sure that's a word). So he always cleaned my fish, besides I was the oldest and you don't argue with big sister. I'll miss calling him and him saying is this "My Butt head sister". As for his woodworking he made some wonderful things. I have a roll top desk in my living room that has to stay here as we can't get it out of the door and it's very heavy. So it'll always be my reminder. He made a beautiful hutch for his wife last year. We were very proud of the work he did. I'm going to miss him so much. We alway got a good laugh from him cause he was a yard sale nut. He bought things that were pure junk saying he could fix it. I can't remember how many cars he fixed for his grandson, so he could drive them around the yard. You know the kid type cars with the batteries. All the nieces and nephews had a good time going to his house to see what contrap he jury rigged. Oh! Billy Boy, your going to missed by us all. May you rest in peace without pain. We love you. My next post will be back to cards, this was something I had to do for me to get closure. I will miss him alot. Hugs, Bobbi

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